Uses of Ride On Mower Or Lawn Tractor For Your Garden

The season is actually over, why am I still going around the corner with this topic? Simply because late autumn is the best time to look around for a ride on mower.

Retailers do not want to take their goods into the next year and therefore start a number of discount campaigns, both on site and on the Internet. Anyone who researches and strikes from October to February at the latest can make a lot of bargains.

I agree with you if you still have doubts despite the reduced prices. The purchase of a ride on mower tears a considerable hole in the household budget. Nevertheless, I would choose it again and again, because the amount of work saved is enormous.

Mainly because a ride on mower can do much more than just mowing the lawn! If you expand your mower into a multi-functional device, you will have an effective benefit all year round.

Use a ride-on mower to clear snow

buy ride on lawn mower

Let's start with my favorite accessories. While I was armed with a snow shovel and a broom, I swept the sidewalk in front of our property, my neighbor pulled his tracks with his ride-on mower and snow shovel plate. I gasped, he grinned! Joking aside, since last winter I've also been the proud owner of a snow sliding sign!

Snow sliding blade

When buying, make sure that the snow plow can be operated from the driver's seat (up, down, to the side). This makes pushing on uneven surfaces easier. A rubber lip should also be attached to the front part, which protects the paving stones.

Road salt trailer

As a property owner, you are obliged to clear the path in front of your house. That means not only pushing snow, but also ensuring that no black ice forms. With the spreader, which is simply attached to the ride-on mower, you can do this task in no time.

Snow blower

The snow blower is probably a small men's toy. The purchase as an accessory for the ride-on mower is only worthwhile if you live in a snowy area, where the white splendor is sometimes meters high. For all other cases, the snow sliding sign is sufficient.

Ride-on mowers as garden helpers

Mowing the lawn remains the main task of the ride-on mower. For larger areas and with the appropriate extension, the mower can also do some physically difficult garden work.


We still dig well by hand, but the purchase of a tiller is more and more an issue. You have the choice between a separate device or the accessory cutter for the lawn tractor. But keep in mind that your garden area must then also be large enough so that the purchase is worthwhile and the tractor / ride-on mower can easily turn. Get advice, not every tiller fits your device.

Ride-on mower with mulching function

The garden lovers differ here - mulching function yes or no? In any case, you save yourself one work step if your ride-on mower is equipped with this function. The clippings are not "thrown" into the grass catcher as usual, but remain on the turf finely chopped.

Scarier to attach

I am 100 percent behind these accessories. Simply attach to the ride-on mower or lawn tractor and follow its paths. The pointed prongs or star-shaped leaves (depending on the model) clear the lawn of moss, aerate it and thus promote healthier growth. You also need less time than with a hand scarier. Our article explains when is the right time to scarify .

Sweeping function for the ride-on mower

And last but not least, an accessory that helps you keep the property clean. However, I would only recommend the sweeper , which is available as a front attachment to your ride-on mower, for large, paved areas . The price is not profitable for small driveways, sidewalks or sitting areas. It makes more sense to take the good old street broom in your hand.

I am aware that you do not need every accessory. Personal needs always determine whether and what comes to your ride-on mower. As a rule of thumb, if certain jobs are performed very rarely, it is cheaper to continue doing them by hand.

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