Ornamental Lawn Or Playing Lawn? – Tips For Choosing The Right Lawn Type

If you plant your lawn again, you have to decide whether you want to sow ornamental lawn or playing lawn. Our tips will certainly help you make the decision.

Playing grass is more hard-wearing than decorative grass

A lawn is usually much more durable than an ornamental lawn. Which is why families should increasingly use this type of lawn mixture. On the other hand, the so-called English ornamental lawn, which spreads free of weeds in a well-tended garden, appears more well-tended.

We have noted here what the two types of grass differ fundamentally and how it looks with the care of the lawn types . So you can see how much care the respective grass type needs and then use it to decide which type of grass is more suitable for your garden.

Playing lawn

Ornamental Lawn

The commercial turf mixes all have robust grass types that adapt to a wide variety of soil conditions. The care required for playing grass is relatively low, although the appearance can sometimes be impaired by wild plants (e.g. clover, dandelion, daisies, etc.). Of course you have to make a clear distinction between a lawn (green lawn) and a meadow mix (with flowers).

You can also sow play grass much more easily than decorative grass. You have to adjust the latter to existing lawns for weeks and months.

Care tips for lawn

Tip 1 - mowing:

From a height of approximately 7 centimeters, you should mow the lawn - and that approximately every 10 days.

Tip 2 - fertilize:

You have to fertilize the lawn once a year (in spring), otherwise only if there is an obvious need. But the unique spring cure is actually sufficient for the lawn .

Tip 3 - scarifying:

Once a year it is also important that you scarify the lawn.

Ornamental lawn

In the case of decorative grass that can withstand low loads, great value is placed on fine-leaved grasses that have a rich green color. Ornamental lawn surfaces therefore seem like carpets, which of course also means a lot of maintenance, such as frequent lawn mowing with a lawn mower, additional fertilization, watering during long dry periods and at high temperatures, removing weeds, etc.

But be careful: External factors such as lack of light, lack of nutrients, water-logging and high temperatures quickly cause problems for the decorative lawn, which is why you should pay particular attention to these factors when lawn care.

Care tips for ornamental lawns:

Tip 1 - mowing:

In high season, you have to mow ornamental grass once a week. But be careful: If possible, mow only when dry.

Tip 2 - fertilize:

Ornamental turf must be fertilized several times a year - ideally always shortly before the coming rainy weather.

Tip 3 - scarifying:

You should also scarify decorative lawn at least once a year.

Tip 4 - remove weeds:

You must also regularly remove weeds from the lawn .

General information about the lawn varieties

It is important for both types of lawn that the lawn areas are easy to work on, with as few bumps as possible (e.g. due to protruding flower borders) and shaded areas, etc.

In the autumn months, you should always clean the lawn from leaves and other plant residues. In winter frost, you should also not put a heavy load on the lawn - if possible do not drive on it or only walk or play on it minimally.

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