What Is A Good Noise Level For Washing Machine

A quiet washing machine offers many advantages. But from what noise level is a washing machine considered to be low-noise? Here you can find out everything about the noise level of washing machines.

The Noise Level For Washing Machine

The sound power of the washing machine is given in decibels (dB). Since different volumes are reached in the wash cycle and the spin cycle, there are always two values: the noise level during washing and, on the other hand, the noise level during spinning. The label on the washing machine shows both details, allowing fast comparisons of washing machines based on their sound power.

The noise generated during the spin phase is significantly higher, as the washing machine rotates at a considerably faster rate and ranges between 80 and 70 dB. On the other hand, washing machines create a 60 to 45 dB noise level at the washing phase.

How many dB is a quiet washing machine?

noise level for washing machine

A quiet washing machine has noise levels that are below these ranges. The wash cycle is particularly quiet if it reaches less than 50 dB. And a spin cycle is considered very quiet if it produces less than 75 dB of noise.

Top models reach 45 dB or less when washing and 70 dB or less when spinning. For most families, it's OK to have a washing machine that runs about 48 to 46 dB and 74 to 72 dB. If the noise level is in these levels, most people find the washing machine pleasant and quiet.

Noise values given for the standard program

When examining the noise level of washing machines, it's worth noting that the information stated on the label must be standardized to allow for comparison. Hence the volume obtained for a full load of a typical 60°C cotton program.

In other washing programs and when a different spin speed is used, this might increase noise levels. To determine if a washing machine is quiet, the values on the EU label are generally quite good.

Because a device that operates silently in a standard program will likewise work quietly in others. Low sound power is generally achieved by exceptionally smooth engine technology and superior noise insulation, which are equally successful in other programs.

Even lower volume possible

There's a chance that a machine that's currently quiet can go even quieter than the EU label indicates. Additionally, some models provide an extra-quiet or night program and a more silent wash option, which often results in a wash that is one or two decibels lower.

Top loader significantly louder

Finally, you should note that quiet washing machines can only be found on front loaders. The noise level of top loader washing machines is usually over 50 dB and is therefore quite loud. It is probably because front-loaders are the more common washing machines, and the engine technology and noise insulation are being developed much more intensively here than with top loaders.

Final Verdict:

But of course, some exceptions stand out positively—for example, the LG WM3998HBA 4.5 cu.ft. Front Load Washer and the Electrolux EFLS627UTT 27 Washer Front load washer are very quiet front-loading washing machines with a noise level of 47 dB when washing.

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