Mowing Wet Lawn – You Should Keep This In Mind

Only rainy weather for days and only a few hours of sunshine: how should you mowing the lawn? If you note a few important points here, this is also possible.

Lawn mower on wet lawn

Mowing Wet Lawn

Everyone knows that you should only mow the lawn in dry weather. However, this is not always possible. After all, summer is not nice and warm every year. We also had a few summers in which it almost only rained. 

And even in late autumn, all green spaces have to be mowed one last time. If you left the long grass standing over the winter, snow and frost would push the stalks down. And this in turn means that the load on the ground would suffocate the roots underneath. Recommended reading: Lawn in winter - no entry!

However, especially in autumn, it often rains for many days at a time, so that we often do not find a dry period to miss the lawn one last cut before hibernation. So, exceptionally, you can also mow the lawn in wet weather if you pay attention to a few special features.

How to mow wet lawn properly

➜ Mow the lawn, do not mulch:

One thing is extremely important: in wet weather, you can only mow the lawn, never mulch it. In this case, the wet grass clippings would otherwise remain on the green area. It is not only heavy, but also acts as a cover at the same time.

And this in turn has two disadvantages: firstly, the light would no longer penetrate to the blades of grass under the cover, and secondly, the persistent moisture would quickly lead to putrefaction. It is therefore extremely important that you always use a collecting basket when mowing the wet lawn.

And while we are on the subject of the collecting basket: it must be robust, because wet grass naturally weighs a lot more. As a result, mowing a wet lawn is much more demanding.

Therefore, do not wait until the grass catcher is completely full, but empty it from time to time. On the one hand, mowing is less effortful and on the other hand, there is no unnecessary pressure on the lawn.

➜ Do not enter the lawn before mowing:

Do not enter the wet green area before mowing, but always run after the lawn mower. If you do not do this, the stalks are pressed down and can then no longer be reached by the knives. If the grass is already flat from the rain, it is best to grab a rake before mowing and straighten the blades again.

➜ choose the right cutting height:

It is probably necessary to remove the damp clippings from time to time as the knives often get caught there. It also makes sense to set the cutting height a little more generously and then reduce it to the actual one in a second pass. This also has the advantage that the lawn can dry off a bit before going into the second round.

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