How to Level a Washing Machine That Vibrates and Walks

Regardless of whether you have just moved, bought a new or used washing machine, make sure that you level the washing machine. Otherwise, severe damage and problems can appear after a short time. We explain step by step how you level the washing machine and what you should pay attention to.

Without a washing machine, one cannot picture a household, as it makes everyday life much easier for us. Once it is in place, the washing machine's correct alignment is seldom paid much attention to. Often this is done by the seller or supplier. 

Level the washing machine: why is it so important?

The damage that an incorrectly aligned washing machine can cause is often underestimated. The forces that act on the device during operation are so great that the fine settings and precise technology of the bulky machine can easily be damaged.

Sometimes these can be apparent problems, such as the machine hopping or bobbing in the spin cycle, problems pumping out dirty water, poorly flowing detergent, or the Washing device does not draw water more. However, initially invisible damage can also occur.

If the machine is out of balance, the drum bearings are worn out faster, and shock absorbers or springs are damaged. You often only notice the parts' wear and tear after a lot of washing loads, which can usually no longer be traced back to the incorrect alignment of the washing machine. It is all the more vital that you check the connection and alignment of the washing machine yourself before using it.

Possible damage caused by a failure in the washing machine line up

  • The washing machine is hopping or hopping. It can cause material breaks that make the machine unusable.
  • Incomplete pumping of dirty water out of the drum. It force you to clean the washing machine more often. 
  • Detergent residue in the compartment.
  • Previous wear and tear on the bearings.
  • Finely adjusted sensors of the washing machine deliver incorrect evaluations and data.
  • Machine imbalance
  • Shock absorbers wear out faster, and springs cannot work correctly.

A washing machine needs to be correctly aligned so that it doesn't move while spinning and the bearings don't break.

Do not forget the transport lock

Whether as a new purchase directly from a trusted dealer, when buying online, or when moving: The most important thing as soon as you move the washing machine is to check the transport lock.

It must be correctly inserted into the washing machine before transport. It is located in the rear wall of the drum and fixes in place for transport. Good to know: Due to the fine settings and the technology used, washing machines must not be transported horizontally, as this can cause unnoticed damage to the device.

Set up and connect the washing machine

Before you start setting up the washing machine, check everything Tool is at hand. You will need a wrench, pipe wrench or water pump pliers, and a spirit level. Do not connect to the power supply until you have finished all other work.

As soon as your washing machine is in the right place and no longer needs to be moved, connect the washing machine to the drain for dirty water and the inlet for freshwater. Now remove the transport lock from the washing machine.

Leveling the washing machine in detail

Aligning the washing machine is as simple as it is effective and can be done by yourself or easily checked if you are unsure. To keep alignment as simple as possible, washing machines are usually equipped with four adjustable feet and turned clockwise to lower the washing machine, counterclockwise to raise the machine. So they resemble uneven Floors or substrates quickly and easily.

Good to know: the washing machine has to be in the water in all directions, not only lengthways but also across. Place the spirit level on the washing machine and turn the adjustable feet in the appropriate order until the washing machine is entirely "in the water," i.e., straight. You can then also connect the power plug. A test run of the machine is recommended. Then double-check the correct alignment of your washing machine.

If the washing machine is defective, it does not necessarily have to be serviced. You can repair these three types of damage on the washing machine yourself.

Aligning the washing machine: an overview of the steps

  1. Place the washing machine in the desired location.
  2. Remove the transport lock from the drum.
  3. Connect the inlet and outlet of the washing machine.
  4. Align the washing machine with the help of the height-adjustable feet.
  5. Check the correct alignment of your washing machine with a spirit level.
  6. Start a test run of the washing machine and then recheck the alignment.

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