Best Weed Wacker Without String Reviews 2022

Large lawnmowers rarely help gardens since they create more bottlenecks for smaller ones. However, weed wacker of all kinds, with string or stringless, accomplish the job considerably better and allow for trimming work that was before impossible. In the following, we will show you in detail which are the best weed wacker without string.

Our guide of the best stringless trimmer reviews cover everything you need to know before make final decision. Here we discus about not only the product but also attach a comprehensive buying guide at the end. 

Most of the customers have voted Sun Joe SB602E as the best stringless weed wacker. The weed eater has a telescopic and straight shaft so you can reach all those hard-to-get areas in your yard. It can also be used as an edger, thanks to the spinning head.

3 Best Stringless Weed Wacker Comparison






Best Stringless weed wacker
  • 3.0Ah Li-ion Battery for Longer Lasting
  • Lightweight and Ergonomic Design
  • Rugged Resin Blade for Multiple Operations
Best Stringless Trimmer
  • Powerful 4.5-Amp electric motor
  • Trimmer and Edger combo
  • 12.6 inch cutting width with SharperBlade Technology
best weed eater without string
  • Rugged Resin Blade for Multiple Operations
  • 20 V Li-ion battery 
  • Adjustable Mower Head and Shaft
Best Stringless weed wacker

SnapFresh is one of the best weed wacker without string. They have been manufacturing weed eaters without a string for a long time. This variant differs from the previous Sun Joe model in that it is battery-operated, making it portable. 

It is cordless, has its battery and charger, and the battery lasts approximately an hour, which is adequate but not exceptional. This is a decent trimmer in terms of user-friendliness.

It has a telescoping handle, an extra handle for the trimmer, and wheels on the bottom for easy handling. Additionally, it functions as a trimmer and an edger, and the head may be rotated +90°, -90°, and 180°. This stringless trimmer includes two blades, which eliminates the need to change the spool; simply use caution when using the trimmer.


  • It is a trimmer and an edger which is great.
  • It is very user-friendly. It comes with additional handle and wheels on the bottom.


  • The battery lasts about one hour, could be longer.

Best Stringless Trimmer

Sun Joe stringless weed wacker is one of the best stringless weed wacker. It's a corded electric trimmer, so you have to use it close to home, which is ideal for your yard.

However, if you're searching for a trimmer for use in a field or nature, you should choose a battery-powered one. Additionally, this no-string weed eater includes two blades capable of cutting nearly any sort of weed, ensuring that the task is completed fast.

The weed eater has a telescopic and straight shaft so you can reach all those hard-to-get areas in your yard. It can also be used as an edger, thanks to the spinning head.


  • It is a trimmer and an edger which is excellent.
  • It features an adjustable and straight shaft, allowing you to reach difficult areas in the yard.


  • It is a corded trimmer, so it requires a power source nearby

best weed eater without string

This no-string weed eater is one of the most popular types, and SnapFresh is one of the few companies that manufacture them. This stringless trimmer is equipped with a 20-volt lithium-ion battery.

As a result, it's perfect for modest to medium-sized gardens. This trimmer is easy to use and light (6.4 lbs), so you don't need a shoulder strap while using it for lengthy periods.

It's a trimmer edger combo, and the only action required to convert it is rotation. Apart from that, it is pretty user-friendly. You can adjust the telescopic shaft without changing the spool.


  • It is a trimmer and an edger which is great.
  • It comes with the adjustable shaft and it is light only 5.6 lbs.

Best Weed Wacker Without String - Buying Guide


The weed wacker's performance is directly influenced by the drive type, as would be expected. The performance must also be evaluated concerning the application area. For the most part, gasoline engines are the most potent option for lawn trimmers.

Cordless stringless trimmers have variable performance due to depleted batteries, but electric weed wackers have steady performance. For cutting grass, less power is needed, whereas thin trees and weeds demand more.

Cutting width

The majority of cutting widths are between 20 and 30 centimeters. Exceptions are only very rarely given for special devices. Smaller cutting widths in the 20 cm range are highly adaptable, making them ideal for tight and difficult-to-reach spaces.

Large regions, on the other hand, require a bit more effort. Large-edged weed eaters, on the other hand, work precisely the other way. They work better across vast areas but not so well in small places.

Rotational speed

The speed of the lawn trimmer has a significant impact on its specific performance. Therefore, it is inextricably linked to the associated cutting instruments. There are two options for this: threads and knives. If using threads is the goal, keep in mind that the speed requirements are higher than knives.

Cutting is inefficient without this. Due to the increased energy consumption associated with this increased speed, cordless grass trimmers should be used in conjunction with knives.


Remarkably adaptable telescope settings can significantly improve the quality of work. For example, the generally equal size of weed wackers might pose issues for large or small users. However, the adjustable length options are helpful for other purposes as well.

The cutting head's adjustment is another setting that makes sense for lawns on slopes or with varying heights. Sloped grass surfaces can be handled if different angles are feasible. To improve working comfort, it may be worthwhile to consider adding a second adjustable handle.


The amount of weight has a direct impact on how well something works. The weight of petrol engines, for instance, may reach seven kilos, making them tough to contemplate. Weight is especially critical for prolonged work.

Short and infrequent tasks in the home garden may thus be completed without difficulty with slightly heavier versions. A substantial weight can also be tolerated, provided the handles and even a shoulder strap are comfortable. However, in general, lighter versions are preferable to heavier models.


The loudness is critical for the users themselves. You are directly adjacent to the stringless trimmer and are thus subjected to the most noise. Electric and cordless stringless trimmers operate at a far lower noise level than fuel trimmers.

Additionally, the volume is critical for the application area. While it can be inconvenient, especially in small cities with closely spaced gardens, large meadows are not a particularly difficult labour area.

Shoulder strap

The carrying strap is an essential component of comfortable grass trimmers. This makes the job much more accessible and allows for the continuous operation of extremely hefty machines. Again, flexible settings might be helpful here.

What types of stringless trimmers are there?

Electric stringless weed wacker

Electric weed wackers are powered by a cable attached to a power source. This offers several benefits. On the one hand, users benefit from consistent and reliable performance.

It's also not required to take breaks to fill up the tank or charge the batteries. The operation is also enjoyable due to the lightweight. Running on electricity is relatively cheap even after purchase and can now even be done with green electricity.

This sort of usage has several drawbacks. In certain situations, the attached wire is bothersome and limits mobility. The cord is the main disadvantage, as it requires a power source.

Electric weed eaters without string are best utilized in gardens near residences. However, even with extensive gardens, it becomes difficult to swap the wires and route them appropriately. As a result, electric hedge trimmers are best used in small gardens with nearby power sources.

Cordless stringless trimmer

Batteries propel weed wacker. As a result, using green electricity to power the trimmer is an alternative. It's beneficial because cordless lawn trimmers can be operated without connecting to a socket. This allows for usage in areas far from the house and in lawns that are chopped off.

The increasing weight of the batteries is especially problematic in this situation. Performance can also suffer as a specific performance nears its conclusion. Unless the batteries can be quickly replaced, usage is often restricted in time.

Even in this case, the first step is to invest in the corresponding additional equipment. Overall, cordless lawn trimmers are better for smaller areas and may be operated without wires in angled regions.

Petrol weed eater

A third alternative is a petrol-powered lawn trimmer, which is entirely independent of electricity. These are extremely strong and maintain performance indefinitely as long as the tank is not empty.

As a result, the petrol weed eater is highly adaptable and self-contained. Moreover, with adequate gasoline, the process can be prolonged. As a result, even vast lawns can be effectively maintained using such trimmers.

However, using gasoline has several drawbacks. First, the continuous operation entails fluctuating but continuously high expenses. Simultaneously, the weight is considerable, especially when the tank is recently full. As a result, a petrol stringless weed wacker is clumsy, heavy, and awkward to use.

Another drawback is the engine's large volume. Small gardens in urban settings may rapidly lead to neighbor disputes. On the other hand, large open spaces are excellent for working with petrol trimmers.

Which is better, string or stingless trimmer?

In principle, early differences are already made depending on the intended drive. For example, cordless lawn trimmers are typically fitted with knives, as they operate more effectively with fewer revolutions per minute. Threads at this location would consume much more battery power, rendering the job inefficient.

The strings are connected initially to a rapidly rotating thread head. As a flexible cutting tool, the threads are then directed along with the appropriate places. This method eliminates grasses of various thicknesses and other vegetation.

The distinct benefit, in this case, is the excellent degree of flexibility since even strong resistances such as house walls or roots pose no issues. This allows for the cutting of very angled areas. The threads can be retightened when worn.

Tip : In some cases, the device adjusts the thread length fully automatically after wear.

Weed wacker without string

The blades, in comparison to the threads, are stiff and inflexible. Some knives include a mechanism to fold in when they meet significant opposition. In practice, though, using blades near walls typically results in damage. However, knives are far more effective for removing free-standing weeds.

In the end, the best cutting tool relies on how it will be utilized. For example, threads are the sole choice for removing weeds and grasses from walls and floors. However, for more free-form work without impediments, the knives might be chosen.

How do weed wackers without string work and where are they used?

Based on the theory, grass trimmers have an upper-mounted motor that provides power to the cutting head. This is also where the control and the bracket are situated. As a result, you may use the string trimmer.

The tank, cable connection, or battery can all be found here, depending on the model. After that, the connecting piece is attached to the transmission.

The crucial component is the bottom-mounted cutting surface, which is linked to the motor through a gear. There are also distinct changes in the cutting instrument, which we shall discuss later.

Weed eaters may be utilized virtually everywhere there are lawns. Often, weeds can also be efficiently treated. Lawnmowers, whether battery-powered, gasoline-powered, or electric, are considerably better at cutting large, continuous lawns.

However, the weed wacker also allows access to areas that are difficult to access. Narrow and angled spaces are easily accessible. Grass trimmers make it simple to access edge regions.

Popular Brands of Weed wacker without string


One of the most renowned German corporations, having a history dating back to the nineteenth century. The product line includes various electrical equipment, with gardening tools for home use at the top. Bosch also makes the best weed wacker without string.


Makita is a Japanese firm specializing in garden tools. As a result, a diverse range of trimmers for personal and professional use is included in the product line.


Einhell is a global corporation with its roots in Germany. All types of tools and garden equipment are manufactured to a high standard of quality. Occasionally, grass trimmers are marketed as combo equipment that includes a hedge trimmer attachment.


Even if Ryobi claims to be a pioneer in lithium-ion tool technology, the German firm has other goods. Grass trimmers with batteries, wires, and gasoline engines are also available here.

Best Weed Eater Without String - FAQ

Q1 - What should be considered when it comes to occupational safety?

The strong lawn trimmers are capable of injuring people. As a result, some level of protective gear is necessary. When working, sturdy footwear, ideally with steel toecaps, is a must. Additionally, it is critical to wear safety eyewear, a cut-resistant suit, and appropriate work gloves. Hearing protection is also recommended for rather loud models.

It's worth noting that not only the lawn trimmers themselves are harmful but also the tiny components that fly around. For example, wooden planks or even tiny stones may be quite hazardous. Reaching into revolving knives or threads and changing them while the trimmer is still running also poses a significant risk.

Q2 - How should the stringless trimmers be cared for?

Petrol grass trimmers, in particular, require some attention. For extended periods of relaxation, the tank should be drained. Spark plugs should be examined and cleaned if necessary after prolonged idleness. However, cordless and electric lawn trimmers are easier to maintain.

In all cases, the cutting instruments, especially the knives, need to be sharpened. Water the threads a few days before operation to keep them supple and flexible. Both cutting tools can benefit from pre-winter corrosion prevention.

Q3 - What does a petrol weed eater fill up with?

The specific fuel depends on the particular model. Usually, however, a mixture of fuel and engine oil is used. The manufacturer specifies the specific mixing ratio and the actual fuel.

Q4 - What is the difference between a weed wacker and brush cutter?

The difference lies primarily in the operating strength of the respective devices. The grass trimmers are the weakest devices. Brushcutters are a bit stronger, but not as strong as the lawn mower. Therefore, the lawn mower are also devices for professional use, while grass trimmers are designed for private use.

Q5 - What thread size do grass trimmers need?

The string size depends on the desired use. If only thin grasses are to be cut, thin threads are more suitable as they offer a cleaner cutting edge. With woods and thick grass, however, the thicker threads must be used, as only these are stable enough.

Q6 - Should I wear protective glasses when trimming?

Yes, small parts thrown out, such as grass, wood or even stones, can be very dangerous for the eyes.

Q7 - Do grass trimmers also work on tall grass?

Yes, with the right use, taller grass can also be cut. Trimmers with knives are particularly suitable for this.

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