5 Best Weed Eater Under 200 Reviews 2022

Weed eaters, also known as string trimmers, help you cope with the small, hard-to-reach corners in the garden. Also suitable for big areas like overgrown meadows. It is a very important tool to keep your lawn in shape.

But good weed eaters don't have to cost a fortune. You can get one for a few hundred bucks. We've compiled the best weed eater under $200, followed by a buying guide.

In our view, the Black & Decker LSTE525 String Trimmer is the best weed eater under 200 dollars.

The Black & Decker LSTE525 is a popular cordless electric trimmer with a long-lasting battery. It's surprisingly light, yet at 36 volts, the engine has ample power to tackle almost any yard task.

With the touch of a button and a twist of the cutting head, the Black & Decker LSTE525 can be transformed into an edger.

Its shaft is adjustable, allowing you to set it to the length you choose. So, tall people don't have to slouch and damage their backs.

5 Best Weed Eater Under $200 - Comparison






Best Weed Eater Under $200
  • Trimmer Edger combo
  • Lightweight, yet powerful
  • 20V Max Li-ion battery 
Best Cordless Weed Eater Under 200
  • Lightweight and portable
  • TORQDRIVE provides 30% more power 
  • Two 24V batteries provide 20% more power 
Best Gas Weed Eater Under 200
  • 28cc 2-cycle engine runs 17 inch cutting head
  • translucent fuel tank  allows to monitor your fuel level
  • 2 years warranty
Best String Trimmer Under 200
  • 13-inch cutting swath with 0.080-inch line
  • 3-years limited warranty
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design maximizes control
Best Gas String Trimmer Under 200
  • Straight shaft and fixed line head 
  • Less noise and operator fatigue
  • 2-Step starting technology 

Best Weed Eater Under $200

The Black & Decker LSTE525 is one of the best weed eater under 200 available today, and it features a battery that lasts. Gardeners around the country love it for its unique features and ease of use to maintain their outside areas lovely and neat.

A corded electric model works well in a small yard, but it may be too much of a headache to maintain a long cord on a bigger yard. The black and decor trimmer is free of these hassle. It's simple to start and you may walk freely about your yard while cutting.

To keep it running smoothly, simply wash it off and replace the spool of line when required. Trimming made simple and hassle-free at its finest!

When you purchase a cordless trimmer, the battery is always the first concern. It's surprisingly light, yet at 36 volts, the engine has ample power to tackle almost any yard task.

Black & Decker's LSTE525 weed wacker has a Power Command dial on it, something you will not find on other string trimmers. It has six power settings, which is smart because not everything you trim takes the same amount of power.

With the touch of a button and a twist of the cutting head, the Black & Decker LSTE525 can be transformed into an edger, making it one of the best weed eater edger combo.

Its shaft is adjustable so that you may set it to your desired length. So, tall people don't have to slouch and damage their backs.

Best Cordless Weed Eater Under 200

Greenwork 48V (2 x 24V) 15-inch TORQDRIVE String Trimmer uses two 24V POWERALL batteries combined for 48V of outstanding and superior power than gas string trimmers.

It provides 20% more power and 35% greater runtime, with no memory loss after charging. It can tackle up to 1/4 acre with 1.5AH, 2AH, 4AH, and 5AH batteries.

Each of the BAG711, BAG708, BAG709, and BAG710 batteries includes a USB connection for charging compatible electronic devices. To safeguard your investment, Greenworks 24V offers a 3-year tool and battery warranty. Tall people don't have to slouch and damage their backs as the shaft is adjustable.


  • A dual-port fast charger can charge a battery completely in 30 minutes.
  • 15-inch cutting path and 0.80-inch dual line bump feed head for fast line movement.
  • TORQDRIVE delivers 30% greater torque for difficult grass and weeds.
  • 12,000 mAh power bank charges phones and tablets. Battery's USB port serves as portable power source
  • 2 speed selection allows you to choose between more power or more run time

Best Gas Weed Eater Under 200

The Husqvarna 128LD String Trimmer is a strong lightweight gas string trimmer for trimming and mowing. This string trimmer can create a nicely manicured garden or yard in minutes.

The sophisticated start recoil system and clever fuel pump make starting the trimmer simple.

The 28cc engine powers this gas string trimmer. Despite being a 2-cycle engine, the 1hp power output will not leave you wanting. Remember that a 2-cycle engine requires a gas-oil combination to function.

It makes use of a 0.095-inch string to cover a cutting width of 17 inches.

The bump head feature allows you to input additional strings without having to stop the machine.

It is a good string trimmer with an air purge function for faster starting.

The Husqvarna 128LD String Trimmer is perfect for gardens with dense shrubs and weeds.

Best String Trimmer Under 200

The 8.5-pound, battery-powered DeWalt String Trimmer is ideal for yard work. It features a 13-inch cutting swath with variable speeds. There are two speeds: low and high. The low option allows you to choose between 0 and 4,600 spins per minute (rpm). High-speed options vary from 0 to 6,000 rpm.

The trimmer is supplied with a 20-volt lithium-ion battery as well as a charging cord. It also has a safety barrier and weighs only 8.5 pounds, ideal for residential grass care.

The DeWalt String Trimmer performs admirably, mainly when used for grass maintenance at home. The handle's design makes cutting easy. It's also simple to grasp for steady, accurate cuts (as exact as grass). The high/low feature switch is near the handle so that you can flip your thumb.

This trimmer was much quieter than a gas-powered trimmer. Additionally, there was less vibration, which allows for more accurate cuts and greater control. This also contributes to the DeWalt String Trimmer's overall safety.

The DeWalt String Trimmer cuts light to medium grass and brush nicely.

Best Gas String Trimmer Under 200

The Craftsman CMXGTAMD30SA 4-Cycle Gas weed eaters make yard work simple. Its 30cc solid 4-cycle gas engine and 17” cutting breadth enable you to cut more grass in less time! This device has Easy Start technology and Advanced 2-Step beginning.

The Easy-Winding WEEDWACKER head feeds a .095” trimmer line, which allows you to replenish your cutting head fast and efficiently, resulting in more effortless engagement.

The CMXGTAMD30SA accepts attachments from Trimmer Plus and other manufacturers to transform them into different lawn care devices (attachments sold separately). This brush cutter is powerful, portable, and ready for any work. The CMXGTAMD30SA comes with a 2-year warranty.


STRAIGHT SHAFT AND FIXED LINE HEAD: Straight shaft shape makes trimming around shrubs and difficult-to-reach areas simpler.

2-STEP STARTING: It reduces the start-up process to only prime and pull.

LESS NOISE AND OPERATOR FATIGUE: Quieter, multi-positioned motor to decrease operator vibration and fatigue.

POWERFUL CUT: With a 30cc 4-cycle gas engine and 17-inch cutting breadth, you can trim more grass in less time.

4-CYCLE ADVANTAGE: No need to combine oil and gas

Best Weed Eater Under $200 - What to look for when buying?

The diameter (width) of the cut

The wider the cutting width, the faster the task is for the user to finish. For an adequate model, the cut width should be approximately 30 cm. it is the most usual width to cut into a clean landscape.


There are two things to keep in mind at this stage. If you opt for a wireless model, you must understand that the weight of the battery will be added to the weight of the device. Cordless trimmers are always less powerful than cable models.

The primary benefit of wireless versions is their compact size. So you can move it around without an electric wire or extension cables. Also, an 18 V battery is appropriate for 400 m2 spaces. Apart from that, it is preferable to use a 36 V battery or an electric model.


This factor is especially crucial to consider if you lack physical strength. If you want to use it for several minutes, pick a model whose weight you can handle efficiently and comfortably.


Choosing a model with outstanding ergonomics will allow you to use it for a long time.

The swivel head

At times, it may be essential to utilize the brush cutter's swivel head. As a general rule, swivel-head devices should be capable of rotating 180 degrees.

The telescopic handle

If you are not the only one in your household to use the weed eater, it may be interesting to modify its length according to the height of its user. This is when the telescopic handle comes in handy. Generally speaking, equipment with swivel heads can spin 180 degrees in any direction.

An additional handle

An extra handle might assist you better grasp and steer the gadget. It enables you to be more adaptable and mobile throughout your cutting operation.

Types Of Weed Eater

Cordless weed eaters

This gadget is the weakest and least autonomous. However, its ultra-practicality is appreciated by a vast number of users. It is currently the most popular type of border trimmer. Additionally, because it does not require fuel, it is more environmentally friendly than a gasoline model. It is perfect for little projects. However, for larger projects, it is preferable to have extra batteries.

The electric (corded) string trimmer

Electric string trimmer is more powerful than a battery-powered cordless trimmers and is just as light (and sometimes even more). The main drawback is that it must be connected into an electrical outlet, making it more challenging to use in vast areas. You also need to be careful not to cut the cable with this sort of gadget unintentionally.

The thermal edger (gasoline)

The gas weed eaters do not require cables, extensions, or a less powerful battery type and are suitable for vast areas. These gadgets are the most efficient on the market, having 2- or 4-stroke engines. However, they are also heavier.

Best String Trimmer Under $200 - How To Use?

Although you may be more accustomed to using a lawnmower to manage your yard, be aware that it cannot reach all nooks and crannies. So the weeds are going to spring up. To avoid this, using a weed eater is the best solution for efficiency but also durability. However, this equipment is not helpful unless you can make good use of it. Let us provide some advice so you may achieve an optimal result.

Check before each use

Before you use it, you have to check the trimmer. Check that the lid, spool, and cutting head are all properly positioned. Also, remember to clean off any collected debris. This allows you to avoid stones flying or trapped inside the cable into the air.

Check the fuel used

The primary source of failure for a string trimmer is incorrect combination usage. This problem is readily prevented by adhering to the recommended doses of 2 to 3% oil per liter.

Avoid fuel mixtures

A stale fuel mixture can damage the engine, hoses and even clog the fuel filter. Less fuel means less conservation and hence less degradation.

Check the wiring

When using electric weed eaters, you must thoroughly inspect the connections and wires before and after each usage. It reduces any electrocution risk and ensures that your device is always working.

Take safety precautions

Using a string trimmer without protection is risky. Always remember to wear protective eyewear, sturdy shoes, and long pants when using them. Additionally, keep your fingertips away from the equipment's power switch. It ensures that the latter does not switch on at an inconvenient moment.

Master the operation of the machine

When purchasing such equipment, it is critical to learn all of its functions. After unplugging the device, the blades or wire may continue to spin for a few seconds. So be careful not to hurt yourself. Disconnect the power source immediately in the case of damage or a severed wire.

Take care of your device

Regardless of the model, it is critical to clean the blade after each usage. Bear in mind that the weed that accumulates and adheres to your gadget's interior has a significant influence on its power. These deposits might harm the bevel gear and burn during high-temperature periods. Most importantly, remember to do a complete cleaning at least once a year to keep the unit in good shape, effective, and therefore long-lasting.

Best Weed Eaters Under 200 Dollars - FAQ

Q1 - Brush cutter or weed eater?

Brush cutters and string trimmers are two gardening tools that have a lot in common. The brush cutter is better for clearing and mowing big areas. The weed eater's purpose is to complete the task of a mower by targeting places that are tough for the mower to reach.

Q2 - What maintenance for your weed eater?

The weed eater is a highly low-maintenance gadget. All you need to do is clean it periodically to extend its life and maintain its efficiency.

Q3 - What are the safety rules to follow when using a string trimmer?

There are also specific safety guidelines to follow while using an weed trimmer. So, before turning on your device, put on protective equipment. Wearing stiff, well-covering clothes and sturdy high-top shoes protects your body from injury. 

Wearing a helmet or a protective visor to protect your face is a good idea. In addition, if the gadget generates too much noise, use earplugs. Before using your edger, read the owner's handbook.

Q4 - How do you start an weed Wacker?

Make sure the edger is in the right place before beginning it. That is, at the same height as the to-be-cut grass. Then firmly grip the edger with one hand on each handle. Now pull the launcher. Between three and five attempts, the startup should be successful. Of course, this guidance applies to thermal string trimmer. In most situations, a corded or cordless electric type requires simply a button push.

Q5 - What autonomy for a trimmer battery?

Depending on the brand and kind of battery, the battery life of an edger battery may vary between 20 minutes to 1 hour.

Q6 - What are the best brands of trimmers?

Some of the best weed eater under 200 brands include Homelite, Black + Decker, Ryobi, Greenworks, Bosch, Husqvarna, Stihl and Einhell.

Q7 - Round wire or square wire? How to make the choice?

The type of wire is used based on whether the grass is fine or coarse. Round-wire pruners are the finest way to trim tender herbs. Conversely, a square wire will likely be required with an edger that is designed to cut thick and strong grasses. To get an exact and dependable cut, you must consider the width of your line. A thicker cutting line is less prone to breakage.

Q8 - How long is the spool of line on an edger?

 A spool of round or square wire can measure between 5 and 15 m in length

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