5 Best Washing Machine Under $400 Reviews 2022

Washing machines have been part of every household for a very long time. Thanks to technical progress, the devices consume significantly less electricity and water than they did a few years ago. Nowadays, you can expect a good washing machine under 400 dollars which is equipped with all modern features.

We spent 32 hours researching to find the best washing machine under $400 for most people. Initially, we read relevant washing machine literature from numerous sources. 

Then we compared and sorted the ratings across retailers. After this selection process, we came across five exciting washing machines that we looked at closely. 

For many people, in our opinion, the Panda PAN6320W portable washer is currently the best washing machine under 400 dollars. 

The Panda PAN6320W Portable Machine is a small washing machine with a modern design.  

Due to its dimensions, the top loader requires a little less space than most washing machines and can therefore also be easily accommodated in smaller apartments. This type was designed to conserve space and clean clothing well.

If you live in a small area, this is a great choice. It's perfect for flats, condos, dormitories, and RVs. Additionally, this model is equipped with specifically built casters for mobility. Although tiny and portable, the Panda PAN6320W washer has a capacity of up to ten pounds.

best washing machine under $400

One of the most advanced tiny washing machines is the Panda PAN6320W portable washer. This device was designed specifically to minimize space while cleaning clothing efficiently.

The Panda PAN6320W Washing Machine is an excellent alternative for compact homes with limited storage space. Its 20 x 19 x 34 inches measurements allow it to fit into small places such as dormitories, condos, flats, or RVs. You may put the washer in the kitchen, bathroom, or even a tiny garage.

The Panda PAN6320W Washing Machine features wheels that make it highly portable. Additionally, this washer is lightweight, making it easy to transfer from one location to another if necessary. When going on extended journeys, you may bring the machine along with you.

Operating this model is simple. It works right out of the box and doesn't require plumbing. Pour in adequate water, add clothing and detergent, and then select your desired settings. It's an easy-to-use model that requires no complex setups.

Key Features:

  • Compact design
  • 2 built-in rollers/casters
  • Large 3.4 cu.ft capacity
  • Up to 10lbs of cloth
  • 3 prongs 110 Voltage
  • Electronic controls with LED display
  • 10 washing programs
  • 5 water levels
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Quick connect adapter kit
  • 800 RPM
  • 20 x 19 x 34 inches
  • Inlet Hose: 39 inches
  • Drain hose: 55 inches
  • 51 pounds


  • Electronic controls with LED display
  • Quick connect adapter kit
  • 2 built-in rollers/casters
  • Highly mobile
  • Large size capacity


  • Little bit costly

best washing machine under 400

The Comfee portable washer is perfect for tiny areas or locations. This washer is over 90 percent more energy efficient than its competitors. The washer has wheels and handles for easy portability.

Featuring an LED display with five wash settings and three water levels, your clothing will be spotless! Rust and chipping are prevented by the stainless-steel drum. This washer is fitted with an automatic unbalance detection to avoid tipping or separation of the water input.

The washer comes with a drain pump to guarantee that all water is removed at the end of a cycle, and it even features a lint filter to ensure that clothing are lint-free even without drying. 

Key Features:

  • Wheels And Handles For Easy Mobility
  • Equipped With Auto Unbalance Detection
  • Saves Almost 90% More Energy Than Competitors

best washer under $400

The Kuppet twin tub portable washing machine is ideal for non-laundry spaces. It's easy to load and unload this washer because of the big aperture. This washing machine features an 18-lb washer and an 8-lb spin cycle that can support a modest load.

With a 3600RPM motor and a top frequency of 60Hz, this washer can operate harder, longer, and clean clothing better. This washer has a stainless steel snap ring to attach to any sized faucet. The washer has a longer built-in drain pump to guarantee all water evacuated after the cycle.

Key Features:

  • Connects To Any Size Faucet
  • Larger Opening For Easy Loading
  • Longer Drain Pump Ensures All Water Is Drained

best washing machine under 400 dollars

The Panda portable small washing machine is ideal for flats, dormitories, campers, or even a second washing machine. This washer features a 12 pound capacity with a stainless steel drum that resists corrosion and chipping.

The washer's 480w motor helps save power. This portable washer has an LED display with eight washer settings and four water levels. Easy to use and attach the washer to a standard valve with an inlet and connector provided. The washer features an automated shut-off feature to prevent overfilling.

Key Features:

  • Space-Saving Design
  • Stainless Steel Drum Prevents Rust
  • Perfect For Apartments, Dorms, And Campers!

best washer under 400

The Giantex portable tiny full-automatic washer is ideal for small areas. The washer has a maximum capacity of 8lb that permits small to medium loads. This washing machine offers five different washing settings for washing various types of garments, and three water levels save water and power by customizing the load size. It is considered the best washer under $500.

The washer has five settings and is entirely automated; press the button and go about your day. The integrated aluminum drain pump and drainage tube ensure that no water is left behind at the end of each cycle. Additionally, the washer is equipped with a stainless-steel drum that resists rust and chipping.

Key Features:

  • Fully Automatic
  • Stainless Steel Drum Prevents Rust
  • Built-In Aluminum Drain Pump And Drainage Tube

Who should buy a washing machine for Under 400 dollars?

A washing machine costing up to $400 is more than adequate for a family of two to three persons. Despite certain disadvantages, it is not always essential to spend over a thousand dollars on a washing machine.

In this pricing range, you cannot expect a water stop, for instance. However, if an Aquastop hose is not available, you should purchase one. Please also make sure that there are not too many electronic components installed. You should also have as many cheap washing machine spare parts as feasible. If you pay attention, you may get a good washing machine under $400.

Best washing machine under 400: what should be considered?

Of course, the price also depends on the equipment, which you can find out here:

  • Number of washing programs: If you appreciate a certain washing program, make sure it is available in the machine. If you're buying an inexpensive gadget, you'll have to make some compromises.
  • Security features: Aquastop" is present in nearly every washing machine, even those that cost less than $400. Children cannot modify the settings because of the "child lock" function. If you live with youngsters, this function will be very useful to you.
  • Excellent washing results: Of course, modern technologies and functions make washing easier for us. But you can also rely on a washing machine under 400 dollars for clean laundry. Depending on the model, you even have a reload or honeycomb drum installed.
  • Energy-saving: Saving cash is also possible with an inexpensive appliance. Most of the washing machine under 400 we have mentioned above has energy efficiency class A+++.

Best Washer Under $400 - Household Appliances Don't Have To Be Expensive

There are particular big gadgets which are must-haves for almost every household. For many people, a washing machine and refrigerator are part of it. You desperately need a new washing machine since your old one has given up.

But your savings are not enough for the top model? No problem! We'll show you which functions you can expect from a cheap washing machine and where you might have to make compromises. This function is advantageous if you live with youngsters.

You can find almost all of the functions in a washer under 400 bucks

  • Quiet Operation
  • High spin speed
  • Aquastop
  • Standard washing programs (possibly also a few special programs)
  • Capacity of 6 to 8 kg
  • Automatic quantity control
  • Start time pre-selection and remaining time display
  • A convincing washing result
  • Good energy efficiency class

Low power and water usage do not always imply a high cost. A washing machine under 400 dollars comes with a good energy efficiency class. Of course, expensive gadgets have features and technology that a low-cost device does not have.

A high-quality design, specific washing programs, automated cleaning and descaling, a touch display, and a large capacity are all standard features in an expensive washing machine.

Front Loader VS Top Loader : Which one is the best washer under 400 Dollars

At the beginning of this guide, we already drew your attention to the two common types of washing machines – the top loader and the front loader. The following table shows the typical product characteristics of the front and top loader:

Front Load Washer

  • With a front loader, the locking door is always opened to the front
  • These devices are available in different sizes and with different capacities
  • The function of the built-under capability proves to be particularly practical (e.g. below the kitchen unit)
  • Front loaders are often relatively bulky and take up a correspondingly large amount of space
  • Putting the laundry away can be uncomfortable on the back
  • Front loaders are quieter than top loader; therefore, suitable for second floor laundry room.

Top Load Washer

  • Here the laundry is not put into the machine from the front, but from above
  • In comparison, most models are significantly narrower than a front loader
  • A cheap top loader washing machine usually holds up to 8 kilograms
  • Loading while standing is easy on your back
  • Cannot be built under the worktop or the like

Basically, you are well served with both a top loader and a front loader if you are looking for the best washing machine under $400 (e.g. for singles). If you only have little space available, washing machines with a width of 50 cm are highly recommended as top loaders. Most front loaders measure a common size of 60 x 60 cm. If you need a large capacity, we advise you to use a front-loading washing machine weighing 9 kg.

Best washing machine under 400 Dollars - Things To Consider

With a front loader, the laundry is fed into the machine from the front. Often such models score with a high capacity of the washing drum.

A low-priced washer doesn't have to be worse than a high-priced model. It always depends on the respective equipment.

In this buying guide for the best washing machine under 400, we would be happy to explain the essential purchase criteria to you:

  • Dimensions (e.g. width)
  • Energy efficiency class (e.g. inexpensive washing machine with A +++)
  • Capacity
  • Water consumption
  • Spin speed
  • With integrated dryer
  • Programs and functions (including refill function, aquastop)
  • Equipment (such as display, automatic quantity control, start time pre-selection)

Energy efficiency class

The washing machine works cheerfully throughout the year. At some time, the electricity bill arrives as a harsh shock. A high-energy efficiency class is almost mandatory so that you can continue to relax when the bill comes in. Most washing machines under $400 have an A +++ energy rating, which is also beneficial for the environment.

Note: Be aware that the energy efficiency class alone does not provide an exact statement about the annual energy and water consumption.

Practical additional functions

If your cheap (built-in) washing machine includes an anti-stain feature, it automatically adjusts water usage, run duration, and drum movement to consistently remove stubborn spots from your fabrics.

A washing machine with specific safety features is desirable. However, you should always make decisions based on your preferences and needs, since not every extra feature is required.

Automatic quantity control is also useful. It automatically regulates the energy and water usage as well as the running duration.

Tip: If your washing machine doesn't have Aquastop, don't buy it. This optional feature shuts off the water supply if the washing machine is faulty. This manner, you may avoid major water damage to your four walls and be safe.

Number of revolutions

The number of revolutions or the spin speed of a washing machine, whether small or large, indicates how many revolutions the washing drum completes per minute. A high spin speed suggests that the laundry is significantly drier inside than with fewer revolutions.

Most washing machines under 400 have a spin speed of approximately 1,000 rpm. Here you can usually assume that your laundry will still have a certain amount of residual moisture. Models with 1,600 revolutions per minute, on the other hand, are often found in high-priced devices.

Diversity of programs

Standard washing programs are available on most low-cost washing machines as well. Furthermore, specific specialized programs might be helpful. These, however, might differ from model to model. So, always consider your individual demands while choosing a washing machine.

Tip: If you do intensive sport and have a lot of laundry in fitness clothing, a program, especially for sportswear, is highly recommended. An anti-allergy program is also a good option if the removal of germs and allergy-causing substances is essential to you.

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