5 Best Washing Machine For Large Family Reviews 2022

Today's hectic lifestyle makes it difficult to freely take care of our house.  Especially if you are from a large family and still have small children.  Cleaning and washing aren't simple tasks.

Thankfully, the washing machine is available to assist you with chores. However, to get the laundry done, you will need a washing machine with a large drum capacity. We have listed the best washing machine for large family to help you get the best-suited one for your family.

Rank#01 - LG WM3488HW 24" Washer with 2.3 cu. ft. Capacity

This large capacity washing machine has convinced us with its excellent quality/price ratio. Let's talk about its capacity first. It is 9.0 kg, which will allow you to wash a large quantity of laundry at once or your duvets without any problem. It helps you save time on drying the laundry with the spin speed of 1400 RPM.

One of the strengths of this LG WM3488HW 24" large capacity washing machine is its energy class A +++. Therefore, it is a washing machine that does not consume much energy and will allow you to save up to 30% on electricity.

You should also know that this LG WM3488HW 24" washing machine has a function that allows it to best adapt the amount of water and the time required for washing according to the weight and type of laundry. It, therefore, prevents you from wasting water and electricity unnecessarily.

Another strong point of the LG WM3488HW 24" large capacity washing machine is its Inverter Direct Drive Motor, giving it a longer lifespan. You will also certainly appreciate its delayed start. You can program your washing machine up to 24 hours in advance.

It is a very quiet washing machine with only 51 decibels in washing mode and 77 decibels in spin mode.

Its raised tub and XXL porthole allow you to load the laundry very quickly. Its drum is designed to take care of your laundry. These also allow faster humidification of the laundry for a shorter washing time.

Regarding the programs, there are 14 of them. You can choose between Express, Eco, cold wash, additional rinsing, Ecomix, or intensive wash programs.

Rank#02 - LG WM3998HBA 4.5 cu.ft. Front Load Washer Dryer

This large capacity washing machine is, first of all, appealing; it must be recognized by its design. The LG WM3998HBA is distinguished by its Black Steel color, modern design, and XXL window.

If you need a washing machine to wash your duvets and you have a large amount of laundry to wash, you will appreciate its capacity. So you can wash the laundry for the whole family at once.

The LG WM3998HBA washing machine also has a spin speed of 1300 revolutions per minute, allowing the laundry to be well spun when you take it out for the fastest drying afterward. It is also a sizeable economic capacity washing machine.

It has indeed an energy class A +++. It can adapt the amount of water and the program according to the weight and type of laundry. It, therefore, saves water but also electricity.

The LG WM3998HBA large-capacity washing machine has other practical and useful features. Thanks to its AddWash window, you can add laundry at any time.

The Ecobubble system transforms the laundry into foam for optimal washing even at low temperatures. you will like it's robust but also quiet induction motor. This motor, combined with the anti-vibration system of the washing machine, makes the Samsung LG WM3998HBA particularly quiet; therefore, suitable for second floor laundry room.

As for washing programs, the LG WM3998HBA does not lack. In particular, you will have a specific program for baby laundry, for duvets or fragile laundry, fast or intensive programs, etc. It even remembers the last program used. 

If you like to wash your laundry when you are away, it can be programmed up to 19 hours in advance. Its delayed start also allows you to schedule it late at night to take advantage of off-peak hours.

Rank#03 - Equator 2020 24" Combo Washer Dryer

This large capacity Equator 24" washing machine is a pleasant surprise. Its capacity is 9 kilos, and its spin speed is 1200 revolutions per minute. This washing machine is, above all, designed to save you money, especially with its energy class A +++.

The Equator 2020 24" washing machine has an intelligent programmer called the sense. Sensors will evaluate the weight of the laundry you put in the drum and then automatically adjust the amount of water and the duration of the program. This technology allows you not only to save 50% on water but also electricity.

It has a whole host of convenient and valuable daily programs that meet most washing preferences. For example, you can use the Magic 40 ° program, which allows you to wash your 3 kg mixed laundry in just 1 hour.

It also offers express programs, a unique program for jeans, and programs for the delicate line. If you have allergies or children and need to have well-rinsed laundry, the Equator 24" large capacity washing machine has a Rinse Plus button.

The Equator 2020 24" door washing machine is equipped with a delayed start. This can be useful for you to take advantage of the reduced rate during off-peak hours or wash your laundry while you are away.

We also liked its noise level of 59 decibels during washing and 78 decibels during spinning. And finally, we found this Equator 2020 24" washing machine easy to use.

Rank#04 - Kenmore 25132 Top Load 4.3 cu. ft Washer

The Kenmore 25132 is considered one of the best top load washer without agitator for increased washing power. This model has the distinctive Triple Action Impeller, which works wonders when it comes to keeping all your clothing as clean as a whistle. According to online consumer ratings, this washer earns a 4.5-star rating out of 5.

It can clean up to 19 towels making it a large capacity top load washer. It is extremely efficient because of its three distinct wash motions. Nine spray jets effectively fight dirt. This procedure is carried out from all angles.

You'll understand why it's been reported that no one cleans better in this class after seeing the superior impeller design. StainBoost is used for clearing difficult stains with enhanced strength.

If you need extra wash times, this model has them, and they will most certainly give you that extra cleaning power for those stubborn stains. There is a stainless steel tub with a brand new design with a 3D pattern.

Key Features

  • As mentioned before, this unit is equipped with Exclusive Triple Action Impeller
  • A large 4.3 cu. ft capacity
  • StainBoost has to get out stains.
  • Extend your wash times
  • Cleans up to 19 towels at once
  • Stainless steel tub with 3D pattern design
  • The deep wash cycle lets you control the washer’s water level.
  • There is a clean wash cycle to assist with eliminating orders and at the same time keep the inside of your washer even cleaner

So there you have it. The Kenmore 25132 Top Load Washer is one of the best washing machine for large family in its class and is a real winner. I would not expect anything less when it comes to the Kenmore brand.

Rank#05 - Electrolux EFLS627UIW 4.4 cu.ft Front Load Washer

The Electrolux EFLS627UIW has a large enough capacity to handle family loads of laundry.

The Electrolux EFLS627UIW includes a uniquely constructed detergent drawer containing a section for detergent pods and the other regular sections like bleach, fabric softener, and ordinary detergent. The only brand that has this feature and has been created to increase detergent performance.

Electrolux EFLS627UIW also includes SmartBoost capability. This innovative design combines the detergent and water before the washing starts. It helps the detergent work better on stains and delivers a deeper clean.

On this Electrolux washer, you'll find all of the standard wash cycle options, but also a steam setting and a sanitize mode that can destroy up to 99 percent of germs and 95 percent of allergens. This washer's tub enables a thorough clean since the steam rises from the bottom of the tub.

The Electrolux EFLS627UIW boasts a quick 15-minute wash cycle, and for reduced drying time, you have a selection of spin speeds to dry your clothing. This model's maximum spin speed is 1,300 RPM, which is decent, but not the fastest.

On the other hand, it lacks smart-enabled controllers. You can't use your phone to set the washing machine in motion, nor will you be able to detect any problems via an app.

Large Family washing machine - a lot helps a lot

Families with more than four people face problems with lots of laundries. So the best washing machine for large families should be with a capacity of 7kg or more.

 Besides the capacity,  the large family washing machines should have many different washing programs that can adequately clean laundry of small children, work clothes, or sportswear.

Likewise, many other textiles are produced in excess than in other households - such as kitchen towels, bedding, comforters, blankets, pillows, or fabric textiles.

Loads of laundries are also increased if animals live in the household as pet hairs end up on the cloths. Pet hairs are reluctant not to leave the cloths. So, specific programs for this, such as "Pet Hair Removal" or "Allergy programs." are required.

Especially when an allergy suddenly plagues young family members, a washing machine should have the appropriate functions.

Family washing machines should have a large capacity

Households with a large number of textiles must have a washing machine with a large capacity, although there is no way to find out appropriate drum size. Experience or the bucket test is helpful. There are so many recommendations about which washing machine is ideal for a large family.

There are many reasons for a high washing requirement besides large loads. There are various types of laundry found in a household:  Sport clothes, work-related soiled clothes, small children clothes, pets hair embedded cloths, sick person clothes (if anyone), allergy sufferers, and many more.

So, in a nutshell, one can make the following recommendation: the capacity of the washing machine is directly proportional to laundry loads.

With a large capacity washing machine, you not only save time, but you can also save money. In addition, large capacity washing machines save energy because there is a direct relationship between energy consumption and the amount of washing.

Why big family washing machines must have large capacity?

When it comes to the washing machine for a large family, the first thing you consider is the capacity. Families consist of more than four members must buy a washing machine with a capacity of at least 8 to 9 kg.

Why do you need a large washing machine as you can use a smaller one? Well, modern washing machines are designed to save energy. So the washing programs maintain a low temperature to save energy, therefore take a longer time to complete washing.

If you often use the intensive program to save time, the machine must have a larger capacity.

Many weird things are easier to wash with large washing machines, which is impossible with smaller ones. You can, e.g., wash duvets, pillows, yes, even covers for top mattresses. A large family with adults and children must opt for a giant washing machine.

When we talk about capacity, many of us focus on laundry loads, but we often forget the vital part - Drum capacity. Often the washing drums are between 55 and 70 liters. And dry clothes can hold up a lot of clothes. So, it is a good idea to check the size of the drum.

Centrifugation and residual moisture

The spin speed determines how much moisture is left in the clothes after washing. And the residual moisture helps to determine how long the clothes should run in the dryer or hang on the clothesline to get completely dry.

The spin speed, therefore, affects how long the complete wash takes. The best washing machine for big families have a spin speed of between 1,400 and 1,600 rpm, depending on the size of the drum.

Automatic dosing - hypoallergenic

Modern detergents are often very concentrated. Many people use up to twice as much detergent as they need. It is not good for allergy sufferers - especially children and young people, it also harms the environment, and it weighs unnecessarily on the household budget. Most of the large capacity washing machines today have automatic dosing of detergent so that the clothes are washed with the optimal amount of detergent every time

Steam your duvets

The modern washing machines come with several excellent features that can save valuable time in everyday life. Many washing machines have, e.g., a steam function. The steam function can freshen up curly clothes that have not been used for a long time and can make your shirt presentable without iron. In addition, you can steam your duvet. It removes allergens and kills 99.9 percent of all bacteria. Perfect for those who are suffering from allergies.

Start the washing machine via wi-fi

Another smart and time-saving feature is a wi-fi connection to the washing machine. If your washing machine is connected to your mobile devices with a wireless network, you can operate it with your smartphone. Besides, the machine can automatically send notifications when finished washing. Then the clothes do not stay in the washing machine for a long time after washing and will, therefore, not develop a tale smell.

Save energy and time

Although a high-efficiency washing machine costs a lot, You should buy only A +++ appliances because these expensive washing machines will pay off throughout the lifecycle.  In addition, some programs, such as the prewash, should only be used seldom, and washing the laundry at 40 ° degrees is also sufficient. Heating water causes most of the energy consumption in a washing machine, around 70%. So low temperature means low energy consumptions.

A family washing machine must have spin efficiency class A and run at least 1400 revolutions per minute. It means that the washing machine can better pre-dry the laundry in the spin cycle. Many models can also regulate the number of revolutions steplessly so that you can set whether you want to receive very dry laundry or laundry that is still damp after the wash cycle. Depending on the type of fabric or shirt, this is undoubtedly a good option.

Types of Family Washing machine

Front loader: the all-rounder among washing machines

Front-loaders are washing machines that are loaded from the front through a round hatch ("door eye" or "porthole"). They are by far the most widely used type of washing machine. The detergent drawer and the controls (with display and program selection) are located on the front. Front-loading washing machines have a large number of installation options, and so the devices can be placed in a variety of ways in your home.

Front-loaders are available with a capacity of 3 kg (tiny) to 12 kg (immense). The device sizes are approximately the same: about 85 cm high and 60 cm wide. Depending on the size of the drum, the depth of the washing machine varies from 55 to 62 cm. More compact front-loading washing machines are only 50 cm wide.

Top loader: The small washing machines for every niche

Top loaders are filled from above using a hinged lid while standing and are easy on the back when doing housework. Around every tenth washing machine in the United States is a top-loader.

 The device sizes of top loaders are usually smaller compared to top loaders, so they can be fitted in smaller bathrooms, kitchens, or washrooms. The narrow devices are available with a width of 40 cm; the height is from 80 to over 90 cm.

Portable washing machines come with attached wheels by which you can move the device flexibly back and forth. The depth of the top loader varies from 60 to 65 cm. They usually come onto the market with a capacity of up to 6.5 kg. The load capacity of your washing machine depends on your household size and lifestyle.

Buying the best large families washing machine - Things to consider

1. Energy consumption

Energy consumption determines how much your washing machine costs to run. The EU energy label system rates appliances from A +++ to A, with the higher numbers being more efficient. Some A +++ washing machines may be slightly more efficient than others, but the differences between the appliances with the same features are minimal.

Each label also contains a figure for the washing machine power consumption, calculated in kWh / year and water consumption in liters per year. Look for the washing machine with the lowest numbers: there can be a significant difference between the different models.

2. Washing machine drums: the heart of the washing machine

The drums of washing machines are essential for gentle laundry care. The stainless steel interior is designed to move the laundry efficiently throughout the washing cycle. Several drivers or drum ribs in the drum set the laundry in motion and are placed symmetrically or asymmetrically. The surface of the interior is significant: honeycomb drums that combine small holes and a large perforated area.

The size of the drums in washing machines determines their capacity. The cylinders are getting deeper and deeper with the same device depth to increase the capacity even further. The larger the drum, the gentler the wash with laundry. The cleaning performance is also increased, and consumption is reduced. In addition, the laundry comes out of the larger drums without creasing.

3. Laundry-friendly surface

Drums come with different surface designs - honeycombs, drops, scales, diamonds, etc. These unique surface structures inside washing machine drums create a thin film of water on which the laundry floats like tiny pillows.

It reduces the mechanical load by 70 percent. The size and shape of the structure also affect the drainage of water and thus the spin performance of a washing machine.

Some advanced washing machines offer gentle thermal drums, the drum's wall can be heated ("pre-ironing"). Thanks to the immense honeycomb on the surface and the warmth, the laundry comes out smooth from the washer.

4. Drivers and holes

But it is not just the size of the drums that matters, but the drivers and the number and size of the holes also matter. Smaller holes mean that laundry is not pressed into the holes at high spin speeds, resulting in less stress on the fabric.

You can also recognize quality products by the fact that the outer surface of the drums, which you usually cannot see, is evenly smooth - this is the only way to prevent the threads of fabric from getting tangled on the outside of the drum.

Branded products usually have 2 or 3 carriers that are corrugated or beveled on the inside of the drums. The particular shapes guarantee a particularly gentle "grip" and balancing of the clothing and prevent unnecessary wrinkling.

5. LED interior lighting

Top washing machine models have inner drum lighting (energy-saving LED light). These LED lights illuminate the interior of the drums ensure easy loading and unloading easy. Lighting is a beneficial convenience, especially when the device is in darker rooms. The light switches off during the programs.

6. Load sensors

Load sensors calculate the optimal program (washing and rinsing time, speed, and rotation of the drum) as well as the required amount of water. In some cases, a dosage recommendation for the correct amount of detergent is also given. Conversely, the optimum load can be displayed for each program to avoid overloading.

7. Spin speed

The spin speed determines how fast the drum can rotate in revolutions per minute (rpm). In general, the faster the spin speed, the drier your laundry will be after washing. Traditional washing machines can run at around 1,100rpm but look for a 1400rpm or 1600rpm machine for the best performance.

All washing machines come with adjustable feet, and make sure the machine stands still after installation. A running washing machine rattles and makes noise, and the excessive vibration will shorten the machine's life.

8. Programs and functions:

You should buy a washing machine with your desired programs. If you don't have to wash huge loads of washing machines, you may not need to invest in an expensive washing machine with many innovative programs and features.

Most washing machines today come with various washing programs such as cotton, synthetic, delicate, wool, mix, and quick wash, plus the ability to set temperature and color, which already offers quite a few options. The more advanced models will typically also have several special programs for sports, swimwear, mats, baby, jeans, shirts, etc., and it will be individual what you need.

Many people face problems filling laundry in the washing machine. In that case, a washing machine with a Half load function would be helpful. This function optimizes the wash when the machine is half full.

A timer function with a delayed start can also be helpful. You can set the timer when the machine starts so you can better plan your washing. For example, you can then program when the wash should start so that the laundry is clean when you get home, and thus you save a lot of time.

9.  Convenient modern displays

Modern control panels are beveled towards the rear to enable more ergonomic operation. There are numerous operating concepts for program selection. A rotatable program selector is most common on older models. Alternatives are two rotary selector switches: one for the temperature and one for the program selection or push buttons for the program and temperature selection.

Modern devices have a touch screen that can be used to make the settings. The advantage of this is that the operation can be made more intuitive. In addition, almost all products are now equipped with a display in which the selected functions, the remaining time, and error messages are shown.

Start time pre selection

You can schedule the next wash program With the delay start. This program especially helpful if you want to use night electricity tariffs for washing. You can schedule a program to start up to 24 hours in advance.

Many manufacturers offer a time option by which the program should be ready ("Ready in"). So you have complete control over the washing machine. You can set when you need clean or dry laundry.

Remaining time display

The program running allows the display to show a countdown how long the selected program is going on. Therefore, the remaining time can be used better. 

Individual programming

It is helpful in many ways to save your wash program - for example if you often wash the exact amount and the same mix of fabrics or wash someone else.

10. Filling clothes:

There are two types of washing machines - front-loader and top-loader, of which the front-loader version is the most prominent. As the name suggests, front-loading washing machine allows filling through a door located on the front, while the top-loading one allows filling from the top. Front-loaders come in standard size and offer many more functions than the top-operated ones.

The top-operated models allow filling the clothes through a hatch at the top, and these models are often taller but narrower than the front-operated ones. So it is an obvious choice if you have a space issue.

11. Capacity / drum size: 

An ideal washing machine can take in about 7 kilos of clothes, and this is roughly equivalent to 7 sets of clothes. If you fill the drum completely, there will be no space left at all - then the wash will not be optimal.

As a rule of thumb here, one should hold one hand over the clothes in the drum without hitting the top. Large families must opt for a larger machine because larger drums can wash more clothes at a time. However, they are also a little more vulnerable and can break more easily than smaller drums.

Frequently asked question

Q1 - How big should my new washing machine be?

There are two types of washing machines: front loaders and top loaders. Top loaders are pretty narrow devices that load from above and are perfect when you are short of space. On the other hand, front-loaders are freestanding, under-worktop appliances that fit directly under the countertop.

When it comes to the washing machine, capacity is the most critical factor, so know what size you need. The drum capacity varies from 5 - 13 kg.

Drum capacity up to 7 kg: suitable for singles, households with little laundry

Drum capacity from 8 - 10 kg: suitable for households that wash regularly, for shared apartments, etc.

Drum capacity from 10 kg: suitable for large families or households that wash a lot

A little tip for you: It is important that there is enough space for the laundry when they are inside the drum (leave about a fist's width up). This gives the laundry enough space to be spun through properly, which makes it easier to clean. So, if you have to wash a large amount each week, you should choose a machine with a large drum capacity.

Q2 - How high should the spin speed be?

The spin speed is measured in revolutions per minute; it means how many revolutions a washing machine makes per minute. Most washing machines’ spin speeds are between 1200 to 1400 RPM, but some washing machines can reach up to 1600 RPM.

 Devices with a higher spin speed ensure the laundry dries faster. This is perfect for thick towels, and the soaking wet sheets are a thing of the past. You can also set the value of the spin manually.

Q3 - Noise: How loud are washing machines?

There is a violent force going on inside the washing machine - around 50 liters of water are pumped in, heated, and pumped out. Depending on the program, the laundry is gently rocked, boiled, or spun vigorously - the motor accelerates the drum up to 1,600 revolutions per minute, depending on the spin output. So the washing machines are supposed to make loud noise while running.

Despite the mechanical processes inside, modern washing machines are not only gentle on washing, but also amazingly quiet.

  • At 50 to 55 decibels, the washing machines are as quiet as a normal conversation.
  • The quietest washing machines wash with only 47 to 49 dB.
  • The spinning is naturally somewhat more noticeable: washing machines spin between 70 and 75 dB (A) depending on the floor covering, grip and load.

Vibration during washing and spinning are the loudest noises. Therefore, a high level of stability is an advantage:

  • A housing structure with horizontally arranged recesses provides more stability and absorbs vibrations.
  • High-quality ball bearings and shock absorbers have a sound-absorbing effect.
  • The double glazing of the door also absorbs sound.
  • Fleece mats help to lower noise levels.

Q4 - Which washing machine sizes are there?

Washing machines are offered in a wide variety of sizes. However, it is not only important that the dimensions of your washing machine match the intended regular space. While a small washing machine is ideal in a single household, a washing machine with a significantly larger maximum capacity must be found for a large family at the latest.

A washing machine with an integrated dryer can generally be expected to have a smaller capacity than a pure front-loading washing machine. While front-loaders usually have a 7 to 9 kg capacity, most top-loaders are capable of laundry loads of 5 to 6 kg. Choose a washing machine according to your needs.

The capacity of a mini washing machine is usually 2 to 4 kg of laundry. These compact devices can be placed on the work surface of the kitchen. The machines can usually be connected directly to your kitchen tap.

These tiny washing machines come without a practical spin function. So you will have to wring out your laundry by hand after the wash cycle. However, the washing program usually only takes a quarter of an hour, whether camping or on vacation; these compact washing machines have only proven themselves in exceptional cases.

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