Best Trimmer Line For Edging Reviews 2022

When it comes to home exteriors, landscaping is crucial. A well-kept lawn increases curb appeal while also providing satisfaction and smugness.

But obtaining perfection takes time and work, so if you're like me, you're looking for the greatest gear to make it happen quickly. In addition, lawn care requires cutting-edge technology. Therefore I'll share my expertise with the best trimmer line for edging.   

The quality of your landscaping will be enhanced if you use the correct trimmer line for edging. Choosing a trimmer line depends on your demands, yard, and budget. Choosing just one trimming line can be difficult with so many options available on the market.

There are several trimmer lines on the market, so I've put together this buyer's guide to help you make an informed decision.

Best String Trimmer Line For Edging

It's no secret that Husqvarna makes high-quality outdoor power equipment, including lawnmowers, chainsaws, and hedge trimmers. Heavy-duty copolymer trimmer line with a patented design from a well-known brand, this Titanium Force (639005102) String Trimmer Line delivers the most excellent performance and long-term durability.

The Titanium Force thread provides rapid acceleration and flat flying characteristics, allowing the trimmer line to use less fuel. In addition, this trimmer line is significantly quieter and compatible with all conventional trimmer heads.


  • .095-inch-diameter line has a smooth, rounded end.
  • It's quick off the line and well-balanced.
  • Because it uses less fuel than other types of line, this is an excellent choice for gas-powered string trimmers.
  • The Titanium Force is quieter than other trimmer lines, but it can still cut through a range of fabrics.
  • It's more durable and lasts longer than other brands on the market since it wears down more slowly.
  • It is compatible with the majority of common trimmer heads.


  • Some professional trimmer models are incompatible with this trimmer head.
  • As compared to other brands, this one is more pricey.

2.0 Cyclone -Spool Commercial Grade 6-Blade - Best weed eater Line For Edging

Professional Grade Grass Trimmer Line.065-Inch by 300-Foot Spool Cyclone is made by Desert Extrusion Corporation, a well-known manufacturer of trimmer lines for the commercial lawn and garden business.

Commercial-grade copolymer nylon, which is the company's trademark, ensures exceptional strength and durability. This blue trimmer line comes in a 300-foot bundle for all trimmers that are required A 065-inch line.

This trimmer line made the list of the best trimmer lines for edging, owing to the happiness of users.


  • Longer-lasting commercial cutting is possible thanks to the unique copolymer composition.
  • A regular trimmer head fits nicely with this color-coded head because of the different diameter sizes.
  • Extra cutting power is provided by the unique 6-bladed design.
  • It's.065-inches wide by 300 feet long.
  • Incorporates an unique six-bladed design for increased cutting power.


  • It is a bit pricy

3.0 Oregon Professional Magnum String Trimmer Line For Edging

A professional-grade Oregon Professional Magnum String Trimmer Line (22-895). This 685-foot dual polymer trimmer line has a.095-inch diameter. For increased durability, the square design is strengthened with aramid fibers.


  • The 0.095-inch diameter of this trimmer line is ideal for medium to heavy-duty applications.
  • It is universally compatible with the vast majority of string trimmers.
  • The square shape is suited for large commercial operations and thick grass.
  • Professional landscapers prefer it because it grabs difficult materials so well.
  • The line features a non-welding outer layer and a high-strength inner Even if you run into a rock, the line will remain intact.
  • Spools of 3-pound line are available; the total length is 685 feet.


  • Use this line with caution. Avoid hitting anything vital, as this might harm materials, including your deck.
  • The line has a high risk of becoming unbalanced.

4.0 Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line For Edging

The Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line is a respected supplier of outdoor power equipment, parts, accessories, and attachments. These products are known to last longer and do more. This trimmer line was meticulously crafted to provide just the most valuable and necessary functions for your edger. In addition, this trimmer line is universally compatible with a wide variety of gas and electric trimmers.


  • The.065 inch diameter trimmer line is ideal for mild commercial or lawn operations.
  • The blue string is a 6-point star, making it a multi-sided trimmer line for a perfect lawn.
  • The cost of the 220-foot commercial trimmer line is reasonable.
  • It has 11 refills, each 220 feet long and.065 inch in diameter.


• This trimmer line is not as long-lasting as those from other companies.

5.0 Oregon Super Twist Magnum Gatorline String Trimmer Line

One another Oregon product, this time a 1-pound doughnut of double polymer trimmer line. It still has Magnum Gatorline's characteristics, but the redesigned form lowers noise and increases cutting efficiency. A weld-resistant outer layer and a high-strength inner core make up this product.


  • It can handle medium to heavy trimming operations because of its 0.095-inch diameter.
  • The donut-shaped design makes it easy to use and keeps cords from becoming tangled.
  • As a further bonus, the line is still protected from welding thanks to the outer layer and the inner core's great strength.
  • There are 280 feet in a pound of donuts.


  • Like the Magnum Gatorline, it is made of the same material but is not as strong and breaks quickly.

Best trimmer line for edging - Things to consider

The proper cutting line is a critical component of the weed wacker's cutting system, both manually and electrically powered. For example, suppose you want to eliminate invasive weeds, unattractive brushwood or correctly line the grass at a concrete curb. In that case, each trimmer operator must first answer a complex but critical question: Which is the best trimmer line for edging?

Below we present some useful tips that should help you answer the above question, indicating what to consider when choosing the best line for edging.

How to choose a cutting line for edging?

Cutting lines made of nylon are a convenient and cost-effective option. Their high peripheral speed is directly related to cross-section and mass.

Depending on the application and technology, different cutting lines might be identified by their diameter, shape, structure, characteristics, or colour. To select the appropriate line from this sea of items, you must appropriately match the specified characteristics to your scythe and trimmer head, which we hope will be aided by the information provided below.

However, before you begin searching for a line perfectly suited to our requirements, you should address one fundamental question.

What are we going to mow?

We must first classify trimmer lines according to their intended purpose and trimmer's type to pick a line.

What line diameter should I choose?

The line diameter we should use is primarily influenced by the trimmer and the head attached to it. As a result, this information should be located in the technical documentation of the equipment and rigorously followed.

By utilizing lines with a diameter that is more than the manufacturer's recommendation, we expose the weed eater to improper work, which may result in damage.

A thicker line, for example, may cause ejection issues and increase air resistance. As a result, a thicker line moves slower, tearing plants instead of cutting them and putting more pressure on the head and motor.

Important tips for choosing trimmer line

  • The 1.3 to 1.8 mm diameter lines are ideal for cutting fine grass and tiny plants. These lines are typically seen in battery or petrol lawn trimmers that aren't very strong (up to 1 HP). The red OREGON 1.3 mm line is ideal in this case.
  • Lines thicker than 1.8 mm are also effective against weeds and used in trimmers with a power rating of 1 to 2 HP; an example of this line is OREGON 2.4 mm orange monofilament.
  • Lines with a diameter more than 2.7 mm, placed primarily on trimmers with a power rating greater than 2 HP, will be able to mow shrubs and meadows in addition to the preceding uses. Techni 280° 3mm line, which is highly resistant to breakage and abrasion and has a high melting point, is suitable for such applications.
  • Lines with a diameter of 3.5 mm or more excellent are designed for challenging tasks such as cutting thickets, blackberries, and thickets. OREGON Techni-Blade, 7 mm thick, is an example of a line that will effectively perform a cutting blade in dangerous and difficult to reach situations (in dense bushes, with the stony ground). These sorts of lines are seen on heavy-duty trimmers that experts mainly utilize.

How to choose the cross-section of the line?

  • The line's form, like its diameter, is determined by the trimmers' head. Therefore, the information materials attached to the head should provide information about the line cross-sections that correspond to the head.
  • The second critical element affecting the line cross-section selection is the mowing qualities and the line strength and wear rate of the line. Following this path, we may identify three fundamental parts of the line.
  • Round cross-section provides the line with increased strength and a slower rate of wear at the expense of decreased efficiency and a greater likelihood of ripping delicate grass cut edges. As a result, these lines work well for cutting older lawns and weeds. For example, the tough OREGON DuoLine fully meets the above criteria.
  • Square cross-sections, which are sharper and more aggressive than circular cutting characteristics. To mow dry grass in stony terrain, OREGON lines' NYLIUM SQUARE monofilament uses this cross-section.
  • With a cross-section in a polygon shape, the so-called asterisk is the sharpest version, imparting aggressive and accurate cutting qualities to the line. Lines with this cross-section are ideal for both aesthetic mowing of fine grass and mowing thicker, more demanding plants that would be difficult to cut with a circular cross-section. A line of this type is the NYLIUM STARLINE or the yellow OREGON (star).
  • Lines with square and polygonal cross-sections wear more quickly than circular monofilaments manufactured of the same material.
  • There are other categories like lines having complex cross-sections, e.g. twisted lines and very sharp and durable, e.g. FLEXIBLADE line.

How long should a trimmer line?

The line head determines the length of the line we wish to utilize. For example, if a line is needed to wind a head, it's typically around 5-6 meters long; if a "Mustache" head is needed, portions of about 30 cm are generally adequate. Naturally, the specified lengths are not mandatory and will vary according to the specification of a particular head.

Importantly, nearly every contemporary trimmer has a unique knife in the headcover that cuts the line to the appropriate length during operation.

The primary determinant of the line length we wish to acquire is our demand and anticipated usage. Although high-quality materials are used in the manufacture of lines, they might lose their characteristics after many years of storage, especially when kept in a sunny location. Therefore, this direct approach to the problem is a must.

What materials are used for trimming line?

While this is not the primary consideration when purchasing the best trimmer line for edging, it is worth considering the quality of the materials used in its manufacture.

It is important to remember that low-cost nylon lines are prone to breaking and fraying due to their poor quality. Due to the necessity to feed the line more frequently, this reduces efficiency and speed of work. The trimmer's running expenses increase as the line wears out faster.

It is also worth highlighting the more technologically sophisticated lines, which employed extra materials to improve their characteristics and application range. The very durable and silent DuoLine Plus line with a carbon core is an example of this sort of line, as is the extremely sharp and tear-resistant NYLIUM STARLINE with embedded aluminium particles.

Does the color of the line matter?

The colour of the cutting line may appear to be insignificant, yet it has a useful purpose. Bright colours will aid even the most discerning users of trimmers in locating cut-off line fragments in neatly manicured grass. For vast expanses of land, such as those in metropolitan areas, more natural and muted colours will assist in concealing the remains of the trimmer line.

The choice of trimming line is not so terrible as it is painted.

As you can see, selecting the best line for your specific needs is complicated by several factors, including the trimmer's technical specifications, the trimmer head, and the line's qualities, and it may be difficult even for seasoned mowers.

However, we hope that the information provided above, about factors to consider when selecting the best trimmer line and how to modify its parameters, will dispel many concerns in this regard and make the purchase of a new cutting line unnecessary.

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