5 Best Top Loading Washing Machine With Agitator Reviews In 2022

If you do not have time to read all the reviews on the web, here we present the most comprehensive guide of the best top loading washing machine with agitator. 

Needs of space or personal taste, whatever the reason for preferring it, the top-loading washing machine is an appliance capable of giving a great hand in the house.

Let's check out the products worthy of entering our ranking of best sellers of the year.

In our opinion, Kenmore 2622352 Top Load Washer with Triple Action Agitator is the best top load agitator washer.

The large 4.2 cubic foot capacity washing machine can wash more clothing, linens, and beds in a single load.

There are 12 wash cycles to choose from for a customized clean, including Express Wash for short loads and Bulky Bedding for extra-large bed linens and sheets.

The Kenmore 2622353 measures 27 x 27.5 x 43 inches which is a perfect fit in your laundry room

5 Best Agitator Top Load Washer 2021






best washer with agitator
  • Triple action agitator with Direct Drive Motor
  • 4.2 cu.ft large load capacity
  • 12 customized wash cycles 
Top Loading Washing Machine with agitator reviews
  • Stainless steel drum with agitator 
  • 12 wash cycles including Delicate, Hand Wash and Heavy Duty
  • Large 4.1 cubic foot capacity
Best Washer for down comforters
  • 8 wash cycle, 5 temperature
  • 3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • 3.2 cu.ft large load capacity
best top loader with agitator
  • 4.5 Cu.ft ultra large capacity
  • ‎Agitator Washer with Stainless Steel drum
  • 14 wash cycles
top load washing machine with agitator reviews
  • 3.2 large load capacity 
  • Stainless steel drum with agitator
  • 3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

best washer with agitator

Top-loading washing machines have the advantage of occupying a much smaller footprint than those with portholes. This Kenmore washing machine, in particular, has a particularly compact design, more than many other similar models and could be ideal for those with very little space available. Despite the very small size, it is a washing machine that still maintains a capacity of 8 kg.

Among the main strengths of Kenmore 2622352 is the energy class A ++ to which it belongs. It must be considered that for this type of appliance, the classification starts from level A +++ and goes up to D.

It is therefore evident that it is a particularly efficient model that guarantees almost the maximum possible savings in utility bills, ideal especially for those who use very often. The Energy Saver option also allows for further energy savings on cotton, synthetics and jeans because it can optimize both the use of water and the movement of the drum.

The programs available are numerous, as many as 18, and allow you to wash all types of clothing effectively and specifically. There is no shortage of half load and quick washing for clothes that need only a refresh.

The 660 rpm of the centrifuge considerably reduces the time needed for drying, an excellent solution especially in winter.

Here is a brief summary of the Bosch top-loading washing machine which has several advantages for the consumer. Let's review what they are.


Dimensions / capacity:

It is a particularly compact model but, despite its very small size, the washing machine maintains a capacity of 8 kg.

Energy efficiency:

The energy efficiency class A ++ ensures significant savings in utility bills. The Energy Saver option allows a further reduction in energy consumption.


The 18 programs available should be able to meet most needs. We remember the half load and short washes for the garments that need only a refresh.


The spin cycle reaches 660 rpm and therefore the laundry will require less time to dry completely.

Top Loading Washing Machine with agitator reviews

Top-loading washing machines are ideal in very small homes, but what if the space available is particularly limited like on a camper? In this case it is necessary to opt for a model like this Frigidaire Top Load Washer that has its strength in the ultra compact design. It will therefore not be necessary to hand wash or hope that there are automatic washing machines nearby.

This model is also very light and, thanks also to the practical side handles, it is easy to transport, ideal when you need to load and unload it from the camper.

Of course, there are no particular washing programs but there is no lack of indispensable spinning that allows you to dry your laundry in less time. Also very popular with consumers is the spin timer itself, not the wash timer, which can be set up to five minutes based on the amount of clothing.

Being a compact model designed to be used outside the home, the capacity cannot match that of normal washing machines, however 5 kg should be sufficient for normal needs, including those of off-site students or for those who intend to keep it in the garden for greater convenience.

Moreover, even the price is much lower than a normal top-loading washing machine: it is to be kept an eye on those who want to save money above all.

Here, in summary, what are the points that most characterize the Whirlpool top-loading washing machine.



The compact design is the element that distinguishes this model more than others. The small size makes it ideal for campers, but also for off-site students and for those who want a comfortable washing machine even in the garden.


Designed to be used, above all, outside the home, the Whirlpool is particularly easy to carry, thanks to the great lightness and practical side handles that make it comfortable to lift and handle.


The 3 kg capacity is not bad for a washing machine of this size, but the real advantage of the Frigidaire Top Load Washer is the centrifuge which allows you to dry your laundry in less time. There is also a timer, to be adjusted according to the quantity of items inserted.

Best Top Loading Washing Machine With Agitator

The compact dimensions and, above all, the low consumption of electricity and water, have made it one of the best top loading washing machine with agitator most appreciated by consumers.

Reliable and compact:

The Indesit brand certainly needs no introduction, at least for most Italian consumers; it is in fact one of the best Italian brand that have made history in the appliance manufacturing sector, together with brands such as Ariston, Zanussi and Zoppas.

This should suffice, in the meantime, to give an idea on the quality level of this compact washing machine, and on its reliability; the ITWA5852 W, in fact, measures just 40 x 66 x 89 centimetres, and this allows it to occupy a very minimal space, making it ideal especially for those who live in small urban apartments, especially studio and two-room apartments.

Furthermore, top loading also contributes further to greater space optimization and ease of use.

Low consumption of electricity and water:

But the most appreciated aspect by buyers, as far as the washing machine is concerned, is certainly the one relating to consumption.

This appliance, in fact, stands in class A ++, placing itself, in fact, in second place in the table of energy efficiency, the only exception being the phase of the centrifuge, during which the energy efficiency drops to class D; but this is an aspect common to all washing machines, regardless of the size and brand of production, so it makes no substantial difference.

Nor does it lack the Eco function, which also allows you to reduce water consumption, making it even more convenient as regards saving on bills; this does not mean, however, that the washing machine has programs designed to improve the washing performance, which increase the amount of water used in the rinse, so it is important to also be careful in managing it as best as possible.

18 operating programs:

The Speed Queen washing machine integrates 18 operating programs, apart from the aforementioned Eco and Extra rinse functions, among which the pre-wash programs stand out, a special program for washing the laundry of newborns and for allergy sufferers , a program for rapid washing and those for setting the centrifuge, which can be set at different speeds or, if desired, completely excluded from the washing process.

The presence of the timer is also highly appreciated, which allows the delayed start of the washing machine, up to a maximum of 12 hours after setting; a further feature that makes its use extremely practical and easy, is the presence of indicator lights that indicate the operating status of the washing machine, or any malfunctions, such as lack of water, dirty filter or problems during execution centrifuge.

Main advantage:

Model belonging to the energy efficiency class A ++; its low consumption, moreover, is not limited only to a lower need for electricity, but also in terms of water used.

Main disadvantage:

Being a compact, top-loading washing machine model, it has a capacity of only 5 kilograms, which limits its use to families of two people maximum.

top load washing machine with agitator reviews

The advantages offered to the user by the Speed Queen washing machine are not few. The loading capacity of 6 kg, for example, which is remarkable for the category, or the depth of 60 cm, ideal for those who do not have much space available.

But above all, compared to many other similar appliances, it boasts the energy efficiency class A + which, combined with the EcoGreen program, allows significant savings in utility bills.

It is also very powerful and silent and, thanks to the spin speed of 800 rpm, the laundry is already almost dry.

Among the various functions it is equipped with, we recommend the anti-crease option. The washing machine carries out its normal cycle, for example at night, then when you decide to hang it, by pressing the anti-crease button the last spin is performed. The advantage is that of being able to wash at any time and never having the laundry too creased but always easy to iron.

Always from Speed Queen, a model of a spacious washing machine (up to 6 kg), silent and with reduced dimensions, with an interested anti-crease function to save you time when ironing.


Anti-crease function:

The feature that makes the appliance unique is the anti-crease function, a special spin command to be applied to your clothes when they have been on the bottom of the best quiet top loading washing machine with agitator for a long time after a wash.


While reaching high spin speeds (up to 800 rpm), this Speed queen washing machine has been designed to absorb vibrations and be almost imperceptible.


With just 60 cm in width, Speed Queen has created a compact washing machine that you can insert in any room with a minimum footprint.

best top loader with agitator

Another titan of home appliance production occupies third place in this ranking of the top selling top-loading washing machines of the year.

Despite the important price, there is no shortage of admirers for this tall and slender washing machine that is controlled from above and on the display allows you to check the settings chosen before starting the wash and during the cycle.

There are many advantages offered by the technology supported by this machine which promises and maintains a quick, intuitive and tailor-made wash.

Equipped with an automatic recognition system for the load and the type of fabric to be washed, it automatically adjusts the washing cycle to avoid excess stress on the garments, or excessive energy consumption with consequent savings on the utility bill.

It belongs to class A ++ and is able to effectively contain the consumption of detergent as well, it supports a gradual and well-distributed dosage system throughout the washing of both powder and liquid soap.

If you wonder where you can buy a compact top-loading washing machine model, AEG offers you this model with reduced dimensions and intelligent technology that can help you choose the most suitable washing program.



GE has equipped this washing machine model with a recognition system, which works almost like an artificial intelligence, capable of identifying the volume and type of garments to be treated and selecting for you the washing program that best combines energy efficiency and results.


To allow you to check the settings before starting a program, a traditional display of this AEG washing machine has been combined with a display that informs you in real time on the various washing stages.


It boasts the double efficiency of the energy class A ++ and a control system for the quantity of detergent used, depending on the washing program and the type of garments.



The intelligent and cutting-edge features do not place it among the cheapest models, making the purchase an important investment.

How to use a top loading washing machine

The top-loading washing machines have been expressly designed to satisfy all those buyers who have particular space requirements; the top loading, in fact, allows to position the basket transversely, considerably reducing the width of the washing machine.

Another consequence of this particular design solution is represented by the lack of the porthole integrated in the door, typical instead of front-loading washing machines.

Some consider it a limitation, because without the door there is no possibility of keeping the washing process under "visual" control, for others it represents a considerable improvement, since it takes less effort to load the washing machine from above and therefore less effort is made, also avoiding bending over the back, a benefit which is all the more appreciable the greater the load capacity of the washing machine.

A further advantage offered by the top-loading washing machine is the system used for stowing and releasing the detergent; this detail tends to be overlooked very often, and few people attribute the right importance to it.

In fact, in the front-loading washing machine models, regardless of the production brand and the price range, the drawer where the detergents are poured is connected to the pumping and suction system of the water; what occurs very often, and in many models of this type, is the ease of congestion due to the currents created by the pumping system, and the relative increased risk of malfunctions and failures.

In the top-loading models, on the other hand, the detergent drawer is integrated in the upper door, and releases its contents directly onto the drum during washing, without the need for additional mechanical elements subject to wear and energy consumption.

Capacity and consumption of top loading washing machine

The best agitator top load washer available on the market, especially the models belonging to the medium-cost range, are numerous and offer, in principle, the same performance as the front-loading washing machines, with in addition the advantages described above ; the differentiation between the various models is therefore linked only to factors related to capacity and consumption.

Being a type of washing machine designed to take up less space, the load capacity greatly influences its size; on the market you can easily find ultra-compact washing machines, but with a capacity of only 3 kilograms, and push yourself up to models with a load capacity of 9 kilograms that still maintain a smaller size than a washing machine with the same load capacity , but front-loading.

As regards energy saving and the impact on the consumption table, on the other hand, attention must be paid to the power absorbed and the type of motor used by the appliance; the latter can absorb from 130 to 2200 watts, depending on the load capacity of the washing machine, and despite the high wattage of the models from 6 kg upwards, the types of motors used, especially those based on digital technology, all fall within a classification that varies from A + to A +++, with a range that goes from B to D only when the centrifuge comes into action.

How to choose the best agitator top load washer

If you are thinking of choosing a top-loading washing machine instead of the classic one with a front porthole, it is certainly because you need to optimize the space to dedicate to this indispensable appliance.

Whether it is the first home or the equipment for the holiday home, by the sea or in the mountains, the choice of the right top-loading washing machine is not to be entrusted to the simple price comparison. Instead, consider what the needs the washing machine must answer to satisfy everyone in the house.

The guide below illustrates the main features not to be overlooked before making a choice, and lists the most popular models this year.

Buying Guide of top loading agitator washing machine

To optimize space and not strain the back

The first advantage that a top-loading washing machine offers is to save at least 20 cm in width compared to the classic models with front portholes, usually in fact this type of washing machine has a width of 40 cm, which recovers with a greater height .

The ranking of the advantages of this type of solution sees the possibility of facilitating the loading and unloading of laundry being positioned high among the preferences of consumers. Not having to bend down to put clothes to wash, those who have difficulty bending their knees or bending their back too much manage with this model to maintain a certain autonomy in household chores.

The energy class elects the best on the market

There will be a review that does not highlight the advantages offered by the belonging of the appliance to an energy class particularly effective in consumption.

The performance of the washing machines settles on the A +++ and A ++ levels for the best performing, solutions that consume the most can be cheaper in appearance, but cost a lot in terms of electricity consumption if used daily at full capacity.

The reasoning is different if you plan to install the top-loading washing machine in a holiday home, where the use of the appliance is very limited and limited in time and also the wear and tear to which the machine is subjected is less .

Performance comparable to models with front porthole

Many solutions offered but difficult to establish a priori which is the best brand, certainly the type of programs offered by the various machines on the market, whose performance must be comparable in all respects to the models of larger capacity and front loading .

So it will be good to check for washing cycles in line with your habits, the gentle cold cycle for delicate and lightly soiled garments, or the more robust one based on the habits of the inhabitants of the house.

There is no shortage of solutions that offer quick washes or quick rinses, which optimize the use of resources, such as water and detergent, for an intelligent use of the most popular home appliance.


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