12 Best Telescopic Hedge Trimmer Reviews – Updated 2022

The cutting of hedges, twigs, and other elements of the garden requires quality tools that make the cleaning process easier. However, trimming a hedge while standing on a ladder is very risky and impractical. Thanks to the telescopic hedge trimmers, now you can forget about the stairs and other factors even when cutting high-rise hedges.

The best telescopic hedge trimmer saves you from going up and down with a ladder when cutting any remote hedge. Even the rarest hedge can be trimmed standing on the ground. Here we have listed the best pole hedge trimmer to make your selection process easy and hassle-free.

Sun Joe SJH902E Electric Telescoping Hedge Trimmer

This telescopic hedge trimmer is ideal for those who want to keep their home looking impeccable. It has a battery with a good duration, it is made of resistant materials, and its bar can be adjusted to give you a better range.

Main Features

Ergonomic head

The hedge trimmer head is responsible for cutting the branches and bushes. Therefore, it must be a high-quality standard so you can do the job faster. In this case, this model has an impact protector that will keep the blades safe when you bring them close to the ground to cut difficult places.

Another advantage of this head is that it is tiltable. This feature allows you to have a better cut and do the job in comfort. You will not need to adjust to the branches' position since the head will adapt perfectly and very easily so that you can make a neat cut without effort. The blade's length is exactly 42 cm, and a space of 16 mm separates each tooth.

Smooth running and light-duty battery

These devices are battery-operated, which is why buying a hedge trimmer with a good battery is paramount. This model has an 18V lithium battery that can be used for 1 hour and 30 minutes maximum to work in your garden as long as necessary.

The hedge trimmer will tell you when it is time to recharge, and with only 3 hours of charging, you can use this product again. It comes with its included charger, and, in addition to that, the battery is compatible with other brand products.

This device's weight is 3.5 kilograms, so you will not have to make too much effort when using it. If you are using it for a long time, then be sure to put your arms in a good position to avoid getting tired.

Powerful reach with easy grip

Usually, it is necessary to climb a ladder to reach the highest places and cut the hedges. However, the great quality of this telescopic hedge trimmer is that the bar has an adjustable height that can be adjusted up to 3 meters high.

That way, you can do all the work from below and without any problem. If you want to collect the bar, you can go through the same process until you have a more reasonable height.

The bottom of this product has a colored grip so you can hold the entire hedge trimmer firmly and in total comfort. This piece will help you distribute the weight better and have better control to do a more effective job. Because the handle is ergonomic, it can be adapted to your hand correctly.

Main advantage:

The battery is one of the most praised aspects of this product since its duration is adequate so that you can take care of the hedges without having to take breaks.

Main disadvantage:

Certain buyers have reported that the appliance's power is not the best, which means that the branches are not cut quickly. This can adversely affect the hedge trimmer blade.

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

If you are looking for the best pole hedge trimmer at a reasonable price, the BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer model is an interesting proposal. This telescopic hedge trimmer mounts a 750-watt electric motor, with which you can cut branches of all kinds, even large ones.

A product with an extension that reaches 280 centimeters, so it is easy to go further as far as height is concerned. It is also easy to adjust the position to what you need, thanks to the angle control system included in the hedge trimmer.

It also includes an additional handle on the main body to make it easier to use. An interesting model, which also has an adjusted price, could well be the best telescopic hedge trimmer for value for money.

Although there are many tools on the market to maintain our gardens, this BLACK+DECKER product is recommended by several customers as the best pole hedge trimmer of the moment for being one of the cheapest on the list and for the characteristics that we describe in the following section.


Strength: Its 750-watt electric motor is suitable for cutting thick branches of various sizes.

Extension: This hedge trimmer offers the possibility of adjusting the handle in different lengths up to 280 cm.

Accuracy: The single blade makes precise and efficient cuts to complete gardening tasks in no time.


Weight: Weighing 5.1kg, it can be awkward when loading and making cuts on top of hedges.

Greenworks 20-Inch 40V Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

Among the best electric telescopic hedge trimmer, the Greenworks 20-Inch 40V Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer model is an interesting product, especially for those who want to perform maintenance tasks efficiently.

For them, this model has a cutting system with a sword 60 centimeters long, which you can configure in six different positions, to cut easily and effectively.

 The diamond-polished blade system and an opposing twist system enhance this cutting ability.

Its 2.4 meters adjustable head and a fiberglass pole adjust the model's weight downward.

The characteristics of the Greenworks 20-Inch 40V Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer model make it a suitable option if you do not know what telescopic hedge trimmer to buy; due to its characteristics, we find the powerful 500-watt motor. Below we list their pros and cons.


Blades: The sword measures 60 cm, and the transverse blades have been diamond polished and laser cut to offer high cutting precision.

Adjustment: Its cutting head can be tilted for more comfort when working in 6 positions, and its handle reaches up to 2.4 meters.

Material: The pole is fiberglass to make it lighter, reducing fatigue when cutting hedges.


Power: Some customers point out that it does not have adequate power for large gardens.

Power: This telescopic hedge trimmer only works when connected to an outlet, so you will not have the same autonomy as using one that works with batteries.

BLACK+DECKER Dual-Action Blade Hedge Trimmer

Although it is not among the cheap telescopic hedge trimmers, the design and quality of the BLACK+DECKER Dual-Action Blade Hedge Trimmer model make us include it among the best electric telescopic hedge trimmer.

It has a power of 550 watts, which moves an adjustable blade 51 centimeters long, with the brand's usual operating system. A sword system allows a good quality cut.

That helps the chain's quality, which generates a continuous and efficient cut, suitable for simply eliminating all kinds of debris. Something that allows the adjustable head of five positions to adjust it to what your hedges may need.

Black and Decker have stood out in the market for various household tools, so some clients consider it the best brand of telescopic hedge trimmers. Therefore, we have included in this list your BLACK+DECKERDual-Action Blade Hedge Trimmer model to describe its pros and cons due to its positive evaluations.


Positions: The head of this model can rotate up to 180 degrees, giving five different positions to the blade to achieve better cuts and reach the most difficult places.

Support: The ergonomic handle of the hedge trimmer allows you to grip it more comfortable while doing the task.

Clean Cuts: With a diamond-polished double-edged blade, this model allows you to get optimal cuts, in addition to lessening equipment vibration.


Price: It is one of the most expensive products on the list, but whose price is offset by the quality that the brand supports.

Weight: This model weighs 5.5 kilograms so it can cause fatigue after trimming hedges, especially if you have large gardens.

Greenworks 20-Inch 24V Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

The Greenworks 20-Inch 24V Cordless Pole Telescopic Hedge Trimmer is another exciting model, suitable for all types of users. It has an 18-volt battery-powered electric motor that powers and moves a 45-centimeter cutting blade.

These blades can take four articulating positions, incorporating a diamond sharpening that makes everything much easier. The model has a level of extension of up to 2.3 meters, although it can be stored easily once folded.

A product complete with a sheath and shoulder strap makes it easier to carry when cutting what you need with pleasant wearing comfort.

Suppose you continue looking for alternatives to telescopic hedge trimmers. In that case, you can review this Greenworks model's characteristics, which, despite being the most expensive in this comparison, incorporates a series of accessories that make it a recommended option to invest. Below, we summarize its positive and negative aspects.


Stowed: Its extension rods are removable, while the rest of the hedge trimmer is foldable, making it easy to store.

Motor: The product has an 18-volt electric motor, allowing more power when cutting branches of all sizes.

Accessories: It also includes a sheath blade and a shoulder strap for easy use and comfort when cutting your hedges.


It does not include battery: When reviewing its specifications, we found that the equipment does not incorporate the battery or the charger, as it is part of the One + System-Sold.

Weight: The product weighs almost 6 kg, so after the first use, you will surely be tired. But doing it frequently will make it easier for you to carry your weight.

GARCARE Multi-Angle Corded Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

The Gardena 8881-20 electric telescopic hedge trimmer is a multipurpose model with which you can cut hedges at heights that can easily reach three meters.

To cut, the product incorporates a sword 42 centimeters long, with different locations or positions, which allow cutting on the side of the plane, depending on what you need.

A model that could well pass for being the best telescopic hedge trimmer of the moment for details such as its autonomy can reach 75 minutes of use thanks to its battery efficiency, which also incorporates a charge indicator to see how much you have left.

The product is also comfortable to use; its weight is 3.2 kilos in service, with a sound clamping system that makes it easier to move as it suits you when pruning.

With a cutting radius of up to three meters, this product is considered by many customers to be the best telescopic pole hedge trimmer for 100 euros thanks to its 42-centimeter-long blade and, also, it has an optimized geometry to achieve a better cut. Below we describe their pros and cons.


Length: The telescopic handle, in addition to being ergonomic, allows you to reach up to three meters in height, added to its center of gravity with adequate distribution for optimum performance.

Autonomy: The lithium battery offers you up to 90 minutes of continuous work, after a full charge of approximately three hours.

Design: Tilting blade and ergonomic handle allow for a better cut and a firm hold.

Versatility: By placing the blade in different positions, you can cut the top of the hedges and its base without using stairs or bending over much.


Power: Some users consider that power is not enough for thick branches.

Earthwise CVPH43018 Pole Hedge Trimmer

If you are looking for an agile and light product to reach the top, this product is an excellent option. Specifically, this hedge trimmer allows up to four meters of working height, with a variable adjustment system for up to 2.4 meters of cutting height.

It is accompanied by a 6-position design that allows a turning angle of up to 135º to cut in the most complex areas. For this, we have a cutting capacity of up to 18 millimeters based on a 500-watt motor and easy maintenance.

The whole set has an overall weight of 4 kilos, with a double handle system that facilitates comfort and ergonomics during the product's use.

Sun Joe GTS4002C Cordless Hedge Trimmer

If you are looking for something more powerful but less influential, the Sun Joe GTS4002C Cordless Lawn Care System-Hedge Trimmer may be suitable. The maximum height is reduced to about 2.8 meters with an extendable system up to an additional 1.5 meters.

In contrast, power is increased to 750 watts, which moves a double-cutting blade designed with laser technology that offers an excellent ability to cut hedges, shrubs, or bushes quickly.

In this case, the weight increases to 5.1 kilos, offering a 50-centimeter cutting blade, although the angulation system and the included double handle allow us to work in total comfort.

Greenworks Cordless Pole Saw with Hedge Trimmer

For those who need high-rise options, the Greenworks 8 Inch 40V Cordless Pole Saw with Hedge Trimmer is the most suitable option.

In this case, we are talking about a product that, once fully extended, can reach 4.5 meters of cutting height, with a blade that cuts branches up to 22 millimeters thanks to a system crowned with a blade 51 centimeters long.

These blades have been laser cut and feature diamond polishing, ensuring the best cutting quality for a long time.

Due to its integral fiber construction, the product has a lightweight of about 4 kilos, with an adjustable format in height and angle to better reach the cutting area you have to carry out.

All this is moved by a 500-watt motor that helps to obtain optimal cutting results with little effort.

Rank#10 - Sunseeker MFT26I-HEDGE-A Hedge Trimmer

With this Sunseeker MFT26I-HEDGE-A telescopic hedge trimmer, you can reach heights of up to 4 meters, being quite practical working with domestic and public gardens. It has a height adjustment system, and you can choose from a range of 2 meters to the 4 meters mentioned.

You should know that, as commented by one of the buyers, the strap so that you can support the weight of the hedge trimmer with your body is located far below the equipment, which complicates balancing it. This model is powerful, easy to handle, and offers you customizable settings so you can adapt its performance to the type of job or cleaning you are doing.

Rank#11 -  Sun Joe Electric Telescoping Hedge Trimmer

The highlight of this Sun Joe SJH901E 18-Inch Electric Telescoping Pole Hedge Trimmer is that it works with an engine capable of offering 750W of power, being one of the most practical models of professional use. 

Its blade can tilt at different angles and also lengthen the reach length. However, you should not ignore that it is the heaviest model on this list, with its 5.1 kilograms. This makes it challenging to use for long hours and will drain you more quickly.

If you want to invest in a great capacity tool and very useful for all kinds of jobs and cleaning of gardens, this hedge trimmer could be the right one for you.

Rank#12 - Earthwise CVP41810 Pole Hedge Trimmer

Sunseeker MFT26I-HEDGE-A Hedge Trimmer

With this option, it will be easy to work with different branches, trees, and vines and give them the shape you want. Its head allows you to adjust the cutting angle in six different positions allowing it to reach up to 135 ° concerning the tool.

For some users, the main disadvantage of the Earthwise CVP41810 7 10" Handheld Saw-4.5 Amp 17" Pole Hedge Trimmer is its weight of 4.1 kilograms.

They comment that, when using it at its maximum length, it feels much heavier. It has an ergonomic design, and its blade is of good quality, which is why you can easily cut all those branches that affect your plants' harmony.

How to choose the best telescopic hedge trimmer?

The hedge must be Light and powerful, as it happens with the models that we have extracted from our comparison of the best telescopic hedge trimmers. In addition to analyzing these models, here is some suggestion on what to consider when making your purchase to make the most out of your investment.

The cutting capacity is the first thing to consider when buying a telescopic hedge trimmer. The cutting capacity is based on the total height that the product can reach. And you must take it into account so that it adapts to the size of the tree cement that you have to cut. It's a good idea to have a trimmer with a long cutting edge.

Another important issue is the cutting system. We must evaluate the power of the hedge trimmer motor along with the length of the bar and the type of chain. If any of these elements do not have the necessary qualifications, the hedge trimmer does not respond as it should.

Lastly, you must consider the comfort of using. As the manual tool is stretched out, the hedge trimmer must be very light to ensure maximum comfort.

What is the best telescopic hedge trimmer?

When looking for the best telescopic hedge trimmer, assess its capacity and select the one that suits you best. You have to choose between the traditional gasoline hedge trimmer and the electric model. A complex decision in which our guide of the best telescopic hedge trimmers comes into play.

Telescopic hedge trimmers are the most suitable tools for cutting small plant debris. With their efficiency, products allow cutting hedges to keep them well-formed and healthy without the need for much effort.

Above all, if you follow the advice on buying the best telescopic hedge trimmer, you will end up having the right one.

Buying Guide For The Best Pole Hedge Trimmer

Product feeding

When it comes to choosing a telescopic hedge trimmer, the first aspect to consider is how we power the product. In this case, we will be talking about both the type of fuel and how it is fed. We look at any comparison of telescopic hedge trimmers to find out models that work with both gasoline and electricity.

In gasoline models, we have the advantage of not looking for a plug or depending on batteries for its operation, which makes them suitable for jobs in remote places.

As a drawback, it is necessary to charge the gasoline product and withstand the odors and heat that they usually generate. Anyway, these models are for intensive use, so it is all a matter of assessing what you may need.

One can overcome these drawbacks with an electric-powered model. An alternative in which we have two main types. One of them is represented by plugged-in models, which maintain autonomy, but require a nearby plug.

The other, the battery-powered models, can work up to 75 minutes in a row without cables. Choose one based on your specific needs as the difference between the two is trivial.

Operating and cutting power

Since not all hedges are the same, it is recommended to look at the operating power and the cutting capacity to find the best model. Again, the wide variety of existing models allows us to choose the most suitable one, so you will not complicate this point.

If you need a simple model to cut materials that are not too thick, you can start from the 500 watts as these products are intended for light uses. But if you need a little more power, it is possible to upgrade products with energies of 700 or 800 watts, depending on your preferences.

Regarding the cutting capacity, we talk about how thick these materials can be. It depends on the design of the cutting blades. The wider the space between them, the bigger they are, and the sharper they are; thus, the easier to cut thick elements.

In any case, you won't have to worry about measuring chains since almost all products include this information in their technical specifications.

Comfort of use

To complete our tips, we cannot forget about the comfort of using the product. Something that depends on different aspects such as the cutting height, the weight, or the same clamping system. Let's see then how each of these aspects influences your workforce.

Let's start with the cutting height; This depends on the measurements of the product's telescopic rods. These can reach heights of about 2 to 3 meters approximately, added to the operator's height when running higher. It is essential to adjust the size upwards, although without going over, since more height translates into more weight for the product.

Weight is another important aspect of comfort since the more the hedge trimmer weighs, the more difficult it will be to move. This weight varies from approximately 3 to 5 kilos, depending on the different models and heights.

In any case, if the weight is higher, you should verify that the product design makes its movement easier and without complications. It is very important in practically all models.

How to use a telescopic hedge trimmer

Keeping the home garden well-kept and in perfect conditions will require time and dedication, in addition to the use of different tools designed for this action. For example, a telescopic hedge trimmer can remove any leftover hedges and shrubs available in your garden to beautify the garden.

Therefore, we invite you to read our article below, where we will advise you on how to use your hedge trimmer once you have purchased it so that it becomes much more accessible, more comfortable, and more straightforward.

Unpack the hedge trimmer

Unpack the hedge trimmer carefully to avoid incidents since it includes a sharp cutting sword to carry out its intended work.

In this sense, when opening the box, you will have to remove it by holding the grip handle and place it in a comfortable and easily accessible place. Children should be kept away from this tool for safety.

Employs the use of safety accessories

Before starting cutting the hedges in the garden, you should consider using specific security accessories to make this task a comfortable and maximum security moment for you.

Use protective glasses that prevent residue from entering your eyes.

The use of gloves will help you better hold the machine depending on the design they have. Of course, using ear protection is essential as this type of tool makes a somewhat annoying noise.

Use the hedge trimmer properly

You must hold it firmly by its grip handle, considering that you will always have to do it with both hands. Also, at the ignition time, you will have to maintain complete control to avoid incidents. Maintain a stable position with both feet firmly positioned on the ground.

To prune the hedges, the most appropriate way would be to do it from the bottom up and in movements in the form of an arc, thus advancing slowly and efficiently to achieve a good cut.

Experts suggest to make sure that there is no wire or mechanical part available in the place where you are going to prune since this could lead to unwanted consequences. At the same time, you use the hedge trimmer and make contact with each other. They also recommend to use some spray or oil designed to keep the blades greased and, therefore, provide you with a good cut.

Recharge the hedge trimmer battery

After a long time of use, you should surely recharge the hedge trimmer battery only electronically. To do this, you have to use the charger available in the package.

In this way, it will only be necessary to connect it to the power outlet that you consider appropriate for recharging the hedge trimmer. Still, as we previously mentioned, we recommend keeping it away from the sight of the smallest of the house if this is your case.

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