13 Best Quiet Washing Machine Reviews 2022

A washing machine is meant to make our life easier. But a washing machine that makes loud noises can be very bothersome, especially for someone who lives in a small apartment with children.

A noisy washer prevents you from doing the laundry in the early morning or late evening. So, you need to find the best quiet washing machine. To help you out we present you with the best quiet washing machine reviews guide. Let's get started. 

In our washing machine comparison, we present 11 products from reputed brands in more detail. In our guide, we then explain what you should pay attention to when buying a quiet washing machine and how you can clean it. We report on the washing machine test by house parents.

Top 5 Best Quietest Washer 2021








best quiet washing machine

64 dB

 20 x 19 x 34 inches

800 RPM

best quiet top loader washing machine

74 dB

‎21.6 x 22.2 x 37 inches

800 RPM

best top load washer without agitator

62 dB

20.7 x 20.3 x 36.6 inches

700 RPM

quietest washing machine

70 dB

21 x 22 x 36 inches

800 RPM

best quiet front loader washing machine

64 dB

18.11 x 18.5 x 32.95 inches

700 RPM

best quiet washing machine

A tiny yet elegant model, the Panda PAN6320W is a fantastic option for those living in limited areas. You can simply transfer the Panda PAN6320W Washing Machine from one location to another thanks to two built-in wheels and casters. Despite its tiny size, the washer can handle a large quantity of washing, up to 34 cubic feet. With this capacity, you can get your clothes washed quickly.

The Panda PAN6320W Washing Machine is capable of washing up to ten pounds of cloth in a single cycle. This quantity of fabric is really very remarkable given the model's small stature. The LED display of the Panda PAN6320W Washer makes it simpler to operate the machine. You may also check your laundry's current mode and status.

The Panda PAN6320W Washing Machine comes with ten different washing programs to meet your specific needs. You may program the washer to operate in regular, standard, fast wash, heavy-duty, soak and wash, wash and rinse, rinse and spin, or all dry modes. The stainless steel drum of the Panda PAN6320W washing machine is both sturdy and stylish.

The portable washer Panda PAN6320W has a capacity of 800 RPM, greater than in its category and size than conventional versions. The portable Panda PAN6320W washer is 20 x 19 x 34 inches in size. This model's size makes it ideal for individuals who live in tiny areas such as dormitories, condos, flats, or RVs.

Key Features:

  • Electronic controls with LED display
  • Quick connect adapter kit
  • 2 built-in rollers/casters
  • Highly portable
  • Large size capacity
  • A very quiet machine, maximum noise 74 dB

best quiet top loader washing machine

The BLACK+DECKER BPWM20W washing machine is a white front loader. It has a high capacity of 10 kilograms. This HE top  loading washing machine's energy efficiency class is A +++. The model consumes 220 kilowatt-hours per year. The water consumption is 11,040 liters.

What volume should a washing machine have? The capacity, sometimes called the nominal capacity, indicates how much laundry you can put in the drum of the machine.

It is advisable not to choose a washing machine that is too large or too small. If the machine is too large, you waste energy and water washing your laundry, or you have to wait longer before you can wash your laundry.

If the machine is too small, you have to run a program more often to clean your laundry. You can find further information on the capacity of washing machines in our guide.

The BLACK+DECKER BPWM20W washing machine is equipped with 6 programs:

A plus is that the detergent drawers and the door sleeves are made of an antibacterially coated material. Other advantages of the device are the AquaProtect hose, the child lock, and the end time delay.

If you want to use the end time delay, fill the washing machine first. You then determine the period of time after which your desired washing program should end. The washing machine starts the washing program automatically so that it is ready at the desired time.


With a capacity of 2 cu.ft, the BLACK+DECKER BPWM20W washing machine has a large drum. Therefore, it is ideal for larger households in which five people or more live. The features of the device include, for example, the antibacterial coated drawers and door sleeves and the AquaProtect hose.

quiet washing machine reviews

You'll discover the six most often used programs, including fast, regular, delicate, bulky, and heavy, as well as spin alone. To start washing fast, you may select one of these applications. To add additional rinse time, you have the "Extra Rinse" button. You have the freedom to select the water level (large, medium, small) and temperature (hot, warm, cold) choosing choices.

The dimension of the washer is 20.7 x 20. x 36.6H inches and weight 70.5 lb. , making it easy to move around and store. It has wheels on the bottom and handles on the sides for easy movement inside your home. It fits comfortably in a bathroom, RV, or dorm room.

This washing machine has a maximum spin rate of 700rpm, which is sufficient to dry your clothing fairly. The noise level is 62 dB, which is usual for this size washer. Annual energy usage is 63-kilowatt hours.

The child Lock option allows you to lock the whole control panel to prevent your children from getting it.

quietest washing machine

The RCA RPW210 WASHER washing machine is a front loader in white. Its energy efficiency class is A +++. It consumes 137 kilowatt-hours per year. Its annual water consumption is 9,900 liters.

The programs available include the Super 15, Outdoor and Drum programs. The Super 15 program is quick. If you set this washing program, the appliance cleans your laundry within 15 minutes.

The outdoor program is ideal for cleaning outdoor clothing. Use the drum program to clean the washing machine drum and the detergent solution container.

The information regarding energy and water consumption is usually based on 220 standard washing cycles. How high the water and power consumption of a washing machine depends on how often you use the washing machine and which programs and temperatures you set.

Other programs of the RCA washing machine include cotton, easy-care, easy-care plus, quilts, hygiene, quick / mix, shirts/business, wool, fine / silk, pumping out, and rinsing/spinning.

Also, the device is equipped with a prewash program and an additional rinse cycle. The prewash program is suitable for items of clothing that are particularly soiled. You can use the extra rinse function if your tap water is extremely soft or your skin is very sensitive.

Other special features of the RCA washing machine include:

  1. Anti-stain system: The system determines different stain types and adjusts the soaking time, washing temperature, and drum movement to the respective stain.
  2. Refill function: Once you have set the program and the machine has started your work. You can use the refill function to interrupt the washing process and put on a piece of clothing.
  3. EcoPerfect: If you want to save energy, select the EcoPerfect function. Thanks to it, the device reduces the washing temperature.
  4. SpeedPerfect: Thanks to the SpeedPerfect function, the device washes your laundry faster, but with higher power consumption.
  5. Anti-crease: If you select the anti-crease function, the garments will be less wrinkled after the wash, according to the manufacturer. However, the residual moisture in the laundry will be higher at the same time.

Conveniently, you have the option to adjust the number of spins. The maximum spin speed is 1,600 revolutions per minute. Furthermore, the model from RCA has an AquaStop function, a remaining run indicator. An unbalance control, a child lock, a foam detection function, and automatic quantity control.

Many washing machines have an AquaStop function. It prevents flooding and thus protects against water damage.


The RCA washing machine is among the best quiet washing machine with an AquaStop function. This best quiet portable washing machine offers various washing programs and several additional functions such as anti-crease and the SpeedPerfect function. You can set the spin speed as required.

best quiet front loader washing machine

The WANAI Full-Automatic Washing Machine is a front loader. It is kept in white and has the energy efficiency class A +++. The device consumes 174-kilowatt hours and 10,840 liters of water annually.

The volume of the model is a maximum of 51 decibels when washing, while it has a maximum noise level of 81 decibels when spinning.

The model is provided with the following programs:

  1. Cotton
  2. Easy care
  3. Extra delicates
  4. Down
  5. Bed linen
  6. Eco cotton
  7. Multi Colored-wash
  8. Mixed laundry
  9. Dark laundry
  10. White
  11. Anti-stain 45
  12. Anti-stain 100
  13. Wool
  14. Short 30
  15. Spin and pump down
  16. Do the washing up

Other functions of the device include the refill function, child lock, and the prewash function. Thanks to the add-on function, you can put a forgotten item of clothing into the drum after starting the program.

With the child lock, you can almost completely lock the control panel. Use the prewash if you want to clean particularly heavily soiled laundry. Also, the WANAI model has an EcoTech automatic quantity system and a start time preselection.


The WANAI front loader was classified in the energy efficiency class A +++. It is characterized, among other things, by the two anti-stain programs, the childproof lock, and the refill function.

Best Quiet Washing Machine

The KUPPET Portable Washing Machine is a front loader in white. It uses 157-kilowatt hours and 9,020 liters of water per year. The maximum number of spins is 1,390 revolutions per minute. The spin efficiency class is B.

The device has a maximum volume of 75 decibels and a maximum volume of 54 decibels when washing. This best front loaing washing machine has a capacity of 7 kilograms.

The device is equipped with the following programs, among others:

  • Easy Care Plus
  • Fine silk
  • Shirts/business
  • Wool/hand wash
  • Hygiene
  • Fast mix
  • Outdoor
  • Quilts
  • Intensive + fast
  • Lingerie

The device's useful functions are the child lock, the extra rinse function, the end time delay, and the refill function. It is also practical that a signal sounds at the end of a program. Other features of the device include automatic quantity control and unbalance control.


The KUPPET Portable Washing Machine has 7 kilograms and is therefore very suitable for households in which two to four people live. The device's special features include the outdoor program, the lingerie program, and the refill function.

best quiet portable washing machine

The ROVSUN Portable Washing Machine is a white front loader whose drum can hold up to 7 kg of laundry. Advantageously, the device has the energy efficiency class A +++.

Nevertheless, the annual energy consumption and the annual water consumption are somewhat higher than in the previously presented model. The ROVSUN washing machine consumes 157-kilowatt hours and 10,840 liters of water annually.

What should I pay attention to before buying? It makes sense to look at the energy label before buying a washing machine. This gives you several relevant information about the respective device.

The energy label of a washing machine informs you about the energy efficiency class, about the annual electricity and water consumption, about the spin efficiency class, about the maximum volume and the maximum volume that the machine has when washing and spinning—more on this in our guide.

The ROVSUN device is equipped with 14 programs. This includes the basic programs cotton, colored laundry, easy-care, mixed laundry, and short 30 as well as the maintenance programs down, wool, dark laundry, and extra dedicates. The device also offers the special programs bed linen, white, Eco-cotton, anti-stain 45, and anti-stain 100.

If you set the anti-stain 100 program, the washing machine removes over a hundred stains, according to the manufacturer, at a washing temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

In the anti-stain 45 programs, the device can remove thirty different stains within 45 minutes at a washing temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. The additional functions of the ROVSUN washing machine include rinsing, spinning and pumping, prewash, and extra rinsing.

Other features of the device are:

  1. EcoTech automatic quantity control: The machine has sensors that control the water level. You determine water consumption.
  2. Childproof lock: Activate the key lock if necessary. It ensures that the set washing program is not changed accidentally.
  3. Delayed start time: Thanks to the delayed start time, you can specify the period after which the machine should start cleaning your laundry.

You can adjust the spin speed for this. The maximum spin speed is 1,400 revolutions per minute. If necessary, it is possible to set a program without a final spin. The spin effect class of the Bauknecht washing machine is B. Furthermore, the device has a maximum volume of 51 decibels when washing and a maximum volume of 81 decibels when spinning.


With 7 kilograms, the ROVSUN washing machine is ideal for smaller families and shared apartments. It has 14 programs, including two anti-stain programs, and many additional functions.

best quiet washing machine reviews

Just like the other models from our washing machine comparison, the COSTWAY Washing Machine is a front loader. However, this model is designed in silver. It has the programs Cotton, Easy Care, Delicates, Wool / Silk, Steam, Anti-Allergy, 20 min. - 3 kg, outdoor, down, and jeans.

You can supplement the programs with various features. This also includes the functions of prewash, stains, and extra rinse.

You also have the option of selecting the time-saving and eco options. If you want to save energy, set the Eco option. If you want to save time, use the time-saving option.

Further features of the COSTWAY Washing Machine include:

  1. Automatic quantity control: With the automatic quantity control, the machine recognizes how much laundry is in the drum. Accordingly, it adjusts the water and energy consumption and the duration of the washing process.
  2. ProSteam function: The ProSteam function is an anti-crease function. Thanks to it, fewer wrinkles form.
  3. Refill function: Thanks to the refill function, you can put a forgotten laundry item into the drum even after the program has started.

The COSTWAY washing machine, which is considered as one of the best quite front loading washing machine, uses 10,999 liters of water per year. The energy consumption is 137-kilowatt hours. The capacity is 8 kilograms. Furthermore, the model was classified in spin efficiency class B.

The device reaches a maximum of 1,400 revolutions per minute. The machine offers a maximum noise level of 51 decibels when washing and a maximum volume of 75 decibels when spinning.


The silver front loader from COSTWAY scores with very low energy consumption. Thanks to the Eco option, you have the option of further reducing electricity consumption. The device is ideal for households with a maximum of four people.

best quiet compact washing machine

The Westland Sales ARWXF129WNA washing machine is a white front loader that has the energy efficiency class A +++. It consumes 146-kilowatt hours and 9,146 liters of water a year. The capacity is 6 kilograms. The maximum volume is 57 decibels for washing and 72 decibels for spinning.

The model is equipped with an LED display and with numerous programs. You can choose between Cotton, Mix / Easy Care, Hand Wash, Wool, Quick 17, Ultra White, Ultra Black, Bio, Leise Plus, Sport, Spin, Rinse, and Softener.

You also have the option of individually setting and saving two laundry programs. You can supplement the various programs with the extra's hygiene, water plus, and prewash.

Also, the Westland Sales ARWXF129WNA washing machine has four modes:

  1. You can clean the laundry in normal mode.
  2. You have the option of setting the quick mode. This shortens the washing time.
  3. If you have more time and would like to save water and energy, it is best to select the ECO  mode.
  4. Another mode is the anti-allergy mode. The machine cleans with more water and an additional rinse cycle.

The features of the Westland Sales ARWXF129WNA washing machine model include the remaining time display, the start time preselection, and the automatic quantity control.

Furthermore, the device has a lot of security systems. These include, for example, child safety, unbalance control, overheating protection, overflow protection, and the foam sensor.


The front loader from Westland is very suitable for couples. When using the best quiet washing machine, you can choose between different programs and four modes. You can also save two individual programs.

best quiet washer

The Danby DWM030WDB Washing Machine is a white front loader that has a capacity of 9 kilograms. The device's standard programs include cotton, delicate, silk, wool, easy-care, Express 20, outdoor, impregnation, shirts, and dark / jeans.

The machine also offers several other programs such as pillows, duvets, sportswear, and new textiles.

If necessary, select an additional function in addition to the washing program. The options are pre-ironing, extra quiet, and short. The pre-ironing function can reduce wrinkles. If you select the Extra quiet function, the device works more quietly. With the Short function, the machine washes the textiles faster.

It is advantageous if the washing machine is provided with a short program. You can optimally use such a program to clean lightly soiled laundry items quickly.

Other features of the Danby DWM030WDB Washing Machine are:

  • Automatic quantity control: The automatic quantity control adjusts the water and electricity consumption to the respective load.
  • Delay start: Thanks to the delay, you can specify when the machine should start the washing program.
  • EcoFeedback: Before the program starts, the model gives a forecast of the water and electricity consumption. During operation, the machine shows how much water and electricity it uses.
  • TwinDos: Thanks to the TwinDos function, the machine can automatically dose the detergent.
  • WLAN module: The washing machine from Danby has an integrated WLAN module. You can integrate the device into your WiFi network. You can then control the machine using your smartphone, thanks to the Danby app.

The model's energy efficiency class is A +++. Electricity consumption is 196 kilowatt-hours per year, and water consumption is 11,000 liters per year.

When washing, the machine is no more than 46 decibels, while when spinning, it has a maximum volume of 72 decibels. The spin efficiency class of the device is A.


If you are looking for the best quiet washing machine, the Danby washing machine can be the right choice. It has a WLAN module and can be operated using the Danby app. It is one of the quieter models from our washing machine comparison and offers numerous programs, extras, and features.

No. You do not necessarily have to use Danby detergent. Alternatively, you have the option of using a different detergent.

best quiet samsang washing machine

The SAMSUNG WF42H5000AW Energy Star Washer is one of the most energy-saving models from our washing machine comparison. It is a white front loader and consumes 116 kilowatt-hours annually.

The annual water consumption is 8,100 liters. You can load the washing machine with a maximum of 8 kg of laundry. The maximum volume is 53 decibels for washing and 74 decibels for spinning.

There are top-loaders and front loaders on the market. Front-loaders are loaded through a round door located on the front of the machine. Compared to the top loaders, the front loaders score with the larger capacity. You can find out more about the differences between top loaders and front loaders in our guide.

The SAMSUNG device can be operated using a program selector switch and various buttons. Use the program selector to set the desired program.

The machine is equipped with the program's cotton, e-cotton, easy-care, delicate laundry, mixed laundry, outdoor, wool, dark laundry, XXL laundry, energy-saving, intensive, drum cleaning, rinsing + spinning, and pumping + spinning.

If you have selected a program, you can change the temperature, the spin speed, and rinses if necessary. The positive thing is that you can set up to five rinse cycles. You can also select the Prewash, Intensive, and Stain intensive functions. The SAMSUNG washing machine also offers two short programs. The short programs last 15 or 30 minutes.

The SAMSUNG model also has the following features:

  • Delay start: If necessary, you determine when the washing machine should have cleaned your laundry in the desired program.
  • AddWash: If you forget to put a garment in the washing machine and the program has already started, you can add the forgotten laundry item at any time thanks to the AddWash function. It doesn't matter how high the water level is or which station the program runs through.


The SAMSUNG washing machine holds a maximum of 8 kilograms and uses little water and electricity. It impresses with the AddWash function, thanks to which you can add a forgotten laundry item at any time and selecting up to five wash cycles.

best quiet lg washing machine

The LG wt7200cw washing machine is a front loader in white design. His drum holds up to 9 kg of laundry. The device consumes 152-kilowatt hours and 9,000 liters of water per year.

When spinning, it makes a maximum of 1,400 revolutions per minute. The energy efficiency class of the LG Electronics machine is A +++ and the spin efficiency class A.

The model is provided with 14 programs. This includes:

  • Night program: According to the manufacturer, the machine works in the night program with an extremely low volume. Also, it vibrates slightly.
  • Speed 14: If you want to clean lightly soiled items of clothing as quickly as possible, select the Speed 14 quick program.
  • Duvets: The duvet program is very well-suited for washing blankets, pillows, duvet covers, and other large laundry items.
  • Dark laundry: If you want to clean dark garments that discolor easily, set the dark laundry program.
  • Sports Wear: Ideally, you should choose this program if you want to wash sportswear made from modern microfibers.

Other programs of the device are Cotton +, Cotton and Coloreds, Easy Care, Mix, Baby Clothing, Hygiene, Stains, Gentle / Wool, and Download / New. In addition, the LG washing machine has several additional options, such as the functions anti-crease, rinse +, and childproof.

Thanks to the anti-crease function, the laundry should have fewer wrinkles after the wash cycle. If you select the Rinse + option, the machine will perform an additional rinse cycle.

 The childproof lock ensures that no one unintentionally adjusts the set program during operation.

Most washing machines are equipped with many programs. The program decides how much water and energy the washing machine uses, how gently it washes the textiles, how clean the clothes are, and whether the clothes fade.

Other features of the LG Electronics washing machine include Aqua-Lock full water protection and a digital touch display with a delayed start and a remaining time display.

Other special features are load detection and the tag-on function. The machine uses the load detection to determine the amount of laundry it contains. Then she adjusts the duration and the amount of water to the amount of laundry.

Thanks to the tag-on function, it is possible, for example, to download a washing program. It is also practical that the appliance emits a signal tone as soon as it has finished the wash cycle.


The best quiet front loading washing machine from LG Electronics is very suitable for large families with one or more children. It has many programs ready and even enables new programs to be downloaded. For this purpose, it has full water protection, a delayed start, and a load detection. Electricity and water consumption are quite low.

best noiseless washing machine

The Frigidaire FFLE3900UW Washing Machine, like most of the other models from our washing machine comparison, is a white front loader. It has a capacity of 7 kilograms. Its annual electricity consumption is 122-kilowatt hours, and its annual water consumption is 8,800 liters.

This best quiet washing machine model is equipped with the following programs:

  • Cotton
  • Eco cotton
  • Easy care
  • Fine silk
  • Wool
  • Fast mix
  • Easy Care Plus
  • Hygiene
  • Outdoor
  • Shirts
  • Lingerie
  • Quilts
  • Super 60
  • Super 15/30

The Frigidaire FFLE3900UW Washing Machine functions include the functions anti-crease, extra rinse, speed, and Eco.

You can also adjust the temperature and spin speed. The maximum spin speed of the device is 1,400 revolutions per minute. Other features of the model are the end time pres-election, the child lock, the refill function, and the quantity control.


The SIEMENS washing machine has different short programs and several special programs such as lingerie and outdoor. The Eco and Speed functions are also practical, which can save you energy and time.

Front loader or top loader - which washing machine is right for me?

Washing machines are available in many designs. They also differ in terms of their design. The front loaders are particularly well known. There are the top loaders that you open and fill from above as an alternative to the devices. We explain more about the two variants below.

The quiet front loader washing machine

The front loaders are very popular. You can fill such a device from the front. The front loaders are equipped with a round door for this. The door usually has a viewing window, thanks to which you can watch how the appliance cleans the laundry.

Some of the front loaders are built-in washing machines. You can hide a built-in washing machine behind a door. It, therefore, blends in better with the overall picture of a room. However, most front loaders are free-standing washing machines. They can often be built under so that you can slide them under a worktop if necessary.

You can use the top side of a front loader to store items such as care products. You can even place a dryer on many models. Another advantage of the front loader is a large capacity. Many front loaders have a large drum to wash a lot of laundry in a single cycle in such a device.

The disadvantage is that you have to crouch to load the washing machine or to remove the laundry from the drum.

As a result, the front loaders are not ideal for the elderly and those who suffer from back problems. Also, front loaders are usually larger than top loaders. Therefore, the devices are not suitable for all apartments. Also, keep in mind that you must not block the area in front of the device. Otherwise, you can no longer load and unload the machine.

• Large volume

• Additional storage space

• The washing process can be observed

• Can often be built-under

• Partly usable as a built-in washing machine

• Usually lower purchase price

• Larger footprint required

• Not ideal for people with back problems or the elderly

• Usually not ideal for small apartments

The quiet top loader washing machine

Use a top loader and load and unload the device via a flap located on the top of the machine. As a result, it is unnecessary to bend down to fill in or take out the laundry. Because of this, a top loader is easier on the back.

It is also positive that most top-loaders are narrower and more compact than front loaders. Therefore, a smaller footprint is often required to set up such a washing machine. Accordingly, a top loading washing machine is very suitable for smaller apartments.

Since you fill and operate a top loader from above, you have no option of using the top as a storage space for a dryer or as a storage surface. Also, you cannot install a top loader in a cabinet or slide it under a worktop.

Another disadvantage is the smaller capacity. Various top loaders have a smaller drum. That is why they are particularly suitable for smaller households. Furthermore, top loaders are often associated with a higher purchase price. Also, there are not many different top loaders available on the market, so the selection is smaller.

• No need to bend down to fill the machine

• Smaller footprint necessary

• More suitable for people with back problems and seniors

• Lower volume

• Cannot be built under or built-in

• Usually higher acquisition costs

• Without window

• Less choice

How to choose the best quiet washing machine 

If you want to buy a washing machine, you will find a large selection. But which washing machine is recommended and the best? To discover the best washing machine, don't just take a closer look at the design of the appliances.

Other important purchase criteria for quiet washing machine

The capacity: Most washing machines have a capacity between 3 and 12 kilograms. The capacity of a washing machine that is optimally suited depends primarily on the size of your household. If you are looking for a washing machine for one person, a washing machine with a capacity of 3 to 5 kilograms is usually sufficient. 

If you need a washing machine for a couple's household, a model with a drum that can hold 5 to 7 kilograms of laundry is a good choice. Shared apartments and smaller families best choose a model with a capacity of 7 to 8 kilograms. The purchase of a larger washing machine with at least 9 kilograms is particularly worthwhile for households with five or more.

Energy consumption: If you want an economical washing machine, ideally choose a model with energy efficiency class A +++. The energy efficiency class A +++ is the best grade. In addition to the energy efficiency class, it is advisable to look at the annual energy consumption.

It tells you how many kilowatt-hours the device consumes in 220 washes. The actual power consumption depends on how often you use the washing machine and which programs you set. Note that a larger washing machine generally uses more electricity than a smaller model.

Water consumption: The manufacturers state how much water the washing machine uses per year. They usually calculate water consumption for 220 washes. It is positive if the device has the lowest possible water consumption. 

On the one hand, this is environmentally friendly. On the other hand, the follow-up costs are lower for a model with lower water and electricity consumption.

The volume: Pay attention to the maximum volume that arises during washing. Ideally, it is a maximum of 50 decibels. Also, check the volume of the washing machine when spinning. In the best case, the volume is a maximum of 70 decibels. Especially if you want to place the device in your kitchen, the best quiet washing machine is an advantage. When you place the device in your basement, it is usually unnecessary to select a particularly quiet model.

The number of slingshots: The number of slingshots is also referred to as a spin cycle. You usually have the option of adjusting the number of slingshots according to your needs. The number of spins you need depends on laundry you wash and how you subsequently dry the textiles. If you set a high spin speed, the laundry will crumple more.

In return, less residual moisture remains in the laundry during the wash cycle with high spin speeds. If you want to wash delicate clothes, it is advisable to set a lower spin speed. If you want to dry the laundry in the dryer after the wash cycle, you can often choose a higher spin speed.

This saves electricity when drying. In addition to the number of centrifuges, which the manufacturers specify in revolutions per minute, it makes sense to inform yourself about the spin efficiency class. In a model with spin efficiency class A, the laundry's residual moisture is less than 45 percent. The worst spin efficiency class is G. In a model with class G, the laundry's residual moisture is at least 90 percent.

The dimensions: Before you buy the washing machine, measure the place where you will place the device. When purchasing the device, make sure that it is not too large for the intended installation location. Also, check whether the washing machine fits through your apartment doors.

The unbalance control: Most washing machines are equipped with unbalance control. It ensures that the weight is distributed as evenly as possible within the drum. At the same time, the unbalance control is a protection for the bearings.

The AquaStop function: It is important that the washing machine has an AquaStop function. Depending on the model, this function has a different name. In any case, the AquaStop function protects against flooding and thus against water damage.

The remaining run and program display: The remaining run display and the program display are practical functions. The remaining run display shows how long the appliance is likely to need for the washing process. The program display shows you which phases of the set program the device has not yet completed.

The acoustic signal: An acoustic signal indicates that the washing program has ended. It, therefore, informs you as soon as you can remove the laundry from the washing machine.

Automatic quantity control: A washing machine with automatic quantity control has sensors. You determine how dirty and how heavy the laundry is. Then adapt the washing program to the respective laundry.

The AquaSensor: An AquaSensor recognizes how dirty the wash liquor is. Depending on the degree of turbidity, the sensor determines how long the wash cycles last and how many wash cycles the device performs.

Load detection: In a device with load detection, a sensor determines how heavy the laundry is. The device then shows the weight on display. This can prevent you from filling the washing machine too heavily.

The start time and end time preselection: Some models are equipped with a start time and / or end time preselection. With the start time delay, you can set when the machine should start washing the laundry. With the end time preselection, you can specify the time at which the machine should have washed the laundry. For example, you can set the appliance to finish the washing program as soon as you get home from work.

Overview of 9 important washing programs

Most washing machines are equipped with various washing programs that are suitable for different textiles. Below we present nine washing programs that many washing machines are equipped with:

1. Cotton and colored clothes program: The cotton and colored clothes program is part of the standard programs. If you set this program, you can often select a temperature between 30 and 90 or 95 degrees Celsius. Ideally, you should use the program if you want to clean laundry items with a lot of germs attached to them or have a higher degree of soiling.

2. Easy-care program: If you set an easy-care program, the machine will wash the laundry with a higher water level and lower spin speeds. It is important that you load less laundry into the machine when using the easy-care program. This prevents the clothes from rubbing against each other too much. The program is ideal if you want to wash blouses of mixed fibers or garments made of polyamide.

3. Short program: Other names for the short program are, for example, express program and quick program. In such a program, the appliance cleans the laundry more quickly. It is particularly suitable for items of clothing that are not particularly soiled. As a rule, with this program, it is necessary to fill the machine with less laundry.

4. Cold wash program: You can use the cold wash program to clean your laundry at 20 degrees Celsius. The machine, therefore, uses less electricity in this program. The program is particularly intended for refreshing laundry items.

5. Pre-wash program: If your laundry is heavily soiled, it makes sense to clean it with the pre-wash program. For example, you can select the prewash program if you want to wash dirty work clothes or yellowed curtains.

6. Eco program: In the Eco program, the machine soaks the laundry for a long time. For this reason, such a program takes longer. To do this, the device in the Eco program uses less water and less electricity.

7. Delicates program: This program is gentle. Here, the device washes the textiles with lower spin speeds and a high water level. You should not fill the machine in the delicates program. You can use the program if you want to clean extremely delicate or delicate items. For example, the program for washing blouses, shirts and clothes is very suitable.

8. Silk program: If you want to wash clothes made of silk, it is best to set the silk program. You can also make optimal use of the program to clean viscose or linen clothing.

9. Wool program: In the wool program, the device cleans the laundry with a high water level and a low spin speed. It is ideal for textiles that are made of wool and are very sensitive.

Washer and dryer or washer dryer - which is more useful?

With a washer-dryer is a washing machine that has an integrated dryer. Compared to a washing machine with a separate tumble dryer, a washer-dryer is quite space-saving. After all, you only need space for one device when using such a model. Another advantage of the washer-dryer compared to two separate devices is the usually lower purchase price. It is not necessary to refill the laundry after washing.

The disadvantage is that many washer dryers use more energy and more water. Also, in such a device, you can usually dry less laundry than wash in one pass. So if you fully load the washing machine and clean the laundry, you cannot then dry the laundry in one go.

A clothes dryer is not the same as a washer dryer. With the help of a tumble dryer, you cannot wash the laundry. You can only dry it. A washer-dryer combines a washing machine and a tumble dryer. So he can clean the laundry and then dry it.

Ideally, use a washer dryer if you live in a small apartment and don't have a lot of space. It is also sensible to purchase a washer-dryer if you only want to machine-dry your laundry from time to time and otherwise like to let it dry on a clothesline or clothes horse.

If you want to dry your laundry regularly in a tumble dryer or if you need to clean a lot of laundries regularly and have enough space for two devices, it is worth investing in a washing machine and a separate dryer.

Clean and descale the best quiet washer machine - how it works

It is important that you clean your washing machine regularly and remove the deposits, the lime, and the biofilm. This will increase the life of your washing machine. At the same time, the dirt can create an unpleasant smell in your washing machine. You can fix or avoid this by thorough and regular cleaning.

Below we show how you can clean a washing machine:

• Clean the outside of the device and the door seal from time to time. Use a cloth or rag for this.

• Remove the dirt from the detergent drawer every 2nd to 3rd month.

• Clean the fluff filter regularly. Often you can easily remove it and remove fluff or the like.

• Set a program with a temperature of 60, 90, or 95 degrees Celsius once every four weeks or more.

• Descale your washing machine once or twice a year.

• Do not use soda, vinegar, or vinegar essence for descaling. These products can damage the rubber seals.

• If you want to descale the washing machine, it is best to use citric acid. To do this, combine about 2 liters of water with about 100 grams of citric acid. Then pour the mixture into the detergent dispenser compartment and set a hot wash program.

• Alternatively, use a washing machine descaler. When using such a product, ideally follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Five relevant questions & answers about washing machines

Which washing machine is suitable for a caravan?

If you are looking for a washing machine for motorhomes, you can easily use a mini washing machine. A mini washing machine is more compact, lighter, and cheaper than the larger models. Therefore, such a washing machine is ideal for on the go. Mini washing machines usually have a small capacity. It is often between 2 and 5 kilograms.

Also, such machines are not fully automated. Instead, you have to fill the water into the device manually. In advance, it is necessary to heat the water to a suitable temperature. The washing process does not usually take long.

After the washing program, you have to wring out some of the laundries. Because not every mini washing machine is equipped with a spin chamber. You also have to drain the water after the wash program manually.

Usually, a mini washing machine is not a substitute for a large washing machine. Instead, such a device is particularly suitable for camping trips and campers. You cannot clean larger amounts of laundry with such a device. A mini washing machine is also not ideal for cleaning, particularly dirty laundry.

When did the first washing machine come on the market?

The first washing machines were created as early as the 18th century. The first drum washing machine was invented by Hamilton Smith in 1858. From 1951, fully automatic electric washing machines were offered within Germany. In America, these devices were available a few years earlier. Here they appeared in 1946.

How much is a washing machine cost?

Washing machines are available in different price ranges. Particularly cheap washing machines sometimes only cost around 40 to 60 dollars. Such models are mini washing machines.

The classic washing machines are often available for around 400 dollars to 1,000 dollars. The price of commercial washing machines is often at least 1,000 dollars. Sometimes commercial washing machines even cost over 10,000 dollars.

Commercial washing machines usually have a powerful motor and usually offer large capacity. Among other things, they are very suitable for hospitals, retirement homes, laundromats, holiday resorts, and hotels.

Ultimately, whether a washing machine is cheap or expensive depends on various factors. These include, for example, electricity and water consumption. Usually, a washing machine with lower energy and water consumption is more expensive to buy.

However, the investment in such a device can be worthwhile in the long term due to the lower follow-up costs. Other aspects that influence the purchase costs of a washing machine are, for example, the capacity and the features.

Where are washing machines available?

Washing machines are available at various online shops such as Amazon and eBay. Alternatively, you can purchase a washing machine in a local shop. You can get washing machines from electronics stores, hardware stores, and some furniture and furniture stores.

Connect a washing machine - how does it work?

If you want to connect a washing machine, attach the drain hose and the inlet hose. It is important that you firmly attach the two hoses. Also, make sure that the hoses are not kinked or pinched. Now insert the plug into the socket and run an empty wash cycle.

Read the operating instructions of the washing machine carefully before connecting the device. You can usually find out exactly how to install the machine here.

Is there a washing machine?

Now and then, the Housecarekits take a closer look at some washing machines. The foundation's experts tested a total of 15 front loaders and washer dryers in October 2019. So far, the consumer organization experts have examined 74 front loaders, five washer dryers, and five top loaders. Currently, 47 of the models reviewed are still available.

The Housecarekits checked the best quiet washing machine about five aspects. She evaluated the function, handling, and environmental properties of the models. Also, the experts carried out a long-term test and tested the devices about protection against water damage. You can find out more about the washing machine test of the Housecarekits here.

In addition to the Housecarekits, the Austrian test magazine Konsument also carried out a washing machine test. This test dates from 2018. Consumers checked 14 models. These include washing machines from BOSCH, SIEMENS, Miele, and AEG. Here you will find the washing machine test of the Austrian test magazine.

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