14 Best Professional Brush Cutter Reviews Updated 2022

The maintenance of a house with a garden requires the possession of powerful tools such as the professional brush cutter. This device is generally presented with a two or four-stroke internal combustion engine.

Finding the right brush cutter is a daunting task. To make your selection process a lot easier, we present you the best professional brush cutter reviews along with a short buying guide. Bear with us to the end, hope you will find the desired one.

Best Professional Brush Cutter

The Remington RM2700 Ranchero 27cc Gas Powered Brushcutter has satisfied those looking for a practical object with a good quality/price ratio.

Having a divisible rod dramatically expands the applications with which you can manage a green area and hedges.

Compatibility with the Trimmer Plus system changes the cut's structure and setting to adapt without difficulty in the attachment of a pruning saw or a subsoiler.

In those who have had the opportunity to try it, the feeling of a robust and effective object is strong, useful both for green professionals and those who love to take care of their garden.

On the comfort front, the double handle significantly improves the cut's quality, supported not only by a wire but also by a blade, to face the most resistant shrubs and by a shoulder strap with which to move freely.

Professional Brush Cutter reviews

The Husqvarna 336FR 966604702 Bike Handle Professional Brush cutter offers here an object with a minimal line for the management of plants and shrubs, but which at the same time manages to bring together experts and Sunday hobbyists with a 4-stroke engine that performs well and does not show sagging.

The 25 cc engine allows rpm management, with the consequence of optimization and customization of the cut, ideal for those users who appreciate power and cutting capacity on all occasions.

The aluminium construction allows keeping the weight within reduced values compared with plants of a certain height, even pruning for long sessions without suffering excessive efforts. That is why we include it on our list of the best professional brush cutter. 

best heavy duty Brush Cutter reviews

The PROYAMA 42.7cc 2 in 1 Extreme Duty 2-Cycle Gas Dual Line Trimmer and Brush Cutter is a 5-in-1 multi-function model that allows you to tackle all the small jobs necessary for the care of your garden without problems. It is considered among the best professional brush cutter for blackberries.

It is powered by a 51.7 cc two-stroke internal combustion engine, powered by a 40 to 1 petrol-oil mixture, which develops a maximum power equivalent to 1,500 Watts.

The PROYAMA 42.7cc 2 in 1 Extreme Duty 2-Cycle Gas Dual Line Trimmer and Brush Cutter is equipped with numerous accessories.

The most important are the brush cutter, the hedge trimmer, a hook, and a pruner; the kit also includes work equipment: gloves, helmet, earmuffs, and double shoulder straps with quick-release system.

Buyers were delighted with this multi-function brush cutter, which has the advantage of having an engine based on the excellent Mitsubishi TL52; its weight gives the only limitation, but they believe it is expected since it is a 42.7 cc displacement.

Best Professional Brush trimmer

Our professional brush cutter reviews guide remain incomplete if we don't talk about the Troy-Bilt TB42 BC brush cutter.

Easy to use a hobby brush cutter

The Troy-Bilt TB42 BC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Brush-cutter belongs to a line of specific power tools for gardening produced by the German company Bosch. It belongs to the Hobby series, which is intended precisely for domestic and hobby use.

Apart from the classic green colour of the body, which serves to distinguish it from the power tools of the Professional series, which are instead blue, this Troy-Bilt TB42 BC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Brush cutter immediately stands out for its thin but stable and robust structure at the same time.

Despite being an electric model, it is not as light as it seems; its 5.7 kilograms of weight testify that the materials used in its construction are resistant and of good quality.

However, thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap, which is fixed at an intermediate distance between the two handles, the machine's weight are correctly balanced during work, making the brush cutter very handy and easy to use even for those who are not familiar with this type of appliances.

Double cutting system

The Troy-Bilt TB42 BC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Brushcutter is powered by a 950 Watt electric motor, powered by the typical household network via a short length of cable integrated into the body, which is connected to an extension cable.

The start button is located on the handle itself, to simplify use further; the cutting head, on the other hand, is equipped with a protective screen on the back and is compatible with both the 3.5 mm diameter wire reel and the three-edged blade.

The performance varies according to the type of tool mounted on the head as the diameter of the three-edged metal blade reaches only 23 centimetres. In comparison, the coil with the wire has a cutting diameter that reaches 37 centimetres.

Ideal for small gardens

In addition to the brush cutter and its components, the package includes both the three-edged blade and three spools of the line; the only flaw is that the latter tend to wear out very quickly and costs much more non-original replacement wire.

Fortunately, however, the head is also compatible with non-genuine Bosch cutting lines, as long as they have a diameter between 3.5 and 4 millimetres maximum.

The Troy-Bilt TB42 BC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Brushcutter can provide all of its characteristics is recommended above all in smaller gardens; on larger surfaces, it is better to use it in a limited way, only along the edges and in areas inaccessible to the lawnmower.

Main advantage

The main advantage of theTroy-Bilt TB42 BC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Brushcutter is that it is reliable and robust but above all, functional and easy to use even for those unfamiliar with this type of equipment. It is most excellent as a support for the lawnmower and in small gardens.

Main disadvantage

The motor tends to overheat when used for a long time. Moreover, the wire wears out quite quickly, and the original Bosch replacement one is much more expensive than the average.

The Bosch brush cutter is a gardening power tool of the hobby category; its performance is optimized for non-intensive use on small surfaces.

Best Professional grass trimmer

A model that could be very attractive for its versatility. Bosh has equipped this HUYOSEN 51.7cc Grass String Trimmers Gas Straight Shaft Brush Cutter with two other handy gardening tools: the pruner and the hedge trimmer. 

Thanks to these additional tools, you will be able to take care of your green space in a complete way and carry out finishing work, ideal if, in addition to maintenance, you want to approach the world of gardening.

The tools are easily interchangeable, so you can switch between jobs without wasting too much time. Many users were satisfied with the 1000 W motor that allows you to use the electric brush cutter for several hours.

Furthermore, the model turns out to be light and balanced, so you can use it without too much effort and avoid any muscle pain. For us, this is the best electric brush cutter of 2020.

Professional grass trimmer reviews

The CHIKURA Multi Powerful 52cc Gasoline Brush Cutter is also powered by a 52 cc engine powered by a mixture of petrol and oil in the usual proportions of 40 to 1. Unlike the DG520, it develops a greater power: 3 HP, equivalent to approximately 2,200 Watts.

It is equipped with a chainsaw, a clipper adjustable to the desired angle, and a hedge trimmer equipped with a double 2.4 mm cutting line and a three-blade shredder; accessories include a 105 cm rod extension, to reach a maximum extension of 3.20 meters, personal protective equipment: goggles, ear muffs, and gloves, the bottle for the preparation of the mixture, a kit of assembly tools and instructions in Italian.

Buyers recognize it as good value for money but, in any case, consider it a model of average quality, a little awkward to handle and with higher than average consumption.

heavy duty brush trimmer reviews

The Trueshopping company produces the Blue Max 52623 Extreme Duty 2-Cycle Dual Line Trimmer and Brush Cutter, the best professional brush cutter with extreme power. 

It is driven by a 52 cc engine that develops a power of 3.5 HP, equivalent to approximately 2,600 Watts; also, in this case, the machine is powered by a petrol-oil mixture, but the required proportions are 25 to 1.

Like the other multifunction brush cutters we examined in our guide, the Blue Max 52623 Extreme Duty 2-Cycle Dual Line Trimmer and Brush Cutter is also well equipped. 

Still, unlike the other models, it has a decidedly higher range of adjustments for the blades, which allows it to have greater versatility in dealing with various cutting conditions.

According to the buyers, it is a powerful tool with excellent performance, even from the structural point of view it is stable and well made; the only exceptions are the coupling system of the various tools, which is quite laborious, and the weight, which makes it a bit tiring to use at height.

best professional brush trimmer

The Husqvarna 129R 17" Cutting Path Gas Brush cutter starts in an instant, pull the cord. It not only works with the line but also with the disc, which, unlike other brush cutters, is included in the package.

For home use

The brush cutter manufactured by the Swedish company is fine for home use. It is appreciated for its low weight, which is around 5 kilos.

It has an internal combustion engine whose displacement is 27 cubic centimetres: the tank for the mixture is not very large with its 0.4 litres, but it is still a quantity in line with the brush cutter's size and sufficient to complete work in a small garden.

As for the cutting system, it works both with the wire and with the 4-blade disc. This disk is included in the package. Once in motion, the brush cutter works efficiently and precisely, saving time.

Immediate start-up

Starting is effortless: you pull the classic cord, and thanks to the Smart Start winding system, the engine starts at the first stroke.

The rope opposes a meagre resistance, to make starting even more comfortable. To turn off the trimmer, press the stop button, which automatically returns to the ignition position.

The cutting unit is adequately protected and guarantees the indispensable safety excellently, whether the line is installed or you have opted for the four-blade disc.

The "J" handle proves to be very versatile because it favours more types of grips to be comfortable for anyone, right or left-handed.

Good materials

Husqvarna did not stumble on materials, choosing to focus on quality to give the customer a trustworthy and reliable brush cutter. There is indeed a lot of plastic, but in our opinion, they are still resistant and assembled with great care.

The engine is well protected, and the tool has the right balance. The J-handle we talked about earlier is comfortable and ensures a firm grip. The brush cutter is easily maneuverable and does not tire excessively.

When in motion, the appliance generates enough noise (114 decibels) while, as regards polluting emissions, they are contained. In conclusion, we can consider this article a satisfactory product with a price in line with its quality. All these features that mentioned above make it the best professional brush cutter.

Main advantage

In addition to the classic line, the disc can also be mounted on the brushcutter, which is included in the package.

Main disadvantage

The tank is not very large: it can hold a maximum of 0.4 litres of the mixture, so you may have to stop working to fill it.

brush cutter for professional use

Our guide of the best professional brush cutter reviews is about to end. I love to reserve the best for the last. The Matika 4-Stroke Brush Cutter is a compact and lightweight brush cutter, equipped with a 2-stroke engine with a displacement of 40 cm³. A 2% mixture powers the machine. 

The tank has a capacity of 0.87 litres. The starting is by the pull, and the brush cutter starts at the first stroke. Vibrations are contained thanks to work carried out by the self-lubricating bushings placed on the transmission and the excellent insulation between the motor and the handle.

The engine and the connecting rod are made of steel: this material gives long life and good long-term performance. As for the cutting tools, in the package, there is a semi-automatic head of the "beat and go" type and a tap n 'go head with a diameter of 130 mm.

But let's explain for a moment what the beat and go consists of. If the wire breaks, speed up and tap the end to get the new wire out. Also included in the package is a coil of wire with a 3 mm diameter and a shoulder strap that helps to support the brush cutter.

Best Professional Brush Cutter reviews

It is a best brush cutter for the small garden at home, it is not suitable for professionals, but those who want to take care of the flower beds will be pleasantly surprised.

The Ryobi RY254BC 25cc 2-Cycle Full Crank Gas Brush Cutter has a 2-stroke engine with a power of 36 cm³ and boasts a lightness that allows you to work continuously for a few hours, without getting tired. The handle has good ergonomics and is covered with soft grip material: features that all benefit comfort.

Again from the ease of use, the controls are easily accessible: just one hand is enough. The anti-vibration system works effectively.

The air filter is made of paper, with considerable filtering capacity. Furthermore, due to its characteristics, it does not require much maintenance and boasts a long life.

best brush cutter

TrimmerPlus produce this TrimmerPlus BC720 Brush cutter has a 2-stroke engine of the Euro 2 type. Consequently, it meets the standards of polluting emissions.

However, we must warn that in the meantime, the bar of these standards has been raised, but this does not entail any problems in owning a brush cutter of the kind that is in order. The engine has a displacement of 36.3 cm³ while the tank has a capacity of 0.6 litres.

The brush cutter body is relatively light: its net weight is close to 7 kilos, and it boasts good maneuverability. The handle is comfortable, designed in such a way as to guarantee a firm and secure grip. Perhaps the brush cutter is a bit noisy, given the 106 decibels of sound emission.

Best Professional grass cutter

This COOCHEER 42.7CC 2-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer and Brush Cutter are equipped with a particular technology that guarantees more excellent manoeuvrability of the tool. 

Thanks to the E-Drive high-torque gear transmission system, you can cut grass effectively and cleanly, even reaching the most difficult to reach places or corners.

This model's manoeuvrability will also allow you to get less tired when you have to perform the most demanding pruning jobs.

The position of the electric motor and the double adjustable handle will give you even more comfort. The motor is positioned in the machine's centre to create a right balance and increase control over the tool.

The adjustable handle allows you to have a good grip on the brushcutter on any occasion, so you will not tire your hands and arms too much, and you can use it even for hours without making great efforts.

professional brush cutter

Appreciated by users on its excellent value for money, this PowerSmart PS4531 Gas String Strimmer Brush Cutter could be ideal if you are looking for the right product at a low cost.

Equipped with a powerful 1000 W electric motor, this tool will allow you to keep your hedges and overgrown bushes in order.

This is a single-handle model, but Alpine has included a handy shoulder strap in the box to make your work easier.

A good advantage of this model is the join-able transmission that allows you to divide it in half and carry it with you in a practical way, moreover, after using it. You can also store it without taking up too much space.

Not being equipped with an anti-vibration system, you may find it more tiring to use than other higher priced models, so we recommend that you opt for this brush cutter if you don't have to do too demanding gardening work.

best heavy duty Brush Cutter

The 52 cc engine's power says a lot about the quality put in place by Iglobalbuy to create and offer the user one of the best professional brush cutter on the market. 

The single handle that characterizes it allows you to move between tight spaces without too much difficulty for the user, to manage the work in every phase better.

The Japanese quality is then combined with the Italian experience, which has placed its signature on the internal transmission that characterizes it.

Taking advantage of the quick start, the vehicle turns on without difficulty, following, and supporting the user during all manoeuvres.

They are a product also suitable for professionals. The final cost is, on average higher than the rest of the other brush cutters.

However, the constructive goodness and the power expressed have left many users satisfied to work the green areas of the garden at their best.

How to choose the best professional brush cutters?

Do you want to have some suggestions to help you choose an indispensable tool in garden care? Below we provide you with an abundance of them, both general and more specific, with the reviews of the three models that most convinced us.

Among the main aspects to consider, the one relating to the comfort and design of the brush cutter deserves the right time and consideration. The handle must be positioned to help the user in the plants' processing and management, with realistic controls and an overall weight that does not affect the processing, even after several hours.

The type of operation on which the brush cutter is based is not complicated in itself, exploiting the rotation produced by a motor that turns a series of blades with more or less intense movements.

Focusing on a model that connects to the electricity grid allows continuity in work paid for, however, with a specific limitation in activities.

Freedom that knows no limits for those who focus on a motor model. Anyone who looks at this object must deal with more incredible noise and more careful and scrupulous maintenance—an interesting middle ground than can be constituted by battery models.

More than power, which in any case allows better management of the most resistant branches, what is essential is the versatility and effectiveness of the blades.

Having an object in which the construction quality facilitates and simplifies the green management allows you to optimize timing, working continuously, and without danger, both for the user and for those around.

The presence of more or less optional, such as extensions for the main armor blades designed to deal with a particular type of plant, closes the list of essential qualities that an object of this type must possess. And if we talk about professionals in the sector, then the question becomes even more delicate.

In choosing the right product for you, having a guide that points out strengths and weaknesses can improve and direct you to the tool that's right for you, with the low-cost option is a welcome possibility.

Below we have included three products that can help bring the user closer to the best professional brushcutter of 2020.

The best way to take care of your garden without having to spend a fortune to buy the various equipment required is to use an excellent multi-purpose brush cutter; This particular tool, in fact, in addition to fulfilling its primary function, is equipped with interchangeable ends that allow it to be used as a pruner, hedge trimmer, edge trimmer, and chainsaw to cut logs with a diameter not exceeding about 20 centimetres.

Let's start by saying that multi-function brush cutters are divided into two broad categories, those with electric power and those with petrol engines; the electric ones are only slightly lighter than the petrol models, but they tend to be more expensive, while the petrol ones, despite being heavier, cost a little less and offer slightly higher performance, especially as regards the operating autonomy.

The petrol-powered models are almost all similar as regards the accessory equipment, which is practically standard for this particular type of tool, regardless of the brand of production.

The substantial differences mainly concern two fundamental aspects: the displacement of the internal combustion engine, and therefore its power, and the quality level of the materials used for their manufacture.

The power, however, is not strictly correlated to the level of performance. Still, it affects a lot when the surfaces to be treated are very large, or if the functions of a chainsaw are used more frequently, for pruning and cutting logs; the more the garden is large and diversified, the more power will allow the brushcutter to work efficiently and in a reasonable time.

To choose an excellent multifunction brush cutter, it will be enough to pay particular attention above all to the quality level of the manufacturing materials, which are crucial for a good yield, both in terms of performance and solidity and durability.

A garden can be very rewarding, but it also requires some maintenance to make it presentable. A tool that can be very useful in these cases is the brush cutter, so we recommend that you consult our ranking to get a better idea of which one to buy.

The products have been evaluated as the best electric brush cutters of 2020 based on user satisfaction and the advantageous quality/price ratio.

Gardening is a hobby that can be relaxing or challenging. This varies depending on the tools used. You could use shears to prune overgrown bushes, but that would be a great use of time and energy.

A brushcutter could be an excellent ally to work without too much effort. The models presented in this ranking are electric; this means that they will have to be connected to a power outlet to work.

The electrically powered brush cutters are suitable for not very large green spaces where you don't necessarily have too much freedom of movement. Also, the electric brushcutter is usually very quiet and will save you from having to load it with a smelly mixture of fuel.

 In choosing the best electric brushcutter for your needs, we recommend that you evaluate the possibility of using it for other jobs.

There are models equipped with different accessories such as the pruner and the hedge trimmer that will also allow you to carry out finishing work to do precise and complete gardening.

We recommend that you opt for a brushcutter with a 1000 W motor in terms of power, which should be more than enough for your hobby or maintenance needs.

The convenience of using the brush cutter could be another significant factor, especially if you are not equipped with great physical strength and want to make gardening even more relaxing.

An excellent ergonomic handle will allow you to use the electric brushcutter without too much effort and adjust the tool's angle more quickly, so you will not suffer back pain or muscle pain while working.

We decided to focus on the Swedish brand because its long history is studded with successes in all the company's fields. The production is vast, and gardening machinery and tools represent only a part of the rich catalogue.

Having specified that we have selected a reliable brand for our readers, there are still some considerations to be made to determine the most suitable brushcutter for each person's needs.

We absolutely must start by thinking about the type of engine to understand which one knows the most suitable, specifying that it can be electric or petrol. For the electric motor, then, we must distinguish between the one that needs electricity to be powered and the one that runs on batteries.

There are advantages and disadvantages in both cases, but the size of the garden will suggest the type of engine. It is clear that if several hectares of land is to work on, it is essential to rely on a brushcutter with a combustion engine.

 Simultaneously, for a small garden, an electric tool can be subtle; indeed, the smaller it is, the more it is advisable to choose a powered model. A cordless lawn trimmer is powered by Battery so you don't even have to bother with the electric cable. S.

Always in the case of a small garden, it is not necessary to spend a considerable amount, you can focus on a low-cost model.

The important thing is to choose a brush cutter with adequate power for the amount of work, without underestimating aspects such as handling and the supply of accessories. After these necessary considerations, we can move on to presenting what we believe is the best Husqvarna brush cutter.

We can identify two types of brush cutters, which differ in the kind of power that can be electric or fuel. It must be determined which of the two types is the most suitable.

From our perspective, for a small garden, an electric motor brushcutter can be fine, but, in the case of extensive gardens and with a consequent more significant workload, it is advisable to choose the best Oleomac brushcutter with a petrol engine.

The brushcutter with an electric motor can be powered both by the electric cable and by the battery. The latter offers the advantage of greater mobility because the cable's length does not limit it, but models of this type, in general, are not very powerful. The electric motor has the advantage of being quieter and lighter than an internal combustion engine, which has greater power like an arrow in its bow.

Among the essential characteristics, in addition to power, there is the handling: the brushcutter must be as light as possible and well balanced to work without much trouble, even for a few hours.

From this point of view, the ergonomics of the handle should not be underestimated, and the presence of an efficient damping system, which aims to reduce vibrations. There is a wide choice on the market for prices, and therefore, it is not difficult to find brush cutters for sale at a low cost.

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