13 Best Portable Washing Machine For Apartment Reviews – Updated 2022

If you are looking for the best portable washing machine for apartment, you come to the right place.In this guide we talk about the features to evaluate before buying one so as to invest your money well. Load capacity, type of programs, spin speed, and energy consumption are some of the factors to be considered with particular attention.

 If you don't have time to read everything, we anticipate which are the two models at the top of our ranking: one is HAIER HW60-1211N which is appreciated for its very low price, combined with quality and excellent performance, such as the energy class A +++. The other is  SanGiorgio SES610D, always with a very interesting price, in class A ++, with a load capacity of 6 kg and centrifuge up to 1,000 rpm.

Rank#1 - Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine

best washing machine for home

A washing machine that is appreciated for the quality of the assembly and for the rich endowment of functionality and washing methods, characteristics to which it combines an economic sale price. If you do not need a load capacity of more than 5 kilograms, consider it in your purchase evaluations.

Simplicity and completeness

Giantex  has made ease of use one of the strengths of this washing machine. All the buttons and functions are intuitive and, even if you are not very familiar with this type of device, you will not have difficulty putting it into operation without even reading the instruction manual.

However, this simplicity does not compromise the completeness of the appliance, since it offers 15 washing programs. These are also added four options.

Noteworthy is the `` delayed start '' program, which allows you to set the washing machine switch-on time so that it activates at the time you prefer, so as to take advantage, for example, of the cheaper time slots in terms of energy consumption.

Speed and energy class

The attention to reduced consumption also passes (if not above all) to the energy class, which is identified by a letter: the lowest in the D, the highest the A +++.

The model made by Giantex is in energy class A +, therefore it ensures good savings in consumption, also by virtue of the presence of some more careful and environmentally friendly programs, to be used for example when the load of clothes to wash is not large.

The SES510D engine is capable of delivering a maximum power of 2,200W which translates into a spinning capacity of 1,000 rpm, more than enough to cope with even the most stubborn dirt.

Front loading

On the market it is possible to find washing machines with top loading or with front porthole. These latter models are the most popular ones and the SanGiorgio appliance is no exception, given that it has the front load.

The diameter of the porthole is 42 centimetres, a measure suitable for the introduction of the vast majority of clothing, sheets, and blankets. You may have some extra difficulties with heavier bedspreads or duvets, also due to the maximum capacity of the washing machine.

It is in fact a 5 kg model, an average size that makes it difficult to insert this type of blanket, to the point that we feel advised against advising you from carrying out this operation. Let's say that an appliance of this size is suitable to meet the needs of singles or small families. Having all these features this machine is considered one of the best portable washing machine for apartment.


The wide possibility of customization is guaranteed by the presence of 15 washing programs and by the regulation of temperature and spin speed. It also boasts anti-foam control and a residual time indicator.


The load capacity is limited to 17.6 lb , more than enough for a family of two but which may be insufficient for larger nuclei. It also affects the possibility of washing particularly voluminous comforters or blankets.

Rank#2 - Giantex Full-Automatic Washing Machine

Best Portable Washing Machine For Apartment

Having a programmable and configurable washing machine in different ways is certainly a plus. Which is why we include this one to our list of best portable washing machine for apartment. 

All the models proposed by Giantex are versatile and comfortable but this, in particular, is really affordable for everyone and easy to use thanks to the intuitive and complete control panel located on the front of the washing machine.

The capacity of the basket is sometimes insufficient to adequately meet the needs of an average family of four.


Giantex has focused on the ease of use of its washing machine, making it truly accessible even to inexperienced singles or elderly people accustomed to previous-generation models. In fact, lights and indications on the front panel of the washing machine are excellent facilitators for anyone.

The good choice to equip the machine with specific programs for water or energy saving. Among these, for example, there are the Special Programs (Mixed, Wool, Lingerie) indicated for very delicate fabrics, the 30 'Quick Program for a quick, economic and ecological washing of clothes that are not very dirty, the' 'Delayed Start' 'program which allows you to program the washing machine at a distance of several hours and operate in those where the electricity tariff is lower.


We can define this best portable washer for apartment of energy class A ++, "intelligent". Using it, one realizes that it avoids the excessive waste of water and electricity, as it is able to associate the load of the laundry with the dosage of the right amount of water and electricity necessary for operation.

Assembly and use are very simple. If we associate this with correct habits (low temperatures, less expensive time slots), the savings in the bill will be even more visible.

There are many main advantages available and they cover all the typical laundry needs (there is also a lingerie program).

The washing machine is also equipped with automatic safety functions that are able to recognize and promptly report any malfunctions.

Simple design

In search of the best portable washing machine for apartment, we note that this presents aesthetically very well. Its small size makes it adaptable to the most varied rooms in the house where it can be installed: from the veranda on the terrace, to the bathroom and also to the kitchen, for those who live in a studio apartment.

The rounded lines make it appear "slender" and the dark blue color of the writings of the various commands, contrast well with the white of the outer casing, making reading easy and comfortable. This is not a built-in appliance, so it is relatively easy to move it from one room to another.


Among the many advantages offered by the Whirlpool washing machine, which the most important and characterizing is the "SuperEco Program", a series of functions designed to reduce energy consumption by optimizing the rotation of the basket according to the type of washing that is performed.


During the spin phase, the noise and vibrations produced by the washing machine are high enough not to allow night use if you live in an apartment building. The vibrations, in particular, depend on the load inserted in the washing machine and can cause the appliance to wobble and move it a few centimetres.

Rank#3 - Haier HLP21N washing machine

best portable washer for apartment

It shows excellent performance for a washing machine with a really low cost. Especially as regards the consumption class, where a flattering A +++ is earned, it is not possible to obtain better performance.

The Haier HLP21N washing machine, which is one of the best portable washing machine for apartment, allows you to process a maximum load of 6 kg of laundry and wash them with different programs, but above all to spin them up to 1,200 rpm.

The garments are thus completely wrung out and therefore easy to hang and find dry in a short time. If necessary, it is possible to set the washing machine to make a less powerful spin and therefore without ruining the most delicate items.

The range of adjustable temperatures is also good, ranging from 20 ° C to 90 ° C, therefore perfect for washing the most delicate fabrics so that they do not lose their color or to effectively sterilize the dirtiest ones.

There is also a specific program for washing woolen garments, which is therefore more delicate and able not to deflate the finest fabrics.

Rank#4 - Panda Compact Portable Washer

best portable washing machine

Panda is a well-known and reliable brand among the best portable washer for apartment that often makes a good impression in US home. This particularly interesting washing machine is also tempting to those who compare prices and offers since it is able to combine good performance with a very attractive sales price.

It has a load capacity of 1.60cu.ft and is cataloged in the A ++ consumer class, not bad, especially if the family is not very numerous.

Also interesting are the functions you can count on during use, such as the residual time indicator that warns you how much is left at the end of the wash cycle.

It is possible to program the delayed start and manually choose the maximum number of laps according to the chosen wash.

The programs are intuitively electable on the basis of the type of fabric prevailing in the load, in this way it is easier to find the right treatment without risking to confuse which one is the most suitable for the most delicate or dirtiest items.

Rank#5 - Magic Chef White MCSTCW09W Washer

best portable washer

Among the best compact washing machine for home we also find this interesting Magic Chef which is appreciated for the good quality of the assembly of the parts and the good washing characteristics.

It has a maximum load capacity of 0.9 cu. ft. , therefore average compared to other washing machines in the same category. Different washing cycles can be programmed to be able to thoroughly wash the different garments according to your needs.

The centrifuge reaches a thousand revolutions per minute, here too it respects the performance found on average in this type of appliance. The energy class is not excellent, but with its A + it still wins the interest of users who prefer it for its effectiveness and discretion.

It is a slim model, therefore it means that it is slightly smaller than standard household appliances, given that the maximum width is 45 cm against the canonical 60. It is well suited to be used in small laundries or in holiday homes where space must be carefully optimized.

These products are among the most recommended ones, but at the moment they are not available

Rank#6 - KUPPET Mini Portable Washing Machine

best mini protable washing machine

This is one of the best mini portable washing machine because it has a width of 60 cm and, however, maintains a good load capacity of 6 kg. The energy efficiency class A +, especially in combination with the Eco Green program, ensures significant savings on consumption.


If you are interested in a top-loading washing machine it is because, obviously, you consider it more convenient and, above all, less bulky than traditional front-loading models. It is, in fact, an ingenious and advantageous solution for those with limited space available.

However, one of the problems with these models could be insufficient basket capacity for the needs of a couple or family. Washing machines with top loading of 3, 4, or 5 kg, if on the one hand, they are very compact, on the other hand, they force to wash a very limited quantity of clothes with just one cycle.

This KUPPET has a capacity of 6 kg, not bad considering the small size: a more than acceptable compromise between capacity and size.

Functions and programs

One of the most annoying moments of laundry is finding the system to dry all items effectively and quickly, especially in winter.

Important help can come from the washing machine itself and, in particular, from the centrifuge and the number of revolutions. From this point of view, the Ignis reaches up to 1000 laps and the advantage is that the laundry is already almost completely dry at the exit.

There are at least two other programs that are extremely useful for improving and simplifying washing; the first is the so-called anti-crease option which allows you to wash at any time; then when you decide to hang just press a button to activate the last spin. This will make the laundry less wrinkled and easier to iron.

The second program to remember is called "all days". The advantage it offers? Being able to mix cotton and synthetic fibers without problems.


The washing machine is an appliance that consumes water and energy and, especially if you use it very often or even every day, you should buy a model that will save you as much as possible.

From this point of view, the top-loading washing machine KUPPET offers two significant advantages. Firstly, it is in energy efficiency class A + that, on a scale ranging from A +++ to G, it is not bad at all.

Secondly, there is the Eco Green program which should allow further 20% savings, while ensuring a quality result.

To these advantages of the KUPPET washing machine, it is always wise to associate some simple precautions dictated by common sense: the use of the pre-wash only in strictly necessary cases, the use of the washing machine always at full load or by using the half load function, and the use in more advantageous time slots. The end result will be a decidedly less expensive bill.


There are several functions and programs that make washing easier and more effective, in particular, the anti-crease option that allows you to wash at any time, leave the laundry in the washing machine and, when you decide to hang, activate the last spin to have the laundry less wrinkled and easier to iron.


The efficacy class of the centrifuge is C.

Rank#7  - BLACK+DECKER BPWH84W Portable Washer

best mini protable washing machine for apartment

More compact and essential than common washer dryers, the machine proposed by Hoover still has all the advanced functions of a normal-sized model.

Excellent washing results

Buying one of the best mini portable washing machine for apartment does not mean giving up the quality of washing and drying and with this BLACK+DECKER model has kept the reputation of its brand high.

It has a wide choice of advanced washing programs, which meet the most varied needs: for example, it has the combined washing and drying program which lasts only an hour, when you urgently need certain items of clothing; the baby program guarantees perfect hygiene for fabrics in contact with your baby's delicate skin, while the easy ironing option and the one with dirt levels further personalize the wash.

The nice thing is that the excellent results do not correspond to a too noisy washing and drying cycle, in fact this product is certified for noise pollution lower than 60 db, when the commonly perceived nuisance threshold is 80 db.

Small footprint and pleasant design

This washer-dryer really occupies a paltry space with its 60 cm in width and only 40 cm in depth, becoming the best portable washer for apartment wherever there is a lack of space that does not allow you to install a larger model.

Obviously also the load capacity for washing and drying will be reduced, but less than what you might think, in fact with this appliance it is possible to wash up to 6 kg of laundry and dry up to 5 kg.

In proportion, this machine manages to wash two-thirds of the load allowed by the more spacious washing machines and to dry a very similar quantity.

The chrome porthole is very elegant and reminiscent of a vintage appliance from the 50s, but at the same time it is equipped with a cutting-edge touch display, in a certain sense it contains the best of both eras.

Competitive price

Appliances of this type, which combine washing and drying capacity, can come at high prices.

If you have a small budget but do not want to give up this convenient combination, you can consider purchasing this product.

The Hoover brand is a guarantee of quality and as regards washing results and a variety of programs it has nothing to envy to the most capacious models, so consider carefully if you really need a bigger and inevitably more expensive washer dryer.

For couples without children, or if you live in a house where everyone takes care of their laundry and therefore the load is reduced thanks to the separate washing shifts, the capacity of this appliance will meet your needs and save space and money.


The compactness of this washer dryer allows you to place it where the most bulky models would get in the way, for example in the case of a small bathroom.


As expected, the load capacity is less than a standard model, so consider the washing needs well before buying it.

Rank#8 - KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine

best mini protable washer for apartment

Compared to many other washer-dryers, the operation of the KUPPET model allows it to treat all types of linen in the right way, from common fabrics to more delicate ones, thanks to a system of preset programs and intelligent sensors, to which are added a considerable capacity, excellent energy efficiency for consumption control and the convenience of a large LCD display.

Certified delicacy

If most washing machines are now able to guarantee excellent protection for all types of fabric, dryers are an appliance that still leaves many users doubtful. This is not the case with the KUPPET model, which includes the functions of both machines and also extends the high degree of customization of the first to the second. 

The product is in fact equipped with numerous programs capable of calibrating the washing and drying settings, such as duration and temperature, to adapt to the clothing inserted inside it.

The prestigious Woolmark certification with which it was awarded is proof of the delicacy of its action with particular fabrics, such as wool or those for which hand washing and air drying are usually recommended.

Protection and filtering

The ability of a household appliance to do self-maintenance is a very important element when choosing the best portable washer for apartment. In this regard, the KUPPET washer-dryer is equipped with a filtering system capable of retaining the fluff released by clothes during washing, thus avoiding clogging problems.

Still, on the subject of intelligent control, the machine also has a sensor that warns you with a signal when the filters are full. The fact that you can empty, clean, and reinstall them allows you to save the cost of their frequent purchase, as other models require instead. This product can boast an operating guarantee of 10 years,

Energy efficiency and intelligent sensors

Having a washer and dryer in one machine already offers significant space and money savings compared to buying separately. The KUPPET model allows you to further reduce the costs incurred even in the long term.

Its high-efficiency system allows you to reduce the amount of electricity used for drying by up to 40%: an advantage for the environment and for your wallet. The intelligent sensors located inside the device also help reduce consumption by calibrating the use of water and other resources based on the weight of the load.


This product can boast the prestigious Woolmark certification which confirms the effectiveness of its washing and drying programs in the treatment of delicate items, such as those in wool.


Some users have complained of excessive noise, especially during the drying process, which limits the use of the appliance only to the daytime period.

Rank#9 - Bosch WAT28401UC Portable Washer

best portable washing machine for home

It is one of the best portable washer for apartment of the moment: it is able to independently evaluate the load quantity and calibrate the use of water and the duration of the washing cycle in perfect agreement. 

This allows you to limit the waste of current but also to speed up its operating cycles when the load is not complete and without the need to manually set a special program.

The load capacity of 8 kilos allows you to easily treat not only a large amount of laundry but also winter duvets to be washed with the change of season.


This washing machine by Bosch belongs to the 4 Series and only wins positive opinions from the buyers who have chosen it. This is mainly due to the wide variety of choices of programs available, including some very particular and not easily present in other models.

There are numerous centrifugal cycles that can be set manually, from a minimum of 400 rpm up to 1200 rpm which leave a residual humidity of 53%, reducing drying times even if the electrical consumption is higher.

Instead, the impact on the bill is reduced by specific cycles designed to optimize the cleaning performance in relation to the consumption of water or detergent.

Another aspect that differentiates it from other competing products is the possibility to choose not the delayed start, but the end of the cycle at a certain time: the software automatically calculates the times necessary to complete the washing only after being loaded. This is a perfect system to prevent wet clothes from being too long in the basket.

Containment of consumption

Two programs specifically designed to reduce consumption thanks to the system called VarioPerfect, which allows you to decide what to reduce to improve the washing machine's performance.

On the one hand, the TurboPerfect system allows rapid washing which achieves a maximum saving of 65% of the time; while the EcoPerfect system manages to contain energy consumption by 50% compared to the normal cycle.

A specific program for washing that does not leave traces of detergent and that acts in depth is the one called AllergyCare, with ECARF certificate as proof of its validity.

Loading system

The loading system is frontal and the drum has a total capacity of 8 kilos, the average for this price range usually settles on 7 kilos, in this way offering greater ease even for the washing of particularly bulky and demanding items such as the bedspreads or sofa covers which otherwise constitute an important cost if washed in the appropriate centers.

The basket is designed to reduce the friction between the fabrics as much as possible, limiting the deterioration resulting from excess rubbing.


Energy class A +++ and with this we could also conclude the description of this product which Bosch quality associates with the best performance in terms of limiting consumption, but we will spend more by describing its, not a few, other qualities.


Many functions, perhaps even too many, which make the use of the machine intuitive the first few times. Just take your hand and find out how to best adapt it according to your washing habits of dirty clothes.

Rank#10 - Casart Washing Machine Portable

best washer for apartment

Here is another interesting front-loading washing machine to be part of our review of the best in terms of cost/benefit ratio.

It is a Casart belonging to the energy class A +, therefore a little more expensive than the others but still very performing.

It has a maximum load capacity of 5 kilos and the centrifuge reaches 800 rpm. More suitable for second homes or, in general, for less intensive use, this washing machine offers significant advantages in terms of silent operation and special attention to reducing detergent consumption.

Rank#11:  Washing machine 7 kg BEKO

best washing machine for apartment

Only enthusiastic opinions for this Beko washing machine sold really at low cost but no less performing than other more expensive models.

This is demonstrated by the possibility of loading up to 7 kg of linen and belonging to the A +++ class, the lowest in terms of the impact of consumption on the bill during the year.

It is a free-standing device with standard sizes compatible with the compartment that is usually left for large appliances, both in the utility room and in the kitchen if space is limited in the home. Being compact size it is considered as one of the best portable washing machine for apartment. 

The centrifuge reaches a maximum speed of 1000 rpm and even the number of programs leaves nothing to be desired: there are fifteen in all, including washing with cold water at 20 °.

It is ultimately a good washing machine with interesting features and that lends itself to do its job well with daily frequency and not to be relegated only to occasional work in a second home or for small families.

Rank#12 - Samsung activewash White Top Load Steam Washer

best washer for home

This washing machine has a lot to offer, sold at a price just above the average for devices of the same capacity and performance, but the advantages offered in terms of resource management effectiveness are much greater than what is commonly found on the market.

The economic advantage is excellent thanks to the energy category A +++ and the cleaning system that perfectly dissolves the detergent, maximizing its yield and eliminating all residues.

Hi-Tech washing

It has a rather conventional shape, with a front opening and an average depth (50/60 cm), but what makes this Samsung washing machine unbeatable is the ability to optimize the consumption of resources to work at maximum performance at all temperatures.

It belongs to the energy class A +++, which translates into a consumption of 188 kW / h, also applies a special technology that releases micro bubbles of air inside the drum which help to completely dissolve the detergent, thus avoiding that they remain lumps of soap.

The result is an optimal wash, there is no waste since the lumps do not wash, and there are no residues on the laundry, which often cause allergies and skin irritations.

In addition, this special technology allows you to clean with good results already at 15 °, so as not to damage delicate colors or fabrics even when the clothes are dirty. In general, the Ecolavaggio function, patented by the same company,

Manufacturing technology

The application of the Inverter technology also to the washing machine allows to extend its useful life because the reduction of the vibrations of the motor results in less wear of the mechanical components inside the machine.

It is an innovative application, not easy to find in washing machines, yet able to improve its performance both in terms of noise and longevity. It is no coincidence that those who use it particularly appreciate the quietness of washing machine during its operation.

Good load capacity that reaches 7 kilos, the porthole is large enough to fit the bedspreads of small dimensions.

The smart washing machine

It is set to be adjusted also via the App from a smartphone. Ideal for those who have counted minutes and prefer to start the wash at a specific time of the day.

A detail that does not fail to interest those who need to leave the house early and prefer to hang the laundry on their return, avoiding that wet items remain for a long time becoming pampered in the drum.

There are many programs that can be set, live as well as remotely, with interesting short cleaning, and the cycle that gives a quick rinse of a quarter of an hour. It is also possible to set more robust washes, even if less recommended because they tend to wear down the garments.


Economic and capacious, it is in its product category, the best in terms of cost and energy efficiency.


Extremely Hi-Tech, which for some is an additional advantage, can intimidate those unfamiliar with touch controls and automatic smartphone settings.

What is the best portable washing machine for apartment?

The washing machine is now an indispensable appliance, but how can you choose while safeguarding your wallet? It is certainly not among the most expensive items in the house, but the moment in which the centrifuge is the one in which it consumes the most energy.

How to choose the best portable washing machine for apartment that costs little and does not consume too much? We offer you some tips and a selection of the best performing models to facilitate your choice.

The low cost may not be the only criterion to take into consideration when it comes to choosing a washing machine, but sometimes it becomes essential to aim for the minimum trade union in order to have the basic equipment at home.

There are some aspects that must not be missing in a valid helper who takes care of our clothes without ruining them or exaggerating with consumption, let's see the main ones in detail.

An average economic washing machine costs from 300 to 450 dollars, based on some characteristics that vary from the load capacity up to the number of programs or the number of revolutions the centrifuge manages.

Often the load capacity settles between 5 and 7 kilos: it is good to keep in mind that reduced baskets do not withstand a more abundant load of sheets, especially double beds, or of blankets without making the belt that rotates the basket stuffer.

Another detail not to be overlooked is the power that the motor is able to impart to the centrifuge: a model that allows you to choose different speeds, from nothing up to 1000 or 1200 rpm, allows the right treatment based on the delicacy of the fabrics.

Being able to choose and customize the washing cycle is another aspect not to be overlooked so as to be able to combine washing duration and temperature, also good washing machines that allow you to wash completely cold.

Last but not least, belonging to an energy class between A and A +++ will make the consumption of this precious household appliance little impact on the utility bill even if it is not possible to make it work in a cheaper time slot.

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