10 Best Lawn Mower For Small Yard Reviews Updated 2022

If you are one of those people who are concerned not only with decorating the interior of their homes but also focus on keeping the green areas nice and organized, you need to get a good lawnmower. These tools are the best suitable to give your garden an image that reflects cleanliness , organization , and harmony with nature.

We have prepared this guide to buying the best lawn mower, with the idea of offering you the relevant aspects. You should consider before making your investment and remember that the important thing is not how much it costs, but rather the advantages and benefits that this useful tool can offer you.

The Top 10 Best Lawn Mower For Small Yard Reviews

Rank#01 - Husqvarna Lawn FWD Gas Mower

If you want to buy the Best Lawn Mower For Small Yard that automatically mows the grass while you cut, the Husqvarana lawnmower would be a good choice. It comes with a  vast storage of 38 litres, so that you avoid wasting time emptying it at all times.

Main Features Explained


The mower is essential equipment for users who have a garden at home and beautify it when necessary. When someone buy a lawnmower, one of the characteristics they look at is the design. It has to be of a suitable size to be able to handle it and practical for storage.

The Husqvarna Lawn FWD Gas Mower offers this model that has dimensions of 72 x 45 x 32.5 centimetres and weighs 10 kilograms—being relatively light and medium-sized equipment so you can store it in your garage without any problem.

Also, the size is comfortable so that a young person can handle it over 17 years old or an adult, so taking this into account, you can get the most out of this mower.


Another aspect that is also important before you decide on a lawnmower model is to evaluate the programs that it brings with it. Keeping this feature in mind, you can select versatile equipment so you can leave your lawn at the desired height level.

The Husqvarna Lawn FWD Gas Mower has five cutting height levels where you can decide from 25 millimetres to 65 millimetres. Also, this control is effortless to adjust using a lever, similar to that of cars that allow you to lower or raise the level as desired.

Additionally, it is also important to note that this equipment has a cutting width of 36 centimetres. It will allow you to cut the grass in a wider range so that you can finish beautifying any garden that measures approximately 600 meters in a short time.


You will have to take into account before getting a lawnmower is to verify the power it has since it is in charge of providing it with enough strength to cut the grass in the garden with ease.

This equipment presented by Husqvarna has a motor that works at a power of 1500 watts, allowing its blades to cut the grass correctly to the desired level. Also, even if the grass is cold, wet, or dry, the motor's power will drive the blades with enough force to cut it.

On the other hand, this product has a "torque system" that will cut the grass, even if it is dense and abundant—allowing you to be a powerful team to eliminate weeds and vegetation that interrupts the beauty and decoration of your garden.

Main advantage:

The highlight of this mower is its powerful 1500 watt motor, so you can cut any grass and brush that affects your garden's decoration.

Main disadvantage:

Some users comment that excessive and extreme use can have severe consequences with the motor, so they advise that it be used moderately to avoid overheating its internal components.

Rank#02 - Greenworks Lawn Cordless Battery Mower

If you are looking for cheap, powerful, and easy to handle gasoline mowers, this model could meet all your expectations. It is a machine equipped with five hp of manual traction and an OHV 4-stroke engine that offers professional results.

It also gives you a double-edged blade and a cutting width that reaches 40.7 cm, making it recommended for getting difficult places.

You can adjust the height of the cut, according to your needs, up to 7 positions from 25 to 75 mm. It also has a simple operation, since it has an easy start and an electronic CDI ignition.

On the other hand, it has two options for cut grass, exit from the rear, or collected in a practical 40-litre capacity mesh bag. Many buyers consider it the best cordless lawn mower for small yard for all these qualities and for offering an affordable cost.

Due to the variety of functions and practicality that this equipment has, many users consider that this is the best mower of the moment so that it may be of interest to you.


Power: The motor of this product works at a power of 3000 RPM. Therefore, it will be able to force different types of grass present in your garden.

Storage: The rubbish bag has a storage capacity of 40 litres to deposit the cut grass and avoid emptying it at all times.

Height: With this model, you can adjust the cutting height from 25 to 57 millimetres adjustable in 7 levels.

Materials: This mower's shell is made of plastic and PVC, so it will be resistant and durable against any impacts it may receive.


Noise: One of the disadvantages of this product is that it will emit high noises that you can avoid using some hearing protection while it is in operation.

Rank#03 - BLACK+DECKER Electric Small Lawn Mower

It is a lawnmower with a large capacity, adjustable in both handlebar height and mowing height, which also informs you of the exact moment when you must empty the tank. An option that must be considered at all times.

Main Features Explained


When considering buying a lawnmower, it is crucial to consider the dimensions of the land to be cut, since if the terrain is wide, it is recommended to buy a model with high storage capacity. 

Otherwise, it would help if you continuously emptied the tank, making this an unpleasant task, and you will not want to repeat it.

Thus, the BLACK+DECKER Electric Small Lawn Mower is a good option if your terrain or patio is large because it has a storage tank of up to 45 litres. With this, it is possible to go cutting without worrying about filling it quickly.

Also, the best of all is that it will notify you when it is full and must be emptied, this way you will not have to continually check if it is full or how much space it has left.

Likewise, even if your terrain is not large, this lawnmower will continue to be very useful since it performs its functions correctly and does not take up much space at home.


What has made this equipment one of the best lawn mower for small yard is not only its high storage capacity but all the functions that complement it and make it a practical and easy-to-use model.

Firstly, its handlebar is fully adjustable in height to be personalized based on the user, even foldable to take up less space when stored.

Also, thanks to its "Compact & Go" function, you can compact the grass that enters the tank and continue cutting a little more to make full use of the space before disposing of the content.

On the other hand, considering both safety and user comfort, Black & Decker includes the on / off button right next to the handlebar to make it easy to access, avoiding accidents or uncomfortable movements.


The cut is one of the characteristics that cannot be left out, and it can be a crucial factor when buying a lawnmower. Now, when it comes to the BLACK+DECKER Electric Small Lawn Mower, you will have a cutting coverage of 38 centimetres, while the cutting height can be adjusted up to 6 positions.

Depending on the size at which you want to cut the grass, you can choose between 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 centimetres when using this mower, all this thanks to the Soft-Touch technology that together with the innovative model E-Drive take care of getting the best out of the equipment.

Likewise, with the EdgeMax system, the model can reach and cut closer to the edges doing most of these devices do not. As if that were not enough, it has a power of 1600 watts thanks to which it is possible to cut all types of grass, even the tall one without significant problems. 

Main advantage:

It has a storage capacity of up to 45 litres, thanks to which you can cut a large space of your land with the help of the 38 cm cut that it includes without the need to empty the container frequently.

Main disadvantage:

Since it needs electrical power for its operation, it must be connected at all times, and charging with a cable can limit the user's freedom of movement.

Rank#04 - American Lawn Mower Company Lawn Mower

The American Lawn Mower Company Lawn Mower is one of the most popular in the online environment, with dozens of positive comments that guarantee the quality and good performance of the product. It is an article created based on a powerful carbon motor, and that works at an electrical power of 1500 watts.

Among the most outstanding technical characteristics in this article is its 5-level axial adjustment system. You can select the height at which you want to cut; It is also recommended for cutting areas that do not exceed 600 square meters.

Another tremendous important element is the lightweight, compact and ultra-manageable design that its developers have been concerned with the building.

We see that the product is equipped with a practical carrying handle and a folding system that allows you to store the device in any corner, and you can also transport it quickly due to its weight of only 10 kg.

Rank#05 -  Greenworks Electric Corded Mower For Lawns

One of the most economical and quality options among the Greenworks mowers. It is considered the best electric lawn mower for small yard. It is rated by users as a useful, small, handy, and high powered model that offers a good cut for the price of purchase very difficult to match.

Among the technical characteristics, it is worth highlighting the five central cutting stages that allow an adjustment from 20 to 60 mm so that you can adapt the product to your particular needs.

It is an article recommended for making cuts on surfaces of up to 600 square meters thanks to its 33 cm cutting width, its energy consumption of 1250 W and its total grass collection volume of 30 litres.

The care put into the physical and design characteristics for the present product is also evident. We find an article with high-quality transport wheels and a folding handle system with quick-release touch for better handling of the device.

Rank#06 - Ego Power Lithium Volt Cordless Mower For Lawns

Among the models of Ego Power electric mowers, another one that you should consider in your product comparison is the Ego Power Lithium Volt Cordless Mower For Lawns

A device that continues with the characteristics of other brand items, such as an ergonomic, folding design that allows you to store and transport very quickly, in this article the total weight is 13 kg.

Now, one of the most exciting features is the adjustment system that allows you to modify the central cutting height between 25 to 75 mm, so you will have a greater variety of options.

Its waste collection tank is also larger than other similar products since it has a total capacity of 40 litres; this allows us greater freedom when cutting.

Finally, highlight that, due to its powerful 1500 W motor and it's 360 mm cutting width, it is recommended for use in gardens of up to 600 square meters. 

Rank#07 - Power Smart Propelled Red/Black 20 Inch Robot Lawn Mower

If you want to take the maintenance of your garden to another level, this automated robotic lawnmower presented by the Bosch brand could be an excellent option.

It is a machine equipped with a set that includes a charging base, 140 fixing stakes, two cable connectors, a 100 m perimeter cable, and a hexagonal wrench with screws.

It is a self-contained lawnmower that performs cutting tasks without worrying about anything. It is a device capable of returning only to the base when its battery needs recharging or finished its work.

You can easily program it to keep your garden impeccable and quickly activate it from your home or smartphone.

To achieve optimal results, this robot can create a map of the surface and recommend the most suitable option according to the garden's size. Likewise, it detects obstacles and cuts in parallel lines without damaging the lawn.

Many users recognize this model as the best best lawn mower for small yard, so we advise you to consider it among your options.


System: The feature that stands out the most in this model is its automatic operation. In this way, you can program this robot to cut the grass automatically.

Autonomy: This lawnmower model works with a battery that gives it autonomy, which can be recharged for continuous or subsequent uses.

Length: The Power Smart Propelled Red/Black 20 Inch, Gas Mower Connect, can cover gardens with an area of up to 350 meters and has 100 meters of perimeter wire that works as a guide.


Setting: According to the opinions of some users, it usually presents configuration failures. However, most buyers consider it to be the right product.

Storage: This model does not have a waste storage bag, so you will have to collect the cut grass after the robot finishes its program.

Rank#08 - Scotts Cordless Lawn Mower

As we are reviewing the best mowers for small yard, this model stands out from its counterparts, since it is a tractor that provides power, efficiency, and comfort when it comes to gardening. 

We are dealing with the latest generation, robust and resistant lawn mower, equipped with a potent 420 cc single-cylinder OHV engine, which provides more excellent performance on the job.

It has two sharp blades that offer a cutting width of 92 cm so that you can carry out green areas in a short time.

You can also choose between 5 cutting heights, from 30 to 95 mm. Likewise, it has pedal traction, which gives you the freedom to drive and manipulate its direction.

Likewise, it has a collecting bag for 240 litres of cut grass, an ergonomic seat, a front axle made of steel, and four robust wheels that favour displacement.

If you still do not have a specific decision regarding which lawn mower to buy, perhaps this model's characteristics may be of interest to you.


Design: Its tractor design will comfort you so you can sit down, mow the lawn and pick it up with complete peace of mind.

Cut: It has five adjustable cutting height levels to select the one you think is most convenient to beautify your garden.

Storage: This model has a bag that has 240 litres of capacity to store the grass that has been cut.


Price: It should be noted that the high price of this product can be a drawback for those users who wish to purchase it. However, this detail does not influence its functions.

Finish: Because the wheels on this model are complete and subject to the equipment's weight, the lawn may be damaged while the product is operating.

Rank#09 - Powerworks XB 40V 14" Cordless Push Mower

The Powerworks XB 40V 14" Cordless Push Mower is a recommended tool for surfaces up to 1000 m2 making it the best cordless lawn mower for small yard. You can mow the lawn and keep your orchard, plot or garden always in good condition, tidy and clean, and best of all, with minimal effort. 

It is equipped with a Powerworks 4-stroke GCV160 engine and 5.5 HP of power, translating into high quality and optimal performance.

It is the ideal mower for surfaces where there are high humidity levels and where extra power is required. Also, it has a cutting width of 51 cm, which allows you to carry out maintenance tasks more quickly.

It is a strong and robust machine, its weight is 36 kg, and it has a steel chassis that copes with shocks.

It also has sharp blades and an easy adjustment system to cut the grass up to 5 levels high. Likewise, it offers you a large capacity textile collection basket, four wheels, and an ergonomic handlebar.

If you plan to purchase a lawnmower and still have no decision on which model to take home, we advise you to evaluate this equipment's characteristics.


Resistant: Because its structure is made of steel, it will have enough resistance to withstand blows that it may suffer against other objects.

Motor: Its self-propelled 4-stroke engine gives it enough strength to cut natural or wet grass with minimal effort.

Storage: Its rear bag has enough storage to collect the grass without changing it at any time.


Gases: This team uses gasoline to maintain its autonomy, and the gases it emits are polluting if inhaled, so it is recommended to use face masks to avoid risks.

Grass: Although this product can easily mow, it is recommended not to use it on dry grass to avoid equipment damage.

Rank#10 - Craftsman M275 Self-Propelled FWD Gas Powered Lawn Mower

This work tool is considered by many passionate about gardening as the best gas lawn mower for small yard of the moment and not in vain; it enjoys an excellent reputation on the web. 

Since it is an electric lawnmower, equipped with a powerful 1500 W carbon motor, which ensures performance and efficiency, especially in cases of dense vegetation.

It has an easy-to-adjust mechanism, which allows the cutting height to be regulated up to 5 levels, which favours different grass types.

It also offers you an ergonomic handle adjustable in three positions, according to the user's height. It is recommended for extensions of land up to 600 m2 and has a system that protects the cable from wear.

Additionally, this mower offers four wheels that facilitate cutting in rugged terrain; likewise, it has a collection bag with a capacity of 38 litres and an impact-resistant casing.

This is one of the cheapest equipment in this comparison. Therefore, many users consider it the best mower for about 100 euros.


Dimensions: It has dimensions of 72 x 45 x 32.5 centimetres, making it a compact product that you can store in the garage without taking up much space.

Cut: This model has five levels of cutting height so you can select the one you want for your lawn.

Weight: It weighs 10 kilograms so you can move it from one place to another without making much effort.

Materials: The composition of this model's structure is plastic and metal, so it will be strong enough to withstand light blows.

Mango: An outstanding feature in this model is its ergonomic handle, so you can handle it without making your hands uncomfortable.


Motor: Some users comment that the motor can fail when used continuously, so they advise giving it rest periods not to overload it.

How to use a lawnmower for small yards?

With the use of a lawnmower, you can keep your garden well cared for, so you would have in your hands the ability to prevent excessive growth of the lawn and give it a presentable appearance.

Therefore, in this guide, we will mention some tips that will help you when you decide to use your lawnmower so that you can get the most out of it. 

Know your lawnmower for small yards

After you have purchased and received your product, you should know it, so you will first have to unpack it and view its components. Also, review the user guide to understand its functions and benefits thoroughly.

Additionally, this detail will help you determine if the model you have selected is the desired one, whether you have chosen a lawnmower that has a gasoline or a battery as a power source and autonomy.

Recharge your power source

In the market, you can find a great variety of models of lawnmowers. Still, regardless of the one you have purchased, the next step to take is to recharge the source that allows the equipment to operate with total autonomy, so if the chosen model has a fuel tank,

You must fill the fuel compartment that the manufacturer indicates in the manual. However, if it does not have a tank and has a battery, it must be verified that it has a charged one; otherwise, you must get a new one and install it.

Clean the garden with mower

Although some of the models on the market can cut a wide variety of dry or wet grass, it is recommended that you clean the ground with a metal bristle brush so that you can extend the life of your blades. 

Also, the rocks or other decorative objects that you have in the garden must be removed to prevent them from passing through the blades and dragging the edge. Additionally, in some cases, these can spoil them, making them unusable, and you need to purchase spare parts.

Use the mower

After completing the steps above, head with the mower into the garden and wear eye protectors and face masks, this detail will help increase personal safety from toxic gases and objects that the mower may eject while operating.

So that you can cut the grass accurately, you can use wooden sticks, nail them to the ground and roll them with nylon from end to end to mark the area to be cut with a line. Then, press the ignition mechanism to start your engine and adjust the level of the cutting height.

Check the mower's garbage container from time to time, if your model has one.

A full tank can impede the correct operation of the equipment, so we recommend that you have several bags nearby so that you can empty the cut grass into them and thus reduce the time it would take to go looking for them.

 Also, if the chosen mower does not have a deposit, you can collect the grass while you are mowing it or stack everything to avoid doing excessive tasks.

Shopping guide how to chose the best small yard lawn mower

Utility: A well-kept garden offers excellent attractiveness. For this reason, having a lawnmower is an excellent alternative to help you with maintenance tasks, since a neglected terrain.

Types: You must evaluate the area you want to clean, the type of mower you need will depend on it. For this reason, it is convenient that you make your comparison of mowers and consider the different options that the current market offers.

For starters, some mowers run on gasoline and those that need electricity. 

For their part, electric mowers are the preferred option for people who have a domestic garden with an estimated surface area of between 500 and 1,000 m2.

They are lightweight, quiet, environmentally friendly tools, easy to maintain, and some models are cheaper than their gasoline counterparts, so you can easily find an economical and efficient lawn mower for gardening jobs.

There are also battery-powered mowers; these models do not require a cable and can provide autonomy ranging from 60 to 90 minutes (depending on the brand and model). They are ideal if you have a garden with a greater surface area, you only need to have an extra battery to replace it when charging is finished.

They have wheels and a direction that allows you to get anywhere, and some models even include lighting to work at night or in low light.

And finally, technology is also taking over the mower industry. There are robots lawnmower that efficiently mow the lawn without you having to make the slightest effort. You only have to program them, and the device is in charge of doing all the task alone. They are recommended for small gardens and flat surfaces.

Design and functionality

Regardless of the model or type, these machines have a motor that offers high performance and a casing that can be made of metal or resistant plastic.

So look for a lawnmower that offers intuitive handling, ergonomic grip, and easy-to-handle weight.

Also, you should choose a design that provides robust wheels for easy movement, a collection bag with adequate capacity for use, and, if possible, choose a mower that gives you the option of selecting the cutting height.

It is worth mentioning the importance of security, so before starting your task, it is recommended that you have the protective equipment that includes glasses and gloves. Also, avoid mowing the lawn on a rainy day and keep children away from this tool.

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