Top 5 Best HE Top Loading Washing Machine Reviews 2022

High Efficiency (HE) washers include technology that reduces the amount of water and energy required to make a load. They use up to 80% less water than traditional top load washers, provide 65% energy savings, and can also wash more laundry at a time than traditional washers.

Plus, they're up to 40% larger than traditional top-loading washers and can handle much larger loads. High-efficiency washers are much larger than regular washers and can hold up to 40% more clothes. So, a HE top loading washing machine saves your money and time. 

The wide range of models available on the market makes the choice challenging. Our best HE top loading washing machine reviews guide will make your selection process easier.

best high efficiency top loading washing machine

If you are looking for the best high efficiency washing machine with a top-loading design, check out this model from Giantex.

With 1.34 cubic feet of space, this washer offers plenty of space with an easily accessible top-loading lid. Unlike some more giant wash drums, which make it difficult to reach items in the bottom of the drum, the bottom of this top-loader is accessible to most people.

The drum is also made of stainless steel, a high-quality material that does not rust and does not pinch any clothes.

Giantex included many options on this mid-priced machine, including a sanitize cycle, an auto-fill option to save water, and a deep water option that many users find a huge plus.

Overall, this washing machine is a popular and recommended HE washer that offers a top loading, high capacity design.

best he top load washer

For a high-efficiency washing machine on a budget, you will find the best value and lowest price in this model from Black+Decor. And for good design and efficient cleaning, it's hard to beat the value of this 1.0 cubic foot washer from Black and Decor.

The BLACK+DECKER BPWM09W has a stainless steel washing drum. Like all other HE top-loading washing machines, it has a porcelain drum.

The stainless steel drum offers maximum protection against chips, rust, and fragments and is, therefore, a permanent choice.

This hot tub washer has five preset wash cycles and spin and soaks cycles in terms of performance. It also gives you flexibility in terms of water temperature, with three different settings to choose from.

Most users state that clothes come out clean, even though this HE model of washing machine uses less water than traditional washing machines.

he top loading washing machine reviews

You may have thought that a front loading washing machine had the largest capacity of any high-efficiency washing machine on the market, but the large capacity top-loading Panda washing machine takes the title.

With a massive 1.6 cubic feet capacity, there's plenty of room in this washer for sheets, towels, comforters, and more. Panda has several features equipped with this highly efficient washing machine.

These include deep fill options, a Power Wash cycle, and internal heating to raise the water temperature and increase the detergent's cleaning power.

If you typically do many laundries or wash bed linen and towels frequently, this washing machine is the most efficient model you need.

And contrary to what you might expect, the Panda Compact washing machine also carries a Tier III rating from Energy Star for its energy and water efficiency.

A large capacity washing machine with these many features will come at a reasonable price, but this machine's cleaning power and energy savings make it a top choice on our list.

best he washing machine

If you are looking for the best HE top loading washing machine that is also very energy efficient, take a look at the Speed Queen 3.2 cubic foot top Load Washer.

This top-loading washing machine has Energy Star Level III for energy efficiency and water consumption. Several highly efficient washing machines share this distinction, but this Speed Queen model surpasses almost all of them in energy consumption.

When used with an electric water heater, this front loader only consumes approx. 85 kWh per year, while many models use 100 or more kWh per year.

When you buy the Speed Queen for its cost savings on energy and water consumption, you pay less than you would for the most basic washing machines.

However, the Speed Queen has numerous functions that make the machine a worthwhile investment, such as seventeen wash cycles, the possibility of disinfection, and a SmartBoost function that pre-mixes detergent and water for a thorough deep cleaning.

best high efficiency top loading washer

If you're looking for a highly efficient washing machine that is tough on stains, the Comfee portable washing machine is an excellent choice.

This 1.6 cubic foot top loading washing machine has the same cycles, spin speeds, and wash temperatures as other machines.

But it also has a stain removal guide that will change your cycle to address five of the most common laundry stains, including tomato, blood, wine, grass, and dirt. Just choose the type of stain, and the machine will take care of the rest.

Users report that the stain settings help keep clothes spot-free and do their best.

In addition, this affordable machine offers a full range of 5 cycle options, including jeans, activewear, and sanitize.

With a digital control pad, you can further modify these cycles depending on the temperature, floor level, and spin speed. Users love that this machine cleans so well and comments that the spin cycle removes water very efficiently.

What is a high-efficiency washing machine?

In the mid-1990s, the U.S. Department of Energy established new energy consumption standards for most household appliances, including washing machines. As the appliance uses the most water in the home must be replaced by automatic washing machines.

For many years, high-efficiency or high-end washing machines have been the European standard. Although they have been available in the United States for more than two decades, they have become more popular as consumers are attracted to their water and energy-saving capabilities.

There are two types of high-efficiency washing machines: the front loader and the top loader. When you open any washing machine's door, you will notice right away that there is no central agitator. The washing machine drum looks almost empty.

These gaskets use 20% to 66% less water than traditional agitator washing machine. Nearly 80% of the washing machine's energy is used to heat the water.

Lower water consumption means less hot water, and energy usage can be reduced by 20% to 50%, thereby providing long-term savings and environmental benefits.

High-efficiency washing machines are more expensive than standard washing machines. But you should compare the purchase price with the operating cost of the household.

Why buy an energy-saving washing machine

There are numerous reasons for switching to an energy-efficient washing machine. The main reason is economic. An energy-saving washing machine allows a considerable cut in the bill.

You can estimate the average annual savings produced by using a class A ++ or A +++ washing machine compared to a class C or D at around 80/90 dollars. Furthermore, suppose we add that a tax deduction of up to 50% is foreseen on a maximum cost of 10,000 dollars to purchase class A appliances.

So, you understand that the purchase of a low consumption washing machine is a win. Last but not least, by purchasing a low energy consumption appliance, you are also contributing to the planet's health. You are saving money and environment if you buy one of the best high efficiency washing machine listed above. 

How does HE washing machine works?

High-efficiency washing machines, whether front-loaded or top-loaded, use a tumbling system instead of an agitator to move the laundry across the water.

In the front loading model, the bathtub rotates clockwise and then counterclockwise to achieve a tumbling motion. In the top-loading machine, the laundry is washed in a shallow pool, and the washing machine uses a rotating disk or disc at the bottom of the drum to achieve the rolling action.

Because of its design without a central agitator, the high-efficiency washing machine is softer on clothes. The cleaning action is gentler and helps prevent stretching and pulling that can distort the clothes.

High-efficiency machines do not refill the washing machine drum with water during the rinsing cycle but spray the clothes with a high-pressure circulating water rinsing process.

The clothes may appear dry when taken out of a high-efficiency machine because the excess water is removed during the high-speed spinning cycle. If the clothes are dried in an automatic dryer, this reduction in water will save energy.

Most high-efficiency washing machines have a sensor system to detect the size of the laundry load. This adjustment helps save natural resources and money. Since there is no central agitator to take up space, high-efficiency washing machines can withstand large loads, reducing the number of loads you need.

Best HE top loading Washer Buying Guide

The benefits of having a HE washing machine in a home have made the lives of millions of people easier. But every year, more and more models with various modifications appear on the market.

How do you choose a washing machine that meets all the requirements but is high quality and reliable? This question arises for many who are preparing to buy a device. We will understand all the subtleties and nuances of a good washing machine.

What material should the tank and drum choose

Drums are made of two main materials:

  • Metal
  • Plastic

At first glance, metal undoubtedly seems to be better. But is it really like that? We read the answer below.

Plastic tanks

At present, most washing machines come with plastic tanks. Two types of plastics used:

  1. Polyplex (Polyplex): It's a strong material, not affected by hot water, rust, heavy loads. It has high thermal conductivity and good sound insulation. Polyplex tanks turn barely audibly, quietly, and smoothly. However, the material is less wear-resistant and becomes brittle after five years.
  2. Carborane: Despite being plastic, it is stronger than steel. Carborane is made up of carbon fibers and is used in the aerospace industry. It's lightweight and incredibly durable. Such a tank can serve for many years; it is not afraid of high temperatures, rust, deformation.

Stainless steel tanks

The steel drum can be smooth or enameled. Steel is undoubtedly a solid and durable material. But such tanks weigh a lot more. Washing machines with steel drums make a lot of noise, uses more energy, and costs more. If the tank is enameled, the coating will begin to break off over time.

According to experts, the carbon tank is the best, most profitable, reliable, and economical option.

Drum volume

The tank volume is an essential factor when choosing the best HE washing machine. A too-small tank results in several washes in a row, and a too-big tank wastes water and energy.

The front models have tanks with a capacity of 3.5 to 17 kg on average, and the vertical model comes with a capacity of 3 to 10 kg.

For a small family of 2 people, the minimum amount of 3-3.5 kg is sufficient.

Families of 3 to 5 people should use a machine that weighs 5 to 6 kg. If more than six people live in the house, a tank of 8-10 kg is suitable. These are, of course, only indicative parameters. Everyone has different needs, and it pays to resolve them based on personal preference.

Type of administration

All washing modes in the washing machine are configured using the control panel. It can be fully electronic or mechanical.

Electronic control

Washing machines with fully electronic touch controls are more flexible, functional, and come with "intelligent" technologies: They can weigh the laundry, choose program independently, can determine required water and powder for washing.

Besides, these washing machines are well protected and block themselves when malfunctioning. The user doesn't have to think about anything but press a few buttons.

The only downside is that electronic models are more prone to failure.

Mechanical control

Models with this type of control can also have many useful options.

Regardless of the type of control, the machine may or may not have a display. A graphic symbol or an inscription accompanies each option, so the choice of programs, as a rule, does not pose any problems even for those who encounter automation for the first time.

He Top Loading Washing Machine Must Have Features

Dimensions of washer

The dimensions of the  washing machine are important for those who do not have more living space.

The dimensions of the vertical machines are by all means normative and have the following parameters:

  1. Height - 83-85 cm.
  2. Width - 42-45 cm.
  3. Depth - 60-62 cm.

Front models are offered in a wider range of sizes. They are divided into 4 types:


Full Size


Super Tight

Under the sink


84-87 cm

84-87 cm

84-87 cm

60-75 cm


60-63 cm

60-62 cm

58-62 cm

48-52 cm


58-62 cm

33-45 cm

32-36 cm

43-45 cm

As you can see, the choice of front ends wins in size compared to the standard vertical sizes. If you're going for a small appliance, be sure to read our slim washing machine review.

Washing Programs

The washing programs are varied in automatic machines. As a rule of thumb, the more options it offers, the higher the cost of a device. Modern high efficiency models are equipped with 8-15 programs on average. However, you need to decide which modes are really needed and which are not.

The following programs are considered essential and necessary programs:

  1. Washing cotton laundry.
  2. Plastics
  3. Gentle laundry.
  4. The hair care program.
  5. Express wash.
  6. Colored fabric mode.
  7. Hand wash.

These options are enough to take care of things. Modes such as washing jeans, baby cloth diapers, pillows and blankets or shoes are not required. It is worth buying machines with programs like this only when they are really needed.

Additional options

Multifunctional and high efficiency washing machines are not limited to washing modes. Units may have additional advanced options for laundry care.

Today the manufacturer can offer the following useful supplements:

  1. Soaking.
  2. Steam wash .
  3. Spin mode with simple ironing function.
  4. Start delay timer.
  5. Great rinse.
  6. Fuzzy Logic (intelligent control).
  7. ALC system (regulates the consumption of resources depending on the weight of the laundry).

Each brand can introduce its own unique options in certain models of rulers.

Spin quality

The maximum spin value is an important parameter to consider. The spin speed of an automatic machine varies from 400 to 1800 rpm.

The most optimal indicator is the spin within 1200 rpm. At the same time, the minimum speed for most of the washing machines is 400-600. These parameters are entirely sufficient. At higher rates, most tissues deteriorate, stretch, and become unusable.

Washer / dryer

For those who need to dry, experts recommend buying separate clothes dryers. Even the best washer-dryer is less reliable than a standard washing machine with a spin function.

You can carry out up to 15 drying programs in a hotel unit.

In general, this is a handy option, and if you rarely use it, the combined washing machine will have a long service life.

Show availability

The display or its absence does not affect the quality in any way, but it ensures ease of use. The electronic display shows the program's progress, the remaining time, and when malfunctioning - an error code. If you buy a washing machine, it is better with a display.

There are light indicators for machines without a display.

Laundry security

Automatic washing devices come with security systems. These options may vary from model to model.

Most of the modern washing machines use the following safety systems:

  1. Protection against water leaks
  2. Foam control
  3. Check the drum imbalance
  4. Lock the hatch from children

Such security mechanisms extend the life expectancy of the device.

Energy class

Manufacturers are now more concerned about the efficiency of the devices.

The unit of the most energy efficient class is marked with A and can be supplemented with a plus sign (+).

The further the letter is from the beginning of the alphabet, the more energy the machine "eats." Devices that are under "D" are almost no longer available these days.

Popular Washing Machine manufacturers

The most popular brands of washing machines by consumer demand:

  1. Bosch
  2. Samsung
  3. Indesit.
  4. Ariston Hotpoint.
  5. LG.
  6. Siemens
  7. Electrolux
  8. Sweets

Each brand presented can be considered reliable and recommended. We have also prepared for you manufacturer reviews of washing machines that will help you choose.

Types of washing machines

The most popular on our list of the best HE top loading washing machines are automatic washers. Manufacturers continue to produce semi-automatic devices, which are still in good demand.

Ultrasonic machines exist, although it's difficult to call them full-fledged washing devices. Let's have a look at each type of appliance to get a better idea of everything that falls into the washing machine category.

1.0 Automatic washing machines

Such washing machines are entirely stationary and automated. They have electronic controls and lots of programs. Devices collect and heat water independently, calculate the cycle time, rinse and squeeze out the laundry.

Conventional machine models have a specific set of programs and work exclusively within a specific mode.

Today, the parameters of modern washing machines are expanding significantly: there are such machines that can independently weigh laundry, assess the degree of soiling, choose the required temperature, the amount of water, and washing powder. These are ingenious devices designed using the latest technology.

Not so long ago, Candy developed an automatic washing machine with voice control that performs voice commands and knows how to answer its owners with a voice.

Machines, in turn, are divided into two types:

  • Top-loading
  • Front-loading

We'll look at each type in more detail below, but we're going to find out what other types of washing machines are available for now.

2.0 Semi-automatic washing machines

In mid-century, there were semi-automatic (activation) washing machines in most homes. Then there were practically no vending machines, and when they came up for sale, a few people could afford such luxuries.

The construction of a semi-automatic washing machine is very simple: a motor equipped with a shaft rotates a drum in a horizontal plane which is managed mechanically. You don't have a set of programs; most machines only have 2-4 speed modes.

The simplest machines are not equipped with a spin. Other "advanced" semi-automatic models consist of a washing drum and a centrifuge into which you can press washed laundry.

These devices can be small to medium in size. Many know the baby washing machine by hearing (and some by sight).

It was prevalent at the time. Unlike an automatic machine, a semi-automatic device does not require hoses to be inserted into the sewer. These machines are movable.

Semi-automatic machines contain 1.5-6 kg of laundry, depending on the model. There are no heating elements in the devices - the tank is filled directly from the tap.

To drain water from the drum, you must lead the drain hose to the sink, bathtub, or toilet. In such machines, you can use powder for hand washing. Torsion of the drum by the centrifuge principle does not create a lot of foam in the water.

These days, semi-automatic washing machines are rarely seen at home. They are taken to vacation homes or temporary workers while there is no way to buy an expensive automatic car.

3.0 Ultrasound equipment

This type of machine differs significantly from the above in terms of parameters. The device consists of a cable, a power supply unit, and a small box with an ultrasound plate. All miracle technologies fit in the palm of your hand.

The device belongs to modern technologies and works based on ultrasonic waves.

The operation of the device is very simple:

  • Warm water is collected in a basin
  • Washing powder is diluted in it
  • Things are put in a soap solution

Then the ultrasound device is placed in a basin with soaked objects, and the wire is plugged into a socket. The machine starts generating ultrasonic waves and "washing" things.

How is washing done with ultrasound?

With such a small appliance, you may wonder how it washes laundry.

The working principle is very simple: the device generates ultrasonic waves in the water. Due to vibrations, microscopic bubbles appear in the soap solution.

The ultrasonic washing machine is designed to wash delicate items that cannot be machine washed. Ultrasound not only cleans things from dirt but also disinfects clothing and destroys microbes.

The machine is safe, economical, and very easy to use. The average washing time is 1-2 hours.

Of course, hardly anyone wants to choose an ultrasonic washing machine as their main washing machine. However, many users note that the washing quality leaves a lot to be desired, and this device makes little sense.

Since most modern people try to make their life as simple as possible, automatic washing machines are the most relevant.

Type of load: frontal or vertical?

In the market, you can choose a vertical loading and front washing machine. We will find out what is the difference between these two design features of the units.

Frontal washing machines

These are the most popular washing machines today. Your tank is on the front panel; the lid is in the shape of a round hatch with transparent glass. The lid on the front doors opens to the side, and when the device is on the floor, you have to bend a little to load the laundry.

A transparent door has advantages: you can watch the washing process through it, although a few people are interested in watching the whole process.

But sometimes, money, keys, and documents end up in the tank, along with things. But in such situations, the transparent cover comes in handy- you can notice the inside of the object and turn off the machine.

Modern frontal washing machines are built-in or free-standing. Even if you install the device separately, the top cover serves as a functional area: you can put any less bulky item on it.

 The front drum is in a vertical plane and rotates around the same axis. Many people think that two axes (like vertical bars) are better.

However, these are sporadic cases when this type of washing machine breaks the drums. Most of the time, hermetic seals on the hatch and heating elements fail.

The device is permanently installed and falls into the sewer; the user needs to load and unload the laundry and install the program (press a few buttons). The machine itself does everything else.

Vertical washing machine

The top-loading washing machine differs from the position of the hatch: it is at the top. In addition, these types of units have tighter housing, which can save space.

The vertical tank is mounted on two axles that help the device vibrate less. The control panel is at the top as well.

Loading the drum requires opening the lid on the top and then opening the wing in the drum itself. Another nuance of the difference: the vertical washing machine is not intended to be embedded. Your lid is on top, and nothing should stop it from opening.

Otherwise, there are no differences between vertical and front ends. Both machine types are fully automatic, equipped with electronic controls, and many functions. The quality of the linen depends more on the specific options of the model than on its design.

Compare the main advantages and disadvantages of both machine types.


Front Model

Vertical Model

A wide range of models.

Tight, take up less space.

Different price ranges

Vibrate less.

Large hatches.

You can load laundry during the washing process.

You can watch what is happening inside.

You don't have to bend down to load or remove laundry.

Suitable for installation in a closet and under a countertop.


Front Model

Vertical Model

Most models do not offer an additional load of laundry.

Higher price with the same equipment.

Squat or bend over to remove or load laundry.

You cannot use the control panel as a usable area.

It takes up more space in terms of width.

Cannot be embedded.

Narrow loading opening.

Final Thoughts

As we all know, our climate is at stake. Some home appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, etc., are consuming a lot of energy and ruining the environment. High-efficiency devices are made to save energy and the environment. So we all should buy only a high-efficiency washing machine for home use.

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