Top 11 best gas powered string trimmer reviews 2022

If you have a large lawn that you want to trim, a non-gas weed eater may not be the best option. Unlike their counterparts, the best gas powered string trimmers are very sturdy and can cut more grass. 

The machines are also better at cutting thick and tough grass in your garden. They'll run as long as they have gas to keep them going. Adding more fuel doesn't take long, unlike the rechargeable devices that you have to keep charging.

Considering the fact, we have listed the best gas string trimmers on the market. Let's check it out.

Rank#01 - CHIKURA Multi Powerful 52cc Gasoline Brush Cutter

It is a heavy machine, but it offers near-professional performance and excellent value for money, making it very popular with consumers.

Main Features:

3 HP petrol engine:

The CHIKURA Multi Powerful 52cc Gasoline Brush Cutter is produced by the English company CHIKURA . It is powered by an air-cooled two-stroke engine, 52 ccs of displacement, which develops 3 HP, which corresponds to 2,200 Watts.

The engine has a CDI-type cord ignition system, ideal for producing short and rapid discharges since, at idle speed, the rotation generated has a rate of 3,000 rpm, which becomes 9,500 when it is adjusted to maximum power; the tank, on the other hand, has a capacity of about 1 litre and must be filled with a mixture, in a respective proportion of 25 to 1, of petrol and oil.

The stopping method is the classic one for motors of this type, which uses a short circuit; the noise level, on the other hand, is around 114 decibels, so it is a rather noisy model, like all the different brush cutters powered by internal combustion engines.

Ideal for home use

The cutting head uses both the cutter with nylon threads, useful for cutting the grass and the thinnest tendrils and the metal blade with three teeth, which allows you to cut the most demanding and most resistant shrubs and branches with absolute ease.

Its performance is more than sufficient for a non-intensive domestic use, since the body, and all the elements that are not part of the engine and the supporting structure, are made of plastic; the arm that ends with the cutting head, moreover, can be divided into two parts, to make more comfortable both the possible transport and the storage.

Furthermore, despite its domestic use, buyers consider it very valid, especially for extensive gardens.

Well equipped

The only aspect that, according to users, tends to penalize this good petrol brush cutter, is its weight of about 8 kilograms, which makes prolonged use quite tiring.

However, in the accessories package, there is also a shoulder strap to which the brush cutter can be attached. Some buyers report that wearing it correctly and assuming a good trim. The CHIKURA becomes much more manageable and easier to use.

Apart from the belt and the two different cutting heads, the accessory equipment also includes the protection screen for the blades, a graduated bottle for the mixture preparation, a maintenance kit with five various tools, a combination wrench, and the instruction manual.

Main advantage:

Despite being a model designed for domestic use, this brush cutter stands out for its technical characteristics, almost similar to those possessed by professional models, and for the ease with which it can cut even the toughest shrubs.

Main disadvantage:

However, the downside is its 8 kilograms of weight, which make it unwieldy and, in the long run, very tiring to use, especially if you have to cut branches and shrubs in high positions.

Rank#02 - PROYAMA 42.7cc Gas Dual Line Trimmer and Brush Cutter

Like all the best gas weed eater, the PROYAMA 42.7cc 2 in 1 Extreme Duty 2-Cycle Gas Dual Line Trimmer and Brush Cutter can be used anywhere, even in the absence of power outlets and does not require you to have an extension cord always at hand or to work with the clutter of the power cord.

When the mixture runs out, it only takes a few minutes to top up the tank, you don't have to wait hours to recharge the battery, and therefore the work suffers only a slight interruption. The tank is quite large and, consequently, it will not be necessary to stop too often to fill it.

Although it is not a very light model, most users underline the considerable comfort of use, mainly due to the supplied belt that allows you to effectively unload the weight on the rest of the body and not tire your hands and arms excessively.

The head knocks on the ground to let the line come out, a quick and comfortable system. The measuring cup allows you to obtain the necessary mixture with precision and in a short time.

Simultaneously, unlike many other models, the detachable handle facilitates transport and halves space occupied when it needs to be stored, ideal for those with little space available.

It is a compelling model - 42 ccs and 2.2 kW - so it is also suitable for rugged terrain because it allows you to effectively tackle the most rooted weeds and get the job done earlier.

Much appreciated by consumers, the Parker brushcutter can be described with the following key points.


Internal combustion engine:

The advantages of the internal combustion engine are working anywhere, even away from the mains. Compared to battery-powered models, however, it does not require you to wait hours for recharging.


Many users emphasize the comfort of this Parker's use, which, thanks to the excellent belt supplied, allows not to tire too many hands and arms.

Detachable handle:

The detachable handle facilitates transport and, above all, allows you to store the trimmer in very little Space.


This model's remarkable power allows you to complete even the most challenging jobs with confidence and in a short time.



This is not the lightest model on the market.

Rank#03 - COOCHEER 42.7CC 2-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer and Brush Cutter

The COOCHEER 42.7CC 2-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer seem to be the classic appliance tailored to the needs of owners of small gardens who like to dedicate themselves personally to their care, calmly and without making excessive efforts.

The COOCHEER 42.7CC 2-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer and Brush Cutter is a sturdy machine that, despite its weight, requires minimal effort thanks to the excellent balance given by the shoulder strap and the double handle.

The cutting width varies depending on what is mounted on the head. The three-edged blade has a diameter of only 23 centimeters, while with the coil of wire, it reaches 37 centimeters in diameter.

The motor has a power of 950 Watts, which makes it very efficient and prose to overheating if used for too long.

Consequently, on small surfaces, its performance is excellent, on the larger ones instead, it is better to limit yourself to using it to finish the edges and the narrowest areas.



With a power of 950 Watts, equivalent to 1.3 HP, the Bosch brush cutter is incredibly efficient and fast in cutting; but it is better not to subject it to too intense efforts since it is still a hobby tool.


Weight, for some, could always be a problem. But thanks to the shoulder strap with hook between the two handles, it is possible to balance and handle it with extreme ease.

Double cutting solution:

On the head, you can optionally mount the three-edged blade with a diameter of 23 centimeters, or the coil with the trimmer line, which instead reaches 37 centimeters in diameter.


Working times:

The original replacement lines are expensive, but what can also use generic ones, so the only real limitation of the Bosch brush cutter remains the motor's tendency to overheat if used for too long.

Rank#04 - Iglobalbuy 52cc 5 in 1 Multifunction Gas Brush Cutter

The Iglobalbuy 52cc 5 in 1 Multifunction Weed Trimmer is presented at a relatively low cost and, in this way, making it accessible to all budgets. It also offers a series of advantages that can not be overlooked, starting from the internal combustion engine's fuel mixture system.

It becomes autonomous and independent from the presence of electrical sockets near the work area. In this way, what can also use it away from home or without the need to procure an electric generator if the house is without power, as in warehouses in the open countryside?

It combines the two-stroke engine that cools in the air with a power of 750 W and an engine rotation speed of 9000 rpm at no load, therefore not in the presence of obstacles, that is, the branches of hedges.

The tank's capacity is not the most surprising, it stops at half a litre, but the blade's reach has a relatively large radius that allows you to speed up the work by acting on large areas in a single pass.

In short, a good ally if you think you have to keep the hedges in the garden in order or to contain the growth of natural separations if our corner of greenery is located in a little urbanized area.

Now let's see what makes it one of the best gas powered string trimmer on the market. 


Powerful motor:

That's a total of 750 Watts of power for a two-stroke petrol engine. It is designed to cool in the air, therefore positioned to not suffocate inside the body by dispersing the heat and not overheating.

Mixture feed:

It works with a classic mixture of oil and petrol in the ratio of 1 to 40. It is sufficient to have a container always mix the two parts to have an adequate supply of propellant available.

25cc displacement:

Like other similar models intended for professional use as an amateur, also, in this case, the engine has a displacement of 25 cubic cm.


Not very large tank:

With only 500 ml of capacity, this tank could force frequent interruptions, mostly if the area to be covered is large.

Rank#05 - HUYOSEN 51.7cc Gas Straight Shaft Brush Cutter

 It brings together many functions in a single tool: it works as a hedge trimmer and hedge trimmer operating both vertically and horizontally, to allow you to easily reach even the least accessible points close to walls or hedges. 

The clipper's blades are adjustable according to the desired angle. The maximum cutting capacity is 19 mm, guaranteeing a clean and homogeneous work that does not require further finishing.

The engine's power and structure allow it to be used as a chainsaw thanks to the 30 cm blade supplied, and it also reaches a total length of 3.27 meters thanks to the shaft extension.

The engine is fueled by a mixture, one part of oil against 40 of petrol. It has a tank with a capacity of 700ml, which guarantees an excellent autonomy to cover reasonably large areas or very invaded by weeds.

The easy-start system and the easily accessible emergency stop button, together with the included accessories, i.e., goggles, gloves, and earmuffs, complete the equipment of this easy to use and practical device.

Here, in short, are the strengths and weaknesses of the HUYOSEN 51.7cc Grass String Trimmers, the online sales champion. If you don't know where to buy, go to the suggested offer below. You will find that the affordable price is one of the significant advantages of the product.



If you are total without tools at home, the benefit that the HUYOSEN 51.7cc Grass String Trimmers Gas Straight Shaft Brush Cutter offers is that it is not just a brush cutter a chainsaw, hedge trimmer, edge trimmer, and extension. Five in one.

Difficult points:

Operating both vertically and horizontally, it has the advantage of quickly reaching the most difficult points, such as flush with walls and hedges. The result is excellent in all situations.


The clipper's blades are adjustable according to the desired angle and, thanks also to the excellent cutting capacity, guarantee a clean and homogeneous work with the advantage of not going through it again for finishing.


Included in the price, the HUYOSEN 51.7cc Grass String Trimmers Gas Straight Shaft Brush Cutter comes with a series of essential accessories, glasses, gloves, and earmuffs do not have to be purchased separately.



According to various user opinions, the construction materials are not of the highest quality.

Rank#06 - Husqvarna 336FR 966604702 Bike Handle Pro Brush cutter

The reliability of the made in Italy and the Japanese engine's power make this tool one of the best gas string trimmer sold online.

The Kawasaki two-stroke engine has a displacement of 34.4 ccs to deliver a maximum power of 1.38 engine horsepower at 7000 rpm. It has a low weight, just 3.2 kilos dry, which adds a tank capacity of 700 ml.

The entire brushcutter weighs only 6.5 kilos overall, comfortable enough to be carried in your arms without the need for a harness or shoulder straps to support it.

The single handle makes it particularly handy and suitable for extricating itself in confined spaces.

The emissions system and the noise level are contained, an excellent advantage for those who use it who do not risk being intoxicated by the fumes of the mixture or deafened by the engine's noise. 

Adequate protection for the face and in particular eyes and ears is a must when using this type of equipment, even for a short time or in small fields.

The Kawasaki engine gives the brushcutter great power and reliability. But it is the whole machine that can boast remarkable quality. Let's now summarize the main characteristics that distinguish it.



The Kawasaki weighs only 6.5 kg, including fuel. The advantage for the user is to hold it with less effort even for prolonged work.


The manoeuvrability of the brushcutter is another of its most valuable points. It is also practical and comfortable because it emits fewer emissions and is less noisy than many other similar models.



The high-quality tool, the Kawasaki is not suitable for those looking for the cheapest brushcutter on the market.


The transmission does not seem to be the strong point of this model.

Rank#07 - Remington RM2700 Gas Powered String Trimmer

The Remington RM2700 Ranchero 27cc Gas Powered string trimmer is equipped with an internal combustion engine and therefore has several advantages over the other models; for example, unlike the electric ones, it can also be used very far from a power outlet and allows you to work without the clutter of the annoying power cable. 

However, compared to battery-powered ones, it can be recharged much faster: you don't have to wait hours for a full recharge, but just a few minutes are enough to top up the mixture.

Furthermore, the tank has a considerable capacity so you won't have to stop too often to refuel, ideal for, huge surfaces.

The high power of this model is striking - 27cc and 2.2 kW - which guarantees two advantages to the user: firstly, it allows you to cut even the most problematic weeds and obtain an immaculate garden; secondly, it will be possible to finish the job in less time and with less effort.

It is a model with a good quality/price ratio, very robust. As most users confirm, it is handy and has the practical lashing strap, which significantly facilitates the work.

It is also equipped with a measuring cup not to mistake the composition of the mixture, and with a system that allows you to stretch the line again in an instant, only by beating it to the ground.

Here is a summary of Remington's brush cutter, one of the best gas weed eater on the market, for its excellent quality/price ratio.



Unlike the electric one, the internal combustion engine allows the brushcutter to be used anywhere, even in the absence of power outlets. Compared to battery-powered models, the machine can recharge it in minutes, not hours.


Although not a professional brush cutter, this tool has a remarkable power - 52 ccs and 2.2 kW - which allows you to cut even the most problematic weeds and finish the job with less effort and less time.

The comfort of use:

As most users testify, it is an easy to use model, equipped with an anchor strap and a system to stretch the wire, which facilitates the work quickly.

Quality price:

In general, it is a high-quality product, characterized by high performance and considerable robustness that can be purchased at a not exorbitant price.



Compared to many other similar brush cutters, this model has a higher weight.

Rank#08 - PowerSmart PS4531 Gas String Trimmer

 The PowerSmart PS4531 Gas String Strimmer Brush Cutter with the 750-watt petrol engine is not a professional model, but it allows you to quickly and effectively cut the hedges of your garden.

Convenient to use, it does not require a power cable and can be taken away from the power outlet. The ignition is flawless.

Main Features

Quality price:

To cut your garden's hedges and edges effectively and quickly, you don't necessarily need to spend a fortune. The most considerable benefit of the PowerSmart PS4531 Gas String Strimmer Brush Cutter is precisely this: the advantageous ratio between the performance offered and the price that makes the tool suitable for those who want to spend as little as possible but without sacrificing quality.

It is a model with a 750-watt two-stroke internal combustion engine powered by a mixture of petrol and oil. It is certainly not a professional hedge trimmer, but it is more than enough for everyday domestic needs. 

As witnessed by most of the users, the brush cutter does its job very well and without problems, allowing you to complete the operations in a short time and without too much effort.

Internal combustion engine

The model proposed by PowerSmart has an internal combustion engine and, compared to electric brush cutters, has an immediate and obvious benefit: it does not require the power cable. It can be used wherever it is needed, even in the absence of power outlets. 

Therefore, it will not be necessary to purchase an extension cable separately, and it will be possible to cut the hedges without the encumbrance of the annoying wire.

Compared to most battery-powered brush cutters, the advantage of a model with an internal combustion engine like the Matrix lies in its greater power and autonomy.

In particular, when the mixture runs out, you don't have to wait too long - as happens when you need to recharge the battery - to get back to work and finish in the shortest possible time.

However, a model has disadvantages with an internal combustion engine such as the increased noise that could be a problem for the neighbours or the unpleasant exhaust gases produced during cutting.

Easy to use

Even if there are no instructions in Italian, the Matrix brushcutter is not challenging to use.

Less bulky than other similar models with an internal combustion engine is easily transported. According to many consumers, it is not tiring even after several hours of consecutive use.

Once the work is finished, the handle is released and, therefore, the tool ends up taking up a much smaller footprint, ideal for unloading and loading it on the vehicle, and storing it in a small space in the garage cellar.

One of the hitches that can occur in brush cutters with petrol engines is ignition: it often proves difficult and wastes time and effort even before starting work. The advantage of the Matrix is that it does not give problems in this respect.

Finally, the graduated tank supplied allows you to prepare the mixture quickly.

Main advantage

For those looking for a quality brush cutter at a cost that is as low as possible, the model made by Matrix could represent the ideal solution.

Main disadvantage

The supplied wire is skinny. By replacing it with a better one, the performance of the machine improves significantly.

Rank#09 - Ryobi RY254BC 25cc 2-Cycle Full Crank Gas Brush Cutter

The Ryobi RY254BC 25cc 2-Cycle Full Crank Gas Brush Cutter is a versatile, reliable and powerful tool. You can use this hedge trimmer in any situation. It is also very light and has a single adjustable handle.

The resulting advantage is the greater comfort of use. Even starting, thanks to the innovative Kar system, is particularly fast and fluid.

Main Features

Internal combustion engine

The Ryobi RY254BC 25cc 2-Cycle Full Crank Gas Brush Cutter is a 34.4 cc two-stroke petrol engine model. The advantages of models of this kind over electric and battery-powered ones are different.

Firstly, the greater power expressed allows you to cut edges and hedges with greater efficiency and speed, ideal for finishing the job faster in the limited free time available.

Secondly, you don't necessarily have to work near a power outlet or use an awkward extension cord. At most, you will need to take the tank with the mixture with you for a quick refill in case you need it. 

However, this operation takes a few minutes, nothing to do with the battery-powered models' long charging times. The cut can, therefore, resume quickly.


You will likely find the Kawasaki's price less competitive than other brush cutters, but this model's performance is also superior. After all, the Kawasaki brand is known worldwide for the excellent reliability, resistance, and understanding of its engines.

What is present in this model is avant-garde and manages to express considerable power and a high number of revolutions.

The advantage is a more efficient and comfortable mowing of even the most challenging grass and even small branches while ensuring, at the same time, low fuel consumption.

Another essential advantage of the Kawasaki resides in the transmission rod, which, together with the shaft, is made in Italy with top quality materials.

In particular, the benefit is evident in the more excellent reliability and resistance, which, unlike the cheaper models, are also found following continuous and robust stresses.

Comfort of use

The single soft rubber grip is freely adjustable and can also slide back and forth on the shaft to allow the best possible fit. Moreover, thanks to the remarkable maneuverability, the Kawasaki trimmer can be used anywhere, even in tiny spaces.

It is a very light brush cutter, which, therefore, is particularly suitable for intensive and prolonged use because it less strains those who support it and allows you to keep your arms extended and at the right distance and inclination.

One of the problems that often occur in brush cutters occurs during the start-up phase, proving to be defective and problematic, with time and effort.

The advantage of the Kawasaki is that it uses the innovative Kar system, which significantly reduces the effort to pull the rope, simplify, and speed up the ignition.

The new SQS muffler provides a further advantage: a low noise level: this also contributes to making work more comfortable.

Main advantage

The performance of the Ryobi RY254BC 25cc 2-Cycle Full Crank Gas Brush Cutter is of a high level and allows an effective and fast cutting of even the most challenging grass.

Main disadvantage

The price of this model is not first-rate.

Rank#10 - Husqvarna 129R 17" Cutting Path Gas Brush cutter

This brush cutter boasts top quality materials, which do not deteriorate under challenging conditions and allow it to be used in any climatic condition. It is not very heavy, so there is no risk of straining your back. Let's keep an eye on the features that make it one of the best gas powered string trimmer under $200.

Main Features

Robust and reliable

The Husqvarna 129R 17" Cutting Path Gas Brush cutter engine is the real strength of this product. Thanks to new generation materials and excellent mechanics, it works without failures for years.

It makes the device usable in all conditions, including incredibly dusty areas or sweltering summer days. The KAR easy starting system allows you to start the hedge trimmer at the first stroke, and the muffler at low tones reduces noise to acceptable levels.

The scavenging system, typical of Kawasaki engines, saves fuel with the same output while reducing polluting emissions, while the lighter pistons further increase performance and speed.

Coming to power, it is perhaps the only brushcutter to develop a good 2 kW with a very high torque value, thanks to which it can cut everything quickly and without dropping revs on difficult points. It can be used on very tall grass, scrub, riverbanks, and even woods.

Versatile and precise

The classic blades have been replaced by a cutting apparatus consisting of a two-line "hit and go" head, virtually a type of device loaded with nylon thread and guarantees excellent performance for a long time.

It is possible to vary the wire's shape and size to adapt it to different pruning on different soil types. This allows for great versatility and precision.

Among the accessories made available by Vigor and which must be purchased separately, it is possible to mount a chain pruner for the largest branches or shrubs or a blade hedge trimmer kit, making the device suitable for practically all jobs. Possible cutting in a garden.

Finally, the constant pressure acceleration control allows you to adjust the speed quickly and intuitively.

Ergonomic and safe

This type of brush cutter is equipped with an integral anti-vibration system that guarantees better comfort and prevents damage to the joints and tendons. At the same time, the delta handle allows you to maneuver the device with ease.

The shaft made of aluminum dramatically reduces the weight, allowing you to work correctly with undeniable benefits for your back. The motor, which is the heaviest part, is held close to the natural center of gravity body.

The indispensable shoulder strap is included in the package, but not headphones and glasses, which are necessary given the risk linked not only to noise but also to the accidental throwing of stones and other objects during the device's commissioning.

Main advantage

A reliable and relatively powerful engine makes it an excellent mid-range product and suitable for almost professional use.

Main disadvantage

The weight, which being about 10 kilos (to which fuel must be added) after a while, makes itself felt on the arms, shoulders, and back.

Rank#11 - Trimmer Plus BC720 Brush cutter

 The article proposed by Parker is - in our opinion - the right solution for those who own an average large garden. The power of the engine and its balance makes it more than a satisfactory item.

Main Features

A potent tool

The brush cutter produced and marketed by Parker, a multinational company with few rivals in the sector, uses a 52 cc petrol engine and a power of 2.2 kW. As it is easy to guess, we are talking about a potent tool.

If you have a small garden, perhaps you can opt for a cheaper product, possibly with electricity. But if you have several acres of land to mow, then the Parker brush cutter is recommended. Thanks to its power, all work will be faster and more accurate.

Of course, you cannot expect a uniform cut of the grass unless you are incredibly skilled, but here we enter the impossible field. To have an even cut, you need a mower with wheels.

The entire structure is detachable, to simplify cleaning operations or the replacement of parts damaged by wear. The package includes a spool of line and a set of accessories. These include a harness and a tank to make the mixture.

For some, it is heavy

The weight of the article is 11 kg. For some, it can be an excessive load and therefore create some difficulty in supporting it. Unfortunately, with such a powerful engine and a full fuel tank, it is difficult not to have such a problem.

A big help comes from the balance that the Parker brush cutter boasts. Many satisfied customers have been able to appreciate this feature of the brush cutter and enhance it. A precious help in maneuvering the brush cutter also comes from the harness, comfortable, and resistant. It is worn like a backpack.

The engine overheats

The engine was praised as it was considered robust and reliable. However, we have to consider some criticisms. One in particular that the engine overheats quickly. The consequence is that you have to stop and wait for it to cool down before resuming work.

Perhaps this is the only flaw of a product that, in our opinion, is almost unassailable. To demonstrate this, we add that the noise level produced is shallow. It is not even necessary to wear headphones, given the low decibel emission.

Main advantage

Several customers who have had the opportunity to test the brushcutter made by Parker have enhanced its balance, which helps a lot when working with such tools.

Main disadvantage

Some customers complain that the engine overheats too soon. Once this happens, you have to wait for it to cool down before resuming work.

How to use the best gas powered string trimmer reviews

For those who want to keep the garden or a green area of the house in the best possible way, purchasing a brush cutter is a viable solution that combines practicality with results in the field. Here are some notes and practical advice to improve the use of the tool, avoiding incorrect behavior.

Choose the model that's right for you:

The first skimming between different products, from electric ones to motorized ones, allows you to make a clean sweep of those objects that may not be functional to the type of lawn you have in the garden. Always consider the extent and type of work you will have to face.

Respect the safety rules:

The protection of the face and the uncovered parts of the body cannot be neglected. For this reason, we recommend that you cover your face with a dedicated helmet, wear work gloves, working in a space free from things and people for a minimum radius of 15 meters.

Make the most of the blades:

The presence of a wire with which to cut the grass corresponds and goes hand in hand with a correct use with the turf and for small shrubs. Do not think you can cut other materials than those listed with the supplied wire; the final result would be irreparably damaging the instrument.

The brush cutter is not a lawnmower:

There is a substantial difference between the two tools. First, it is also possible to work on areas not on the ground, by fitting special tools such as a circular saw to finish a bush and a hedge. The scope of operations to be carried out is widened, always following the relative safety regulations.

Check the engine:

In the case of motor models, we invite you to monitor the cleanliness of the same and the presence of a suitable protection system to secure the object and the areas that can heat up, not forgetting the parts' correct lubrication.

Work without hindrance:

For those who have purchased a brush cutter that connects to the electricity supply, it is advisable to check the wire's length and the power tool's ability to reach specific points in the garden as best as possible. Avoid using extension cords, which can create additional obstacles while working.

Handle the brush cutter as best you can:

Correct posture is necessary and useful for those who want to work in the best conditions, avoiding risks and damage to the back. Check that there is no material cut on the handle by grasping it firmly and wearing work gloves suitable for hand protection.

Check on and off functionality

The presence of functional and comfortable ignition buttons has the advantage of allowing you to work in peace, without any risk, to stop the brush cutter at any time you want.

Frequently asked questions

Q1 - How to test the ignition coil of the brush cutter?

For useful measurement, a multimeter is required. Once the coil has been identified, connect the two poles, positive and negative, to the measuring instrument's positive terminal. The reference value of the multimeter must be set at 20 OHM. Simultaneously, the same power must refer to the technical information in the booklet of your brush cutter. Alternatively, you can also proceed with a spark tester. In this scenario, you need to connect one end of the tester to the ignition cable and the cylinder head's rounded back.

Q2 - How to change the line on the string trimmer?

Depending on the type of wire, it is necessary to carry out a preventive check of the broken part. A complete change is not always needed, but it is sufficient to let the cable slide to have a piece of the wire intact.

A vital premise to make the type of coil on which the wire is wound. The procedure changes from support to support, but the important thing is to turn off the brush cutter and implement all the essential safety procedures before intervening.

Q3 - How to turn on a string trimmer?

Most models start with a pull tab. This is the so-called "tear" method. The advice is to check that the device is positioned on the ON position and that the right amount of fuel is still present in the brush cutter. Once these requirements have been verified, the device can be tested for ignition by pulling the ignition tab without too much force.

Q4 - How long should the trimmer line be?

There are two elements to take into consideration. The first is related to the power of the tool, and the second is that of the type of work to be performed. Once the ideas about it are clear, a selection of the diameter and length can be made. On the one hand, this also depends on the type of the mounted coil.

As for the length, it is essential to consider managing the wire when the vehicle is activated. In this way, the object to be cut and the power expressed are the two fundamental reference parameters.

Q5 - Which spark plug do you need for the brush cutter?

Depending on the type of instrument, one candle may be indicated rather than another. The important thing is to always refer to the manufacturer's instructions in the instruction booklet. In this way, there is no risk of an unnecessary purchase or the insertion of a spark plug, which could irreparably damage the engine's functioning.

Q6 - How to disassemble the bevel gear of the brush cutter?

For those who want to resolve the issue, the advice is to contact a distributor of products dedicated to gardening. In this way, you can get an idea of the type and cost of a bevel pair, and understand if the investment is worth the candle or not.

How to choose the best gas weed eater on the market?

The pleasure of having a house with a garden can be partly mitigated by the need to maintain it, which goes from cutting the grass to the care of bushes and flower beds.

Having the right tools can make these operations less tiring: we have therefore created this guide to highlight what are the aspects to take into consideration to choose, even with the help of our reviews, the best brush cutters on the market on the market for your needs. , always with an eye on the price.

How does string trimmer work?

A brush cutter is usually made up of a series of fixed elements that identify its structure and operation. It starts with the engine, continues with the handle to get to the rod, and the tool that takes care of the cut.

Each of these components affects the goodness and comfort of the appliance and, which is evident by comparing the prices of all the models on the market, its cost.

The first decision you will need to make is whether to opt for an electrically or fuel-powered tool. Both solutions have their pros and cons, so it will be up to you to figure out which of the two best suits your garden's size.

Electric brush cutters are linked to a power outlet risk being uncomfortable and not very versatile in large spaces. Moreover, the cable could hinder your movements. However, these are quieter, less polluting, and more economical models in terms of consumption.

Appliances equipped with an internal combustion engine and therefore fueled by petrol are always obliged to have the fuel available, the cost of which is higher than the consumption of electricity, and are noisier and polluting.

For extensive gardens, however, they have the fundamental added value of absolute freedom of movement.

An interesting middle ground could be represented by battery models, less used but still present.

The right accessories for weed eater

Its power gives the versatility of a product of this type, but above all, by the presence of the right accessories, thanks to which you can perform a very high number of additional operations: from finishing the grass to eliminating weeds.

Therefore, power does not rank at the top of the ranking of features to be considered before purchasing. Still, you will undoubtedly have to choose a mainly performing model if you find yourself clearing the ground of very dense vegetation.

However, for routine operations, a mid-range brush cutter is sufficient, accompanied by a good set of accessories.

By choosing a device from those offered by the best brands, you will guarantee the simplicity of finding accessories and any spare parts you may need.

Comfortable and ergonomic

Taking care of the cleaning and maintenance of the garden can take up to a few hours, so it is essential to choose an appliance designed to be comfortable even in the long run.

Therefore, aim for a model with an ergonomic handle that allows you to work without excessive effort, allowing angle adjustment. In this way, you will operate without assuming incorrect postures or without excessively loading the spine.

The possible possibility of folding the handle represents a further added value because it makes the tool-less bulky more easily transportable.

Finally, evaluate if the brush cutter has a vibration damping system so that you will guarantee an even more comfortable user experience. The idea of having to get to work will not seem a nightmare!

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