16 Best Electric Lawn Trimmer Reviews – Updated 2022

Anyone who owns a garden knows it's not all roses and flowers (give us the joke), there is always a lot of maintenance to do, such as harvesting the leaves, watering the plants and giving them fertilizer, weeding and so on. The work is further increased if there is also the lawn: tools such as an electric lawn trimmer are needed.

If you don't know much about the subject, don't worry. Housecarekits.com brings you the most comprehensive guide about the best electric lawn trimmer on the market. Our reviews is fully customer focused who have already used such products.

Rank#01 - WORX WG163.9 20V Cordless Grass Trimmer

best electric lawn trimmer

The first one on our list of the best electric lawn trimmer is Worx WG136.9 20 Volt lawn trimmers. This device has four speeds that allow it to carry a lot of power in a fairly minimalist trimmer concept. It makes the task of cutting something much easier and available to all kinds of users. This also thanks to its adjustable bar size.

Main Features

Weight and measurements

Its lightweight body allows the user to take it anywhere. Even indoors when you need to cut large areas.

The light is not the only point in its favor, but the possibility of having great cutting equipment at home with the comforts of portable equipment and much more practical to use whenever and wherever you need it. It is easy to transport in the car since it will not add considerable weight to it.

We can investigate its measurements with the naked eye. It is important to note that this device offers the possibility of extending or retracting the grab bar. This will allow any user to have access to it at the respective time and place.

This quality also offers other advantages, since it makes it an easy tool to store because it does not take up much space.


Many users have given their approval concerning the power or efficiency of the product they purchased, stating that it is worth the price that this trimmer can develop.

This power is evident in an integrated motor of 500 watts of revolutions. This level of power is reflected in how efficient the tool can be in different cutting tasks.

Many cutting tools are often cumbersome to use. On the other hand, when you try to buy something smaller, you can sacrifice essential aspects such as quality, or in this case, power.

This does not happen with the WORX WG163.9 20V Cordless Grass Trimmer, because its power of revolutions in constant use keeps the most demanding buyers very satisfied.


The design of the WORX WG163.9 20V Cordless Grass Trimmer is in line with the concept of minimalism and efficiency. Its light and slim body make it a quite sophisticated tool.

Its holders adhere to this device with much more grip comfort and allow the user to make prolonged uses of it, thus satisfying any need to the extent of any type, also thanks to its 30 cm cutting range.

Its fast-washing surface will allow buyers to keep the cutter indoors, regardless of its design, since the WORX WG163.9 20V Cordless Grass Trimmer fits perfectly in a closet. If the garden area is not very large, this trimmer can provide greater comfort in fairly specific and occasional uses.

Main advantage:

This model is quite practical and easy to use. Thanks to its weight, it is much more manageable than conventional trimmers, allowing the tool to be a little more portable when assembling, carrying, or storing.

Main disadvantage:

Its cutting wire is very thin, so it could break if not used carefully, according to the experiences told by some customers.

Rank#02 - DEWALT DCST925M1 String Trimmer

electric lawn trimmer reviews

With the freedom to use it without cables, the DEWALT DCST925M1 String Trimmer is considered one of the best electric lawn trimmer out there. With this model you can forget about unexpected and unfortunate cuts and obstructions in the task we are about to undertake. 

It has a powerful anti-blocking system that, combined with a 540 mm long blade, will allow you to do jobs without much effort, in addition to having a distance of 20 mm between its blades.

It can be used whenever required as it has a 36-volt battery that is interchangeable with other accessories with other models of the Bosch brand. It fully charges in just 45 minutes, 80% in just 255 minutes to quickly perform beautification work in our garden.

The DEWALT DCST925M1 String Trimmer model has a weight of 3.5kg and dimensions of 103x28x21cm and 2000 revolutions per minute.

It will give power to undertake the various pending tasks, especially in spring when the colors are brighter in the hedges. It has a blade protector to cut along floors and walls, as safely as possible.

Rank#03 - WORX WG170 GT Revolution 20V 12" Grass Trimmer

best cordless lawn trimmer

This is one of the largest models in the range as far as cutter bar length is concerned. This sword reaches 70 centimeters long with a blade distance of 34 millimeters.

Two elements that make it easier to work in bushy hedges of a certain size. It is not a product that for now has defects.

To name a few, which is not completely complete either, it is a product capable of cutting branches of up to 38 millimeters to hobble against thicker materials.

We are dealing with one of the most powerful equipment in the Worx range, with which it is easier to work on large and thick hedges. All the above mentioned features makes it one of the best cordless lawn trimmer in the universe.

Rank#04 - BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Sweeper & String Trimmer

cordless lawn trimmer reviews

The first striking aspect of this garden tool is its engine's power, which is 450W for a cutting width of 25 centimeters. We are talking about an edge trimmer that can also be used at a professional level but for medium-sized gardens.

It is very comfortable to use thanks to the double handle that can be adjusted. The telescopic tube is also adjustable.

The hedge trimmer uses E-Drive technology: essentially, it is a transmission system that positively affects the cut and makes the work faster. In addition to the cutting mode, there is also edging, with the appropriate support guides.

In our opinion, the quality of the materials is not in question: we believe we are in a robust and reliable product. And best cordless lawn trimmer among all the brands.

Rank#05 - BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX String Trimmer

cordless lawn trimmer reviews

The BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX String Trimmer is Small but all in all-powerful. This is how we could define this compact but effective lawnmower when dealing with small gardens.

It is a tool that, in our opinion, is ideal for those looking for something cheap but not of bad quality, even if the user could be uncomfortable for tall people. However, the telescopic handle can be adjusted in length from 80 to 110 cm. It is considered one of the best weed eater under 200.

The cutting system is two-wire. The handle is double: comfortable and soft grip, sufficiently ergonomic. It is practically impossible to do without an extension cable as the supplied power cable is short.

Rank#06 - CRAFTSMAN V20 String Trimmer

best electric string trimmer

Our list of the best electric lawn trimmer reviews would be incomplete if you forget to add this one. The CRAFTSMAN V20 String Trimmer is one of the most accessible models in our pocket, so it represents a profitable and adequate purchase for those of us who seek quality at a good price. 

The Craftsman V20 has a powerful 1000 watt motor with a light and comfortable type soft-grip grip on handling when starting its 1800 revolutions per minute.

It has an ergonomic design that gives freshness to our hands and does not generate discomfort after using it for a long time. It has the ease of changing the accessories that make it up so that we can do this task ourselves instead of paying someone else to do it.

This product that responds to the CRAFTSMAN V20 String Trimmer model includes its respective hedge trimmer accessories, has a 43cm blade, and dimensions of 119.5x25x14cm that give it a total weight of 6kg.

Its type of blade is 43cm, and among other things, you can saw, cut, comb, prune, or clean our gardens and leave them impeccable.

Rank#07 - Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer

electric string trimmer reviews

The Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer tool created by Makita is light and robust, therefore excellent for those who want to keep the garden tidy without getting tired and with the safety of a well-built product.

The 23 cm blade guarantees an effective cut, and the wire has a semi-automatic release system to follow you during work, compel us to include it one our best electric lawn trimmer reviews guide.

Main Features

Excellent value for money

The hedge trimmer has proved to be a useful product and suitable for those who want to clean their home garden.

The fact that it is powered by connecting it directly to the electric current makes it suitable for work on areas that are not too large.

Thanks to the good ergonomics of the handle, it is easy to hold, the low weight of 1.7 kilos makes it usable for a long time without tiring the user.

Therefore, those who want to fix the weeds present in a lawn or finish the edges of a garden will find an extremely balanced solution in this regard.

Compared to other weed eaters, the relatively low cost is a winner precisely by the excellent build quality guaranteed by Bosch.

Strength of the wire

For those in the business of smoothing weed-infested corners, it is a must to proceed without interruption and continuously.

This tool's power is average with its 12,500 revolutions per minute without load, allowing you to take care of the lawn or hedges with ease. Cutting takes place thanks to the wire designed to be easily replaceable when worn.

The "Semi Auto Feed" system takes care of automatically unlocking the wire when it is turned on when you want to use the device like a lawnmower.

Once the job is done, a handy hook allows you to store the power cord safely.

Small footprint

It often happens that the tools for the maintenance and care of a garden occupy a substantial space. In this case, Bosch meets those who need to optimize with a product with small dimensions.

The trimmer created has a minimal footprint, comparable to that of a broom, to give you an idea of its size. The ergonomics and the shape allow us to leave it in confined spaces, ready to be used occasionally.

The retractable cable and the hook to attach the plug help to contain further the space occupied by the tool.

It does not reach one meter in height, but thanks to the rod and the ergonomic handle, you can hold it comfortably with one hand and reach the points you want to cut.

Main advantage

Lightweight and extremely practical, these are the strengths of the Bosch edger.

Thanks to the sturdy thread and the comfortable handle, you can work for a long time without getting tired.

Main disadvantage

The small size of the product may not be suitable for too tall people, perhaps forced to bend over during work.

Rank#08 - Greenworks 12-Inch 24V Cordless String Trimmer

cordless string trimmer reviews

When we say the best electric lawn trimmer, we picture a product like Greenworks. This trimmer works by plugging it into an electrical outlet, so you need to consider the distance from the closest to the farthest point where you need to trim your garden's edges. It has a cutting power of 280W, which allows the head to rotate at 12,500 Rpm.

It stands out for its very low weight, equal to only 1.7 kg, making it usable for hours even by the fair sex.

It offers a double handle, which allows you to handle it without impediments, going very close to the edge to be cleaned with good precision. This is also thanks to the excellent weight balance on the whole tool.

The cutting diameter is 23 cm, sufficient for any finishing. Thanks to the «Pro Tap» reel, the wire is replaced quickly and without problems since the integrated system takes care of avoiding accidental unwinding of the wire.

The power cord is only 20 cm long, so it will be necessary to use extension cables throughout the garden.

Rank#-09 - RYOBI 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Attachment Capable String

best cordless string trimmer

You go up in the category with the RYOBI 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Attachment Capable String model, an electrically powered edge trimmer that becomes useful for those who have to finish many edges. 

Comfort during use is guaranteed by a double handle, one of which is a soft grip. The second can also be adjusted by rotating it according to the type of cut being made and therefore, to have greater control of the edge cutter.

The cutting system is a "double wire" that will be managed by the latter once engaged in the edge cutter if it gets damaged or breaks.

This system allows you to try your hand even with weeds of a certain thickness, which can be mowed without problems, thanks also to the power of 10,500 rpm.

One of the best electric lawn trimmer that comes with the ability of rotating the head vertically and cutting in this position when needed. There is also a sled to avoid cutting low plants close to the area to be trimmed. Again, the power cable is very short.

Rank#10 - PowerSmart 20 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer

best electric brush cutter

This trimmer is one of the best electric string trimmer because it has a series of specifications for gardening, which guarantee its proper operation.

Main Features


When acquiring a trimmer, you must take into account the power level of its motor, since the quality of the tool and its good operation when mowing the garden will depend on this.

The PowerSmart 20 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer has a high-power motor with 400 watts of power, this feature allows the tool to have a high level of performance, so when you use it to cut the herbs in your garden, you will have very positive results.

In addition to this, the tool has a wide cutting diameter. This will allow you to mow with two different types of thread to cut the grass and the weeds that grow in your garden.


Performing gardening requires continuous effort, especially if carried out in large areas or in gardens where there are weeds. For this reason, you need a trimmer that allows you to work comfortably, and that adapts to your requirements.

The trimmers model that we present to you has an ergonomic and adjustable handle, thanks to which you can use it with ease and accounting when you go to prune each area of your garden or eliminate the weeds that usually grow in these spaces.

On the other hand, since it is an adjustable tool, you can modify its size, an advantage that will allow you to use it more efficiently and, at the same time store it in small spaces, in which you cannot store tools that do not have these same qualities.

 Rotating head

This tool was manufactured with a rotating head, which allows the cutting process to be carried out with greater agility.

The rotating head will facilitate the day of work that you must do in your garden because its range of action when pruning is much wider than that of other equipment that does not have it; Due to this, the pruning process will be faster, and you will spend less time fixing the garden.


Sometimes when the pruning process is carried out it is necessary to replace the thread that is being used to cut, while we carry out these tasks it is likely that if there is no nearby place to store it, we will lose this material; With this trimmer, this will not happen because it has special support integrated into which you can save the thread you change.

 Main advantage:

The 400 watts of power of the PowerSmart 20 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer demonstrate the strength of the motor of this tool. Such quality makes this trimmer one of the best for gardening work.

 Main disadvantage:

There are few disadvantages that users of this trimmer can point out, since this machine, in addition to having a powerful motor, is a flexible and ergonomic device that has a 90-degree turning cutting head, and an adjustable cane.

Rank#11 - Greenworks 13-Inch 40V Cordless String Trimmer

electric brush cutter reviews

Comes with so many incredible features, Greenworks makes us to include this one to our list of the best electric lawn trimmer. The Greenworks 13-Inch 40V Cordless String Trimmer is Lightweight and easy to handle with optimal weight distribution . the Greenworks lawn Trimmer has a power of 280W, which gives 12,500 revolutions per minute.

The quality of the cut satisfied most of the customers. To mention the Semi-Auto Feed system, which acts in such a way as to unlock the cutting line when the tool is switched on, but the most important thing is that the system above automatically sets the required length of the line.

There are no unreachable points with this trimmer, thanks also to the double handle, which gives great help in supporting the tool and directing it to the points to be cut.

The quality of the materials has met with the favor of customers who have defined it solid and resistant, as per the Bosch tradition. The only problem concerns the replacement of the wire spool: the one compatible with this model. Bosch brand has a cost considered too high.

Rank#12 - EGO Power+ ST1502LB 15-Inch String Trimmer

best electric weed eater

If you have to carry out work at different heights, this hedge trimmer allows you to work without ladders or other elements. For this, it has an efficient extender with which it is easier to reach the highest areas of your hedges without effort.

The weight of the product is quite high, even when the long-distance extender is not being used. Something that we must take into account in case we are going to make long cutting sessions.

It solves the need to prune all kinds of hedges at different heights without the need for an accessory or stairs.

Rank#13 - DEWALT 20V MAX XR String Trimmer

electric weed eater reviews

This product combines a 36-volt battery power system with a 54-centimeter long cut system in the bar area, making it easy to work on large surfaces no matter if a plug is nearby. It is, therefore, considered as one of the best electric lawn trimmer.

The equipment is sold in a conventional cardboard box, lacking having a briefcase or some other similar accessory to store the hedge trimmer as it deserves when not in use.

An efficient solution to cut all types of hedges independently, without the need to spend gasoline or search for plugs.

Rank#14 - TrimmerPlus TPE720 Dual Edger String Trimmers

cordless weed eater reviews

After two electric models, here is powered with a rechargeable lithium battery that offers an autonomy of about half an hour of intensive use. 

This TrimmerPlus TPE720 Dual Edger weed eaters model is ideal for those with a very large garden, and the fence is located very far from the house, and an electric extension cable to use should be several meters in length.

This trimmer does not use a wire to cut the grass but is based on the presence of some small hard plastic blades, which makes this model usable even where weeds grow luxuriantly.

The replacement of blades is considered by users to be a very simple operation and takes place fewer times than a model with wire.

The spare blades can be inserted in a special compartment created in the handle to have them available in the case that installed break without the need to return to your home for replacement.

Rank#15 - BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer

cordless lawn trimmer reviews

The BBLACK+DECKER String Trimmer is an electrically powered trimmer and requires a plugged-in operation. However, it is quite light and does its job properly.

Main Features

Edge trimmer type

The trimmers can work under different methods, obtaining the energy they need from batteries, gasoline, or electric power, so based on your needs, you can choose the trimmer that best suits you.

The BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer model requires electricity to start its motor, and this is why having a plug close to the area where you will use it, will be very useful. However, you can use extensions without any problem, since the power of it will not decrease.

This trimmer is designed with 280 watts of power that even though it may seem like a low number, it has just enough and necessary to perform its functions correctly. Of course, it is intended to be used in small gardens or covers basic cutting needs when it is very difficult to cut an area manually.

Grip and dimensions

A very small, very large, or very heavy trimmer could be inconvenient, especially if you plan to use it for long periods.

The easier it is, the easier it will be for the user to clean their garden in peace, which is why Bosch put effort into this BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer model to make it light and ergonomic possible.

Firstly, the design weighs approximately 1.7 kilograms, thereby achieving greater maneuverability. According to the manufacturer, its arm has an estimated 100 centimeters, being one of the largest. It has 100 centimeters that the client can use the trimmer without leaning too far, avoiding back or neck pain.

On the other hand, thinking about ergonomics, the BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer not only includes one handle but two! With its two handles, you can improve your posture regardless of where you are using the equipment since it will be possible to choose which handle to hold.

Other features

Although this trimmer requires electrical power to work, making it necessary to have a plug nearby, Bosch took steps to ensure that you do not feel uncomfortable when using extensions and that it included an additional hook on the equipment arm so you can place the cable in he and release or collect it as you move through your garden, thereby ensuring that the cable does not hinder your path.

Likewise, this trimmer has a cutting diameter of 23 centimeters, which you can regulate through the coil with thread that it includes. Since it adjusts automatically, you can regulate the thread's size just by pressing on the bobbin at the bottom of the model.

Likewise, after finishing the 4-meter roll that normally includes this device, you can easily purchase a replacement and make the exchange when you need it.

Main Advantage:

With a weight of approximately 1.7 kilograms, this trimmer is quite light, facilitating its grip and prolonged use without causing excessive fatigue.

Main disadvantage:

The trimmer works with a “Pro-Tap” coil of thread, and according to users, the thread tends to come out or constantly break, making it necessary to remove the coil to readjust it.

 Rank#16 -  BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX String Trimmer

best electric string trimmer

With a powerful 700-watt motor, the BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX String Trimmer has high performance with 34mm of blade spacing. It has a torque of 50 Nm friction coupling that performs the cut that is executed. Its blade length is 700mm, which emits 3400 revolutions per minute for a light weight of 3.8kg.

It also has the function of being a hedge trimmer. It also allows us to fulfill a saw function, with protection for its blade. It is 15% much lighter than traditional models so that gardening work will be easier, and we will not feel the weight of tiredness so soon.

The BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX String Trimmer model has a stirrup with handles with anti-slip material to avoid accidents and thus handle this model even over the head without excessive vibrations. We will have more firmness to handle this tool with this design, whose length is 123 x 24.6 x 22.5cm.

Best electric lawn trimmer buying guide

When you have a lawn, the bulk of the work can be done with a lawnmower, however, finishing in the corners and edges of walls and flower beds is required to complete it.

In this case, the lawnmower is ineffective, which is why it is essential to use the best electric lawn trimmer. With electric brush cutter you can reach difficult points in the garden, but also cut the grass that, for example, grows around the surrounding walls. Or on the side of the road.

This type of tool is on the market with prices for all budgets. Therefore, those who do not want to faint will have no problem finding a low-cost hedge trimmer.

First of all, you need to understand what type of diet is best suited to. Although our guide focuses on electronic models, the reader should know that there are also trimmers with petrol engines.

Then, don't forget to distinguish between trimmers that need mains and battery-powered ones. In all these cases, there are pros and cons.

Petrol lawn trimmers are usually heavier. The engine needs more maintenance than electric ones, and, when running, it emits odors that could be annoying.

Electric trimmers have a specific mobility limit, it all depends on the cable's length, and not everyone likes to have a wire between their feet while working. The cordless models have limited autonomy whose amount varies depending on the model but have the advantage of being light.

Which is the best electric lawn trimmer on the market?

Our house's domestic tasks and specifically of our garden will be carried out with the maximum effectiveness to the extent that we have artifacts that serve as support for such work.

Beautifying our green areas will work if we constantly cut and can cut the bushes that surround our home, so having Bosch electric hedge trimmers on hand will allow us to perform these tasks more efficiently.

Using specialized tools to make cuts to the bushes is an advantage that we obtain after establishing a comparison of Bosch electric hedge trimmers because we mainly spoke of a brand with years of significance in the market and characterized by the quality of the products it offers.

The electric string trimmer Bosch are tools that streamline cutting jobs and reducing bushes while maintaining control in our garden will serve to make them look lusher and manicured. The power of these machines is important if we evaluate the fact of wanting to complete the tasks we will undertake quickly.

It is also necessary to know the number and the edge of its blades and the revolutions per minute, which obviously will vary from one model to another but which remain from 1500 to 2000.

The vibrations emitted by its power may destabilize the firmness that we have in the machine. For this reason, some Bosch electric hedge trimmers come with anti-vibration technology.

For comfort and stability, this technology is added to the fact that they have an ergonomic handle that provides maximum comfort when making cuts. And not only make cuts at our height but also on our head, so that we must consider these aspects when purchasing such a machine.

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