10 Best Electric Hedge Trimmer For Thick Branches Reviews In 2022

To maintain the care of trees and shrubs in your garden, nothing better than a hedge trimmer since it allows pruning with greater precision and care. However, to choose the best electric hedge trimmer for thick branches, you must consider some features.

 In this category, we talk about electric hedge trimmers. The Black & Decker GT6060 stands out, which has a powerful 600W electric motor, 600mm double blade, safety switch, and debris protection barrier. On the other hand, there is the Makita UH5261, with 400 W of power and a bar with 52 cm in length that operates at a speed of 1600 cuts per minute. Besides, its weight of 3 kg facilitates its handling to cut branches ergonomically and safely without causing fatigue and reducing the risk of accidents.

Rank#01 - Black & Decker GT6060 Hedge Trimmer

To keep your hedges in perfect condition without too much effort, the Black & Decker GT6060 hedge trimmer offers you pleasant power, with a careful and hygienic power supply system and a design developed to give you all the comfort you need during use.

Main Features

Cutting power

Compared to traditional gasoline hedge trimmers, the Black & Decker GT6060 model has an electric motor that generates a capacity of 600 watts of power and excellent performance. For this power, you will not need batteries since this model works directly plugged into the network, with a large cable that gives it excellent autonomy to operate.

The 600 watts of motor power allow you to obtain an equivalent operating speed at 1840 revolutions or cycles per minute, which will enable you to be able to eliminate all types of plant elements at a suitable saw blow, being able to cut and function optimally for both sides of the saw.

By the way, for your safety, the product has a system of protection against overvoltage to reduce risks during use.

Cutting system

Obtaining accurate but efficient results requires a sword or cutting system adequately prepared to work with all types of shrubs, hedges, or trees. This is what this model offers you, thanks to its double-cutting system.

A system based on two cutting chains that move through both areas of the sword, delivering a braided cut that guarantees both the removal of the branches and elements of greater thickness.

This cutting system has a safety system that reduces the risk of accidents in case of "rebound" or chain failure.

Comfort and ergonomics

One of the critical aspects of any Black & Decker product is the comfort that it provides. In the Black & Decker GT6060 model, the product has a central handle, adequately adjusted, and made of a special plastic that helps you hold the product's weight.

As for the other hand, it has a unique sizeable directional handle, where you can keep it and steer the cutting sword wherever you need it.

To maintain proper security, a transparent protective screen is mounted on the final part of the sword, which prevents debris from jumping.

However, as always, you must use the necessary protective measures to use the saw. Finally, we can not forget its weight, just 3 kilos, making its use much more comfortable and lighter.

Main Advantage:

The power supply system avoids gasoline models' odors and discomfort, offering a much cleaner and more pleasant operation.

Main disadvantage

The cleaning of the product can be somewhat laborious, significantly if you cut hedges of trees or shrubs that tend to have small materials such as pine.

Rank#02 - Makita UH5261 Hedge Trimmer

Makita tools feature a functional design to make daily DIY and gardening tasks easier. In the category of the best electric hedge trimmer for thick branches, the UH5261 model stands out with 400 W of power and an ergonomic body for a secure grip.

This tool has a 52 cm long sword, capable of reaching a speed of 1600 cuts per minute to offer greater precision in the maintenance of hedges and bushes.

This hedge trimmer's safe design is evidenced in the three switches that allow the tool to be operated by pressing two of the buttons. It also stops quickly when you release any of these, thus reducing accidents with the saw and improper handling.

We must also emphasize that the cutting sword has an anticorrosive cover and protection against impacts that extend its useful life, supporting your investment for longer.

For many users, Makita is the best brand of electric hedge trimmers, and it is that among the different gardening tools offered, the UH5261 model stands out, of which we point out its pros and cons below.


Brake: This tool's safety setting quickly stops the saw if you release one of the two buttons that you must press for operation.

Design: The hedge trimmer weighs 3 kg and has a compact design to make it easier to load and maintain the hedges without running out.

Saw: For its part, the serrated saw on both sides allows you to change the hand tool and get precise cuts regardless of your laterality. Besides, it has a nickel coating that protects it from corrosion to last longer.


Cable ties: A user states that the cable clip is a bit weak, and for this, he suggests using a carabiner.

Rank#03 - Bosch AHS 45-16 Hedge Trimmer

Another big brand that gets our attention when we look for the best electric hedge trimmer for thick branches is Bosch. The AHS 45-16 model is a tool with ergonomic handles that offers a comfortable and balanced working position for cutting young, thick, and medium-sized hedges with little effort.

It has a high-power motor of 420 W of power, blades with the diamond sharpening of 450 mm in length and 16 mm aperture between them, which produce enough force to perform sporadically at the domestic level.

It's a lightweight device, weighing just 2.6 kg, to ensure less wear with less effort from your arms and back. It is safe and easy to handle with both hands and requires the simultaneous operation of the two switches, with the idea of minimizing the risk of accidental operation.

If you want to purchase with a budget set in advance, you should know that the Bosch AHS 45-16 has been described as the best hedge trimmer under 50 dollars. So these are its pros and cons.


Lightweight: It is a fairly lightweight device, which allows it to be easily handled, especially when it will be used for a long day of pruning.

Size: It is the ideal size to make cuts in areas that are not too wide, since its cutting blade is 45 cm.

Power: Its power level is 420 W, which allows small or medium sized cuts in gardens and similar spaces with a good level of efficiency.

Grip: It has an ergonomic grip that not only provides comfort but also balance in terms of weight distribution in the structure of the device.


Cut: The cut is limited to branches that are not too thick, so if you need a device to make larger cuts, you should consider other options.

Rank#04 - Einhell BG-EH 5747 Electric Hedge Trimmer

Another model among the best electric hedge trimmers for thick branches is the BG-EH 5747 from the German brand Einhell. 

It has 570 W of power and works with 53 cm long double-edged safety blades, made of special polished steel, with 18 mm of space between the teeth, to offer you 46.5 cm of adequate length and good cutting precision.

As a minimum safety measure, this device is equipped with a two-hand switch system. That means the machine will stop working as soon as one of the buttons is released.

It also has a protective screen that covers the hands and the face from the released waste.

The aluminum cover for blade protection offers an extension of its useful life.

Below we show you the pros and cons of one of the cheapest Einhell hedge trimmers on the market, so you can consider whether it corresponds to your expectations.


Size: Its blade is 53 centimeters, hence it has an adequate cutting range so that the pruning process is carried out in less time.

Power: Its 570 W of power allows it to provide a good level of cut in terms of depth, precision and speed, achieving the results you expect especially in branches of small and medium thickness.

Lightweight: Because it weighs only 3.1 kg, you will not get tired of handling this hedge trimmer in one day, and you can easily move it from one place to another.

Ergonomics: It has a main and a secondary grip that are comfortable to handle, so you can handle the device with a good level of control and make the cuts with more precision.


Cut: For some users the cut made by the device is insufficient, therefore it is recommended to use it on small or medium sized branches.

Rank#05 - Ryobi RHT6560RL Electric Hedge Trimmer

With a power of 650 W and a 60 cm long blade, this Ryobi hedge trimmer is a functional and widely recommended tool, as it is easy to use and will help you keep your gardens and shrubs in the best conditions.

The blade's double-cutting system, sharpened with diamond and laser-cut, makes it one of the best hedge trimmers for thick branches. Considering precision in the cuts, it is recommended to prune branches with 30 mm thickness and hedges with a height of 40 to 80 m 2.

For its part, the ergonomic handlebar makes the grip more comfortable for the user to hold the hedge trimmer and avoid accidents during use properly. This tool can be used with peace of mind for reasonable periods without overheating.

The engine has the necessary strength for optimum performance if you give it domestic use. You must consider that it weighs 4.3 kg, and you must have more excellent physical resistance for continuous use.

In this comparison, we present the products with the best valuation among users. This model has been carefully reviewed to describe its pros and cons below so that you can make a decision based on the information and experience of other users.


Power: The 650 W motor of this hedge trimmer offers optimum performance to keep gardens and hedges in good condition, without overheating the tool or failing during operation.

Blade: The 60 cm long saw is suitable for cutting branches 30 mm thick and bushes of different sizes, as it has been laser cut and sharpened with diamond to keep it working for longer.

Warranty and protection: The manufacturer offers up to two years of warranty to take care of your investment. In addition, a blade protector is included that facilitates storage without risk of cuts and accidents.


Weight: This model has a weight of 4.5 kg, which can be a bit tiring if you are not used to using the hedge trimmer for a full day of gardening.

Cable: A user states that the power cable is very short, so it is necessary to have an extension cable.

Rank#06 - Black & Decker GT6060 Hedge Trimmer

Black & Decker is always the storefront of power tools. It offers this model, cataloged according to the users' opinion. Its high durability, optimal cutting performance, and comprehensive safety make it the best hedge trimmer for thick branches.

Among its main features, in addition to its lightness (3 Kg), this best electric hedge trimmer has 600 W of power, a 600 mm double blade, a two-hand safety switch, and a sizeable protective screen.

They make it comfortably manageable to efficiently cut cypresses and vines, as well as all kinds of medium-sized shrubs, with extreme safety.

The double blade of asymmetric blades, with 25 mm of space between teeth, gives you more balance and less vibration. Its double-action produces a uniform distribution of the weight between blade and handlebars, giving you unsurpassed performance for long periods.


Power: Its 600 W of power, allows it to offer high performance, taking into account that it is powered by electrical energy which is a great help to have a better performance.

Safety: It has a safety brake, which allows you to stop the device when necessary, so you can prevent accidents or inconveniences.

Size: It has an adequate size, which contributes to a better performance, thanks to its 114 x 25, 8 cm, which give it a high range of reach.

Blade: The blade of this hedge trimmer is double, so you can perform the cutting process in less time and with a greater degree of effectiveness.

Ergonomics: You can manipulate it without problems, because it has a main ergonomic grip and a reinforcement so you can use this device as comfortably as possible.

Rank#07 - Einhell Expert GE-CT Electric Hedge Trimmer

Without the hassle of cables, this model favors the environment by not emitting polluting gases thanks to its 18V rechargeable lithium battery. It completes charging in approximately 30 minutes, a short time to start working.

To fast forward the project, it provides a cutting diameter of 24 cm and has a space to store spare blades.

For the tool to adapt to your height needs and avoid back pain, it has the possibility of extending the handle length by 35 cm; besides, the motor tilt offers five positions and a 90º rotation to find the precise angle for the edge to work.

Likewise, and continuing with its adaptations to offer comfort, it has an additional support handle. On the other hand, your plants' foliage and their flowers will be outside the cutting area due to the top stop, so you can use it to cut the grass around them safely.

Rank#08 - Bosch ART 23SL Hedge Trimmer

Suppose you are looking for a lightweight tool to work the edges of your garden without being too exhausted. In that case, this electric trimmer model will be an essential complement in the maintenance of your garden; since it only weighs 1.7 Kg, it offers you a convenient 23 cm cutting diameter. Its upper handle provides excellent ergonomics to hold with its double grip.

It offers a power of 280 Watts and the advantage of not storing flammable fuels in your home since a cable powers it to the electric current. On the other hand, its use uses a thread that rotates at high speed to achieve the cutting of the brush to be removed.

Its storage is effortless due to its three-part folding system, so it will not take up space while not in use.

Rank#09 - Black & Decker ST5528-QS Hedge Trimmer

Cutting the edges in your garden will be a simple task with this Black & Decker model. It includes in its design a practical guide wheel that facilitates precision when cutting edges of sidewalks or fences. It also serves as a support for reducing fatigue.

We should also mention that it offers two speeds that allow you to change the edge to cutter function, thus improving precision.

On the other hand, it offers a great power of 550W, and it's Powered by an E-Drive system that avoids jamming in difficult weeds, so you can use it efficiently and save yourself the trouble of changing tools in these cases.

One of the uncomfortable aspects in some models of thread trimmers is the change of this accessory, which has been solved in this cutter by including the AFS automatic wire feed system that simplifies and saves time in this regard.10. Einhell GE-CT 18 Li Solo - Cordless Trimmer

This model works with a rechargeable battery, capable of offering a range of up to 40 minutes of effective use per charge. This avoids having to go looking for plugs in the garden or having to pull cables and extensions to keep the product working.

This model does not use plastic cable for the cut, but includes a kind of brand-specific blades that limit the possibilities when looking for a replacement. As compensation, the trimmer is accompanied by 20 spare blades. A versatile and efficient model that thanks to its light weight and cordless operation makes it easier to take care of your garden.

Rank#10 - Bosch ART 23 SL  Hedge Trimmer

This model has a very light design, weighing just 1.7 kilos, and a folding approach helps it store without taking up too much space in your storage room. The cutting capacity of this specific model is somewhat more limited, at 23 centimeters in diameter.

However, the brand offers other models capable of reaching 35 centimeters in cutting diameter if you need it. An efficient tool for small maintenance jobs in your garden, light and easy to store.

How to choose best electric hedge trimmer for thick branches

Feeding system

We distinguish existing models based on the power supply system within the current range of electric hedge trimmers. Although all are electric models, some can work plugged in while others work with rechargeable batteries.

Plugged electric models, in general, have a higher power and cutting capacity than battery models. Besides, we have no problems with the lack of energy to squeeze the power of the equipment in any circumstance.

This advantage has the disadvantage of finding a plug to work, although it is not complicated if we have an extension of sufficient size.

In battery models, we can find an economic segment used for small jobs, and that we will see in detail below. However, we have conventional and high-power measurement products among the traditional models with a giant sword, which we can use quickly and without cable.

At least, as long as the battery holds power, of course. That is why it is convenient to verify the product's autonomy to see if it fits appropriately with what you need.

Operating and cutting power

Power is one of the vital aspects that should be highlighted when making comparison of electric hedge trimmers. The power coupled with the cutting sword system determines the product's capacity when cutting thick branches like blackberry bushes

 In plugged electric hedge trimmers, the primary powers start at about 400 or 500 watts, while the higher power models start at 750 watts. The first one is used for simple tasks on thin elements, while the second one is designed for thick branches.

When it comes to the models with batteries, these parameters change by the power system. In this case, we find two different types.

One of them is the so-called hand hedge trimmers, short sword, and light design, with voltages of 3.6 to 7 volts suitable for easy work or touch-up. If we are looking for a powerful model, the reference power is 18 volts with the conventional sword format of this equipment.

Comfort of use

It is necessary to see and assess the equipment's comfort of use. Since we are talking about hand tools, factors such as weight or ergonomics of the model are essential to make our work more bearable.

The good news is that comfort is not something that significantly influences how much a hedge trimmer costs. That is why, today, we find models with an adjusted price with an elegant design, which have an ergonomic handle that helps us control the cut much easier.

In some models, a grip is complemented with a second handle, which makes it even easier to adjust the amount to what we need.

Regarding the weight, this partly depends on the model we are assessing. Obviously, in compact models, which almost work as scissors or hand trimmers, the weight is much smaller.

If you are looking for a conventional model, check the product's general weight and bet on the lighter one. The less weight the equipment has, the more comfortable it will be, and you will endure the work sessions better.

What is the best electric hedge trimmer for thick branches 2021?

A beautiful and well-maintained garden is a pleasure for the senses. But it is also a complex task for which it is convenient to have the best tools we can find. If your problem is to take care and keep your hedges well-trimmed, with this guide to buy the best electric hedge trimmer for thick branches, it will be easier for you to find the right product at a reasonable price.

When it comes to caring for the garden and hedges, the right tools make the job more pleasant, so they should offer good power and comfort of use. If you are looking for help to maintain hedges properly, check these models and take advantage of your investment by buying a quality product.

How to use an electric hedge trimmer?

When we have a garden, shrubs, or trees around our house, there is always the need to prune them; this helps them revitalize themselves and that their leafiness does not reach great heights. The hedge trimmers allow us to prune branches of different thicknesses easily without spending many hours on this task.

In your garden, the lawnmower often fails to remove weeds from the edges efficiently. When the work involves a work perimeter of several meters, a hand tool is insufficient, so it is better to opt for an electric trimmer.

These tools offer great versatility to maintain your garden's appearance by eliminating the grass that grows next to your fences or sidewalks. On the other hand, it helps to have precision when detailing near flower beds without damaging foliage.

However, each model offers different features and benefits, so you may be confused when choosing among the electric trimmers on the market. To support you, we recommend reading the following guide in which we will highlight the most critical points of these tools to get a better purchase decision.

As a first point, we recommend that you include in your comparison models that have the backing of a recognized brand; in this way, its manufacturer supports the model with a guarantee against manufacturing defects and pays greater attention to design details and materials to provide a durable tool.

Another aspect to consider is the weight of the tool. This is especially important if the garden is extensive. Hand in hand with this point, check the ergonomics of the trimmer to hold it comfortably and the possibility of adapting the length of the tool to avoid an uncomfortable posture while working.

Finally, consider whether it is a model with thread or blades and its practicality to replace the accessory in each case. This will help you avoid an excessive investment of time in this task.

Choose the type of hedge trimmer

This practical tool works in three different ways: gasoline, electricity, and battery. Each of these working ways offers you various advantages, which you can adapt to your need for use.

The hedge trimmers that run on gasoline have high power; you can cut thick branches with them without problems. You can spend several hours doing pruning without refilling the fuel, which gives you a good time of autonomy and use.

Electric models have a lower power compared to those that run on gasoline, so if the branches of your garden are of medium thickness, you can choose to use an electric hedge trimmer. This tool comes in two presentations, with or without cable. If your garden is a little away from the house, you can use an extension cord if you prefer a wired tool.

The battery hedge trimmer is also medium power but gives you the freedom to take it anywhere. However, the battery's durability is relatively short, so it is recommended to always have a spare at hand.

Know the safety regulations for its use

When you use a power tool that has something sharp, it is essential to follow all the recommended safety standards while using it. This will help you to complete the task without compromising your physical integrity.

When using a hedge trimmer, you should wear protective gloves and wear thick clothing, long sleeves, which will protect you from any accidental contact with the tool blades. Wear specialized glasses for this type of task during the task.

This tool produces a lot of noise, so it is advisable to wear headphones when using them. Put the protective cover on the blades when you turn off the tool, even if it is for a short time. Use the safety lock whenever you pause to avoid accidentally turning it on.

What precautions to follow when using a hedge trimmer?

Always hold the hedge trimmer with both hands, so you have all possible control over the tool. When you are cutting, take a firm stance, do not relax, and do not climb stairs or platforms to perform pruning. During the cutting process, no one should be close or hold what you are cutting.

Performs proper maintenance of the hedge trimmer

You should do it daily if you want the tool to last for a long time. To do this, always keep the blades sharp and after each use, wait for it to cool before storing it, especially if you put it in a box. Periodically lubricate the parts that require it; to do this, you must use a high-quality greaser.

The most popular brands

Suppose you want excellent aesthetics and cleaner cuts in your hedges, as well as easy access to cut them. The Bosch, Stihl, and Black & Decker brands are the ones that users recommend most earnestly when buying a hedge trimmer; review the information about each one.

Bosch: It has been an instrument for generations to make users' lives easier due to its comprehensive proposal of high-quality appliances and tools. The Bosch is the first brand of home appliances in Europe, offering the best performance because its motto is a technical improvement, quality and more excellent reliability in manufacturing, export and final sale in yesterday and today.

It presents a wide range of products with application in different areas of everyday life and even people's professional. With an infinite number of possibilities when manufacturing their appliances, Bosch products have always achieved exceptional results in their tests before Market launches.

It offers all sorts of hedge trimmers. Among them, the height hedge trimmers are considered the best. Its main characteristics are improved handling, thanks to the distribution of its weight, and the hands' protection because It has a stirrup with anti-vibration handles. This is due to its maximum power in the engine blades of different sizes.

Stihl: Stihl is a German multinational group founded by Andreas Stihl in 1926. You should know that some consider its founder to be the father of the chainsaw. The brand mainly manufactures and markets forestry, agricultural and gardening machinery, as well as for construction, salvage, and cleaning, offering individual protection, appropriate clothing for this type of work, and accessories adapted for each of the users.

At present, it has nine factories worldwide, 32 subsidiaries, 130 importers, and an approximate 35,000 specialized distributors; its comprehensive catalog highlights the hedge trimmers, chainsaws, cutters, among other machines.

Concerning hedge trimmers, their diversity is vast, in which there are petrol trimmers, electric accumulators, gasoline, electric, and accumulators. Each of them has its characteristics but high in quality. The majority of their equipment is available for pruning and profiling, without bearing the types of hedges; in addition to the antivibration, it saves time and effort in the execution of work.

The credit for the invention of the electric drill goes to the Black & Decker brand. After being founded in 1910, the company has become known for its famous power tools and appliances, making certain combinations such as the development of the hand drill, which were a milestone on a commercial level.

On the other hand, the company gives one year warranty to all products from the date they are purchased, including the repair or replacement.

It is the leading company in the United States and the global small appliance industry, being the largest suppliers with businesses in approximately 100 countries. It also manufactures quality products for both home and professionals.

In its catalog, you have electric, automotive and electronic tools, pressure washers, paint, and gardening tools. Concerning hedge trimmers, the offer goes through several models with high power levels, double-action blades that facilitate a fast and low-pressure cutting, cutting capacity is of different sizes for every need, starter switches and deactivation for more excellent safety, and compact and lightweight designs for ease of use.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to sharpen an electric hedge trimmer?

To keep your hedge trimmer in optimal condition, you should perform periodic maintenance. This maintenance must include correct sharpening of the blades and teeth; This process can be accomplished using a metal file. First, you must use suitable work equipment that protects your eyes and hands to avoid an accident.

Use a flat metal file, preferably 7 inches in length. Place the trimmers on a flat and stable surface, with the blades on edge. Then proceed to move the file, taking care to maintain the correct angle on each tooth's cutting surface. Once you see new and clean metal, continue with the next tooth. Repeat the entire process with the lower blade. And at the end of the task, apply a light oil coating to all the teeth.

Q2: Common breakdowns in electric hedge trimmers?

Most breakdowns occur due to poor maintenance; however, you could evaluate the quality of the tool and its performance when working. One of the common problems is the jamming of the blades and the cutting teeth. This occurs when vegetable residues are stuck in the blade. Thus, after each work, it is advisable to eliminate all vegetable traces (leaves, branches, nuts, etc.) and carry out frequent maintenance of the tool.

If the hedge trimmer does not start or stop regularly, it could be a problem with the mains cable or the plug, or the battery charge may fail (in the case of wireless models). Similarly, you should grease it and check the motor's brushes; if one is worn, it is best to take it to technical service where specialists can quickly repair the damage.

Q3: Electric hedge trimmer vs gasoline?

The hedge trimmers are indispensable tools to keep organized a land, garden, or crop. Depending on user's needs and preferences, we have the gasoline models and the electric models. In this sense, many people bet on electric hedge trimmers since they offer more significant advantages over those that run on gasoline.

Starting with the cost, these are cheaper tools than your gasoline counterparts. In terms of power, today, the market has models of electric hedge trimmers that compete in their performance with gasoline models. Besides, with an electric hedge trimmer, you save the cost of fuel.

You will not have to worry about the cable's length since there are models equipped with Lithium batteries, which provide autonomy and are capable of facing thick branches and trunks of trees. Besides, gasoline hedge trimmers are heavier, and when using an engine that consumes fuel, they pollute the environment with their toxic emissions.

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