Top 9 Best Cordless Lawn Trimmer Reviews – Updated 2022

When it is necessary to trim the lawn mowing of the home garden, a trimmer is needed to remove the longest clumps near walls, flower beds, etc. A cordless one could reach at the difficult point easily.

So the popularity of the cordless lawn trimmer is skyrocketed at present. To help you select the best cordless lawn trimmer, we have made a list of the best cordless brush cutter.

Rank#01 - BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 Trimmer

Best Cordless Lawn Trimmer

Being a model that works with a battery, the first thing that should be mentioned is that it is a lithium-ion battery, which symbolizes a longer duration when starting it up. It is known as the best cordless lawn trimmer in the world. 

Also, according to the users' opinion, it requires only about an hour of charge to fill the battery and start it up again. So, in case you get stuck in the middle of a task, you can put it on a charge while you rest a bit and then finish your work.

The advantage of this trimmer is that it has two operating modes, its ECO function to extend cutting time at a lower speed and its turbo function, in which all the power of the equipment (2,000 watts) comes to light to finish with the most resistant weeds. However, the battery discharges faster in this case.

On the other hand, its width of cut is 30 centimeters, being appropriate for wide terrains, since it will cover a large area in a short time.

According to the manufacturer, the model can cut up to 3,750 square meters before depleting its battery. However, this can vary from person to person, depending on the speed chosen and the time it is used.

Rank#02 - BLACK+DECKER Lithium-Ion String Trimmer

Best Cordless Lawn Trimmer reviews

Let's skip the presentations on the brand, also known to stones, and immediately move on to the edger's characteristics, which is ideal for caring for medium-sized gardens.

It is well balanced and very compact, characteristics that favor its maneuverability making it one of the the best cordless lawn trimmer. The support guides allow you to switch to the edging function.

The user can choose between the turbo speed, which will involve a greater waste of the battery, and the ECO one, for greater autonomy.

The E Drive technology works in such a way as to keep the power constant, and no grass can withstand the edge trimmer signed by Black + Decker, not even the thickest one.

The telescopic handle and the edger's height can be adjusted: there are two handles, one fixed and the other adjustable. The power supply is entrusted to a 36 V lithium battery that can be recharged at any time, without having to wait for it to run out.

Rank#03 - Makita LXT String Trimmer

Best Cordless brush cutter

This trimmer is considered only for very small gardens: the aspect that does not convince us concerns the battery or, to be more precise, the duration, which is around 15 minutes.

It is a small amount of time, which, in any case, should not represent a major limitation for those who have to perform modest maintenance.

It is a low-end tool that can be understood at a glance, starting with the materials where plastic abounds, but it can be a good solution for those looking for something cheap. It is well balanced, but the handle is quite simple, not very ergonomic.

The power is not much, but it is sufficient for the purpose in the case of a limited amount of work.

Rank#04 - EGO Power+ 15-Inch Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer

Best Cordless brush cutter reviews

The equipment has a mechanism to vary the angle of cut according to your needs; that is, you can access more limited spaces when removing weeds under the garden benches.

Some customers have indicated that the movement easily loosens the housing covering the cutting blades exerted when working.

It is a robust, light, and easy to mount trimmer. Its structure is equipped with an ergonomic and adjustable grip handle, which you can adjust to your height, and incorporates plastic cutting blades and fast-charging lithium batteries. It stands out among the best battery powered Weed eaters.

Rank#05 - Toro Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer

Best battery powered lawn trimmer

The next member on our list of the best cordless brush cutter is the great Toro Lithium-Ion cordless lawn trimmer. This trimmer finds its ideal field of application in small and medium-large gardens. It is powered by a 10.8V battery. It cuts edges well and finishes the contours of flower beds very well.

Much appreciated was the Durlablade cutting system, which increases the longevity of the blade. This professional lawn trimmer has a telescopic handle so that it adapts to various heights. 

The handle is very comfortable and favors a firm grip: good balance and handling, it is very light, and this facilitates the work avoiding excessive fatigue.

Furthermore, with this tool, you can always be sure to use the necessary power—the Toro Syneon Chip system, which also helps to manage battery life better.

Rank#06 - WORX GT2.0 String Trimmer

Best battery powered brush cutter

You can use this model both for trimming edges and a brush cutter, thanks to the fact that it works under a double-blade system, so regardless of what you need to cut, this Bosch model will shake your hand.

Likewise, since it is wireless, it makes use of a 2.5 Ah lithium-ion battery, managing to be quite useful as it can cover long spaces of land before requiring a new charge. 

On the other hand, thinking about the user's comfort, it is possible to adjust the handle's height up to a maximum of 115 centimetres, so you can increase or decrease it based on your needs.

It is quite light when weighing only 2.1 kilograms, approximately, however, to give you greater stability during use, in addition to the common handle, the model includes additional support on the front so that you can use both hands and maintain the trimmers in place.

Rank#07 - DEWALT DCST990X1 String Trimmer

battery powered brush cutter reviews

The main thing to comment on this trimmer is that it is wireless but, unlike common models, it does not include a battery or charger, so it is necessary to purchase them separately.

The truth is that it requires a lithium-ion battery, and thanks to them, it is easy to deduce that its behavior will last after starting it. Users ensure that their charge can last between 40 and 60 minutes of continuous use.

Now, something remarkable about its design is that its motor can be tilted in up to 5 different positions that will allow you to cut all kinds of the brush in the shape or position you want, also, said motor is also capable of rotating up to 90 degrees to give you more accessibility than you already have with its five positions. All these amazing features make us to include on our list of the best cordless brush cutter.

Likewise, thanks to its 20 plastic blades, it has a cutting range of 24 centimeters, covering a large number of square meters quickly.

The design of its handle, together with the secondary handle, makes possible a stable grip that, together with its only 2.2 kilograms of weight, makes this DEWALT DCST990X1 String Trimmer model a good candidate for any home.

Rank#08 - Earthwise 12-Inch Cordless Electric String Trimmer

best cordless bush trimmer

It incorporates a lithium-ion battery, so you only need an hour of charge to enjoy its operation for a long time, with a practical power supply system.

Users who had previously used a gasoline cutter commented that the working power is slightly less than usual when using this cordless model.

Its starting power is 2000V, and it has two work functions, which you can adapt according to the type of brush you want to remove. The structure is made of chrome-plated aluminum and medium-density PVC plastic.

Rank#09 - GreenWorks 21302 G-MAX 40V 13-Inch Cordless String Trimmer

best cordless brush cutters

The last but not the least on our list of the best cordless lawn trimmer is the GreenWorks Lawn trimmer. This equipment is designed to remove nascent weeds from large areas since the manufacturer incorporated a rotating head provided with 20 plastic blades into the structure.

As exposed by a couple of buyers on the web, the equipment does not incorporate the necessary lithium batteries to activate its operation.

 This model's structure has a quick assembly that you can examine step by step in the built-in instruction manual. It also adapts to your needs, allowing you to adjust the height of the telescopic tube to your liking and the angle of the cutting area.

How to choose the best cordless lawn trimmers?

Having a garden is wonderful: you can spend carefree hours there, have lunch or dinner outdoors, cultivate a passion for plants, entertain children, and, why not, the dog. But that said, it's all too idyllic. 

The truth is that the garden also involves a lot of work, it requires a lot and constant maintenance: the plants must be taken care of and the grass cut. With our guide, we will introduce you to what we believe to be the best cordless trimmer of 2020.

The lawnmower alone is not enough. Of course, it is essential to mow the lawn evenly and without wasting too much time. You can use models with an internal combustion engine, or battery powered.

They can be powerful or not, but whatever the characteristics, there will always be mowing the grass in difficult places such as corners and edges where a lawnmower can never reach.

This is where the best battery-powered lawn trimmer comes into play. This tool is used to perform a finishing job, useful and important to both the lawn's beauty and health. But it is not said that you have to own a garden to need to own a lawnmower.

For example. It often happens that weed grows at the foot of the house's outer wall, near a gate and in such places. To prevent the weed from turning into a forest, it is necessary to intervene promptly with an edge cutter.

The reader does not have to worry about money because there is no shortage of low-cost models, and we have also taken into account the money issue in making our selection.

Before continuing, it is advisable to inform the reader that the hedge trimmer does not necessarily have to be battery-powered. There are models with an engine and combustion or a power outlet.

However, the battery-powered models are suitable for those looking for something light and maybe can't stand the smell of burnt fuel and, at the same time, don't want to be limited in their movements by an electric cable.

Always having the garden in order, with the lawn well cut and the flower beds clean of weeds, is a pleasure for those who are lucky enough to have land around their home.

For classic gardening operations, you need various tools, not least the hedge trimmer, which is necessary, especially when the garden includes many grass areas.

It is a tool designed to cut (as the word itself says) the grass that grows on the edges of walls or flowerbeds in concrete or other material, which with the classic lawnmower are difficult to mow as they are too close to the latter.

If an edge trimmer were not used, the result would be a lawn mowed at height and all the areas that run close to where the mower struggles to reach, higher, with a relative glance that is certainly not satisfying.

The most current devices also allow you to cut excess grass at different heights, to have the same for the whole lawn.

Being a product that is probably used far from electricity, some lawn trimmers are equipped with a rechargeable battery and are preferable to electric lawn trimmer precisely because they allow you to mow the grass in the most remote corners of your garden.

Undoubtedly the weight to be evaluated is since it could take many hours to finish your garden. The type of handle and its location is also important, especially if two handles are provided.

The second usually allows you to handle the hedge trimmer with more precision, which is crucial for a good result.

Most lawn trimmers do not have blades, but instead, they use a hard plastic trimmer line to cut the grass, turning at very high speed to cut the grass. 

This is recommended where this grass is the classic one of an "English" garden, while it is not ideal if you need to cut hard-stemmed weeds; otherwise, the wire will break.

The power of an edge trimmer is defined by the revolutions per minute that the head can achieve. However, this rotation is provided by an electric motor whose power in watts of this precisely determines the revolutions per minute that the head can reach.

A powerful lawn trimmer is recommended where, in addition to normal grass, weeds with a not particularly thick stem also grow. A less powerful one is ideal for lawns without weeds.

A good option if you want to feel free when cleaning your patio or your work area, it is surely a battery-powered trimmer, especially since it does not require any cable and, of course, you have the opportunity to take it with you in any time without having to worry about plugs or the length of the power cord, however, among the hundreds of models for sale, how to know which one is appropriate.

Typically, this type of equipment makes use of lithium-ion batteries, a type of battery that has been recognized for being able to last a long period in exchange for a quick charge period.

These models usually last from 40 to 90 minutes, depending on the product's power and speed, in exchange for 60 minutes of charge. However, corroborating these data in the equipment that catches your attention will be appropriate and will give you an idea of the time of use that you will enjoy.

Now, already having the battery, another aspect to take into account is the trimmer head. Although most of these work with the thread system, the truth is that you can find equipment that uses blades in a comparative comparison. 

Likewise, because these trimmers operate with a battery, their cutting length is usually less than that of gasoline or other trimmers.

Even though manufacturers mention that specific equipment can cut a high number of square meters with a single charge, your experience is likely to be very different, so it is not a good idea to make decisions based on such information.

Another advantage of these teams is that they are usually quite light, making them easier to grip. On the other hand, the trimmers, for the most part, are capable of adapting their handle to the height of the users, benefiting you regardless of your height.

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