5 Best Budget Weed Eater Reviews 2022

However, while a lawnmower is fantastic for cutting grass and tidying up your property, it isn't always enough or effective in all situations. Because of this, you should always get a high-quality weed-eater.

A weed eater or weed trimmer can be used to maintain neglected grass and weeds and trim hard-to-reach locations like around trees and fence posts.

The good news is, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to buy a weed eater. You can get one of the best budget weed eater from the list below. We also add a comprehensive buying guide that helps you choose the best cheap weed eater.

Top 5 Budget Weed Eater






best cheap weed eater
  • Automatic Feed Spool
  • Adjustable height and handle
  • 2-speed control
Best Budget String Trimmer
  • 2-in-1 cordless trimmer and edger
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
Best Inexpensive Weed Eater
best budget weed wacker
  • Corded 14-inch electric trimmer/edger
  • Extra-wide 14-inch dual-line cutting head
  • Telescoping shaft and adjustable handle
best affordable weed eater
  • Adjustable telescoping aluminum shaft
  • 0. 065 in. single line auto feed head
  • Adjustable auxiliary handle
best cheap weed eater

If you're looking to get rid of even the most stubborn weeds and grasses in your yard, this is the tool for the job. A 40-volt battery powers this device, allowing it to run continuously for up to 30 minutes. In other words, you can probably get through your weed control operation without stopping to refuel.

An ergonomic design of the LST140C allows you to trim quickly and effectively without tiring yourself out. It's very light, at only 6.4 pounds so you can move it around with ease. In addition, it has an adjustable ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip. To hold, the grip is solid and comfortable.

You'll need some patience since this inexpensive weed trimmer recharges slowly. However, the Black+Decker LST140C is a worthwhile purchase due to its efficiency, simplicity of use, and low cost. You'll get more bang for your buck because this device includes a hedging feature.


  • Small but mighty weed trimmer
  • Lightweight
  • The app is simple to use.
  • Versatile


  • Long recharging intervals
Best Budget String Trimmer

The Black+Decker is an excellent choice for a low-cost but effective weed eater for a small lawn or garden.

The lightweight design of this cordless trimmer allows you to operate for more extended periods without becoming fatigued. The ergonomic shaft and handle will enable you to modify the height and angle of the tool.

There's a lot more power in your hands because of this. Despite its lack of power, the Black+Decker LST300 can handle light-duty weeding tasks. A 2.0A 20V battery provides you with a respectable amount of runtime, although it may not be adequate for heavier weeds.

In addition to being inexpensive, this weed eater is also exceptionally quiet when in use.Additionally, the LST300's design allows additional attachments.

You can, for example, turn this instrument into a hedger to achieve neater trimming results. Use it as an edger, too. Unlock the shaft, crank the knob, and lock it to use the edging mode.


  • Lightweight
  • The app is simple to use.
  • This versatile hedge and edging material have many possible applications.
  • Consistently quiet operation
  • Inappropriate for the most intensive weeding
Best Inexpensive Weed Eater

Worx's WG163.9 is one of the best affordable weed trimmers on the market. However, this device does not sacrifice performance or durability to be more affordable.

The trimmer and edger functions are both included in this two-in-one tool. Pull the shaft and turn the head to switch between the two modes. There are numerous advantages to using this style.

You may do both at once, which saves you time and work. It also saves money because you don't need to buy a new tool.

Pulling the trigger, you're ready to go all it takes to use the Worx trim. The 5-pound weight also makes it easy to move about. A 7-position adjustable handle is also included with this tool for added convenience.

A full 90-degree tilt in the head's design allows it to get to hard-to-reach weeds and work on uneven terrains without difficulty.

A spacer guard is included with this tool to prevent damage to unintended objects. Command feed allows you to acquire more lines with a single button push, improving your productivity.

WORX WG263.9, on the other hand, has its share of issues. For starters, the battery life is poor. The batteries and charger are also available for purchase as separate items. Heavy weeds and brush will be challenging to cut with this instrument.


  • Versatile
  • a plethora of options for maximum utility
  • Lightweight


  • Extremely cheap for the quality it provides.
  • Inappropriate for the most intensive weeding
  • Batteries and a charger are sold as a set.
best budget weed wacker

You should also keep an eye out for the Toro brand while shopping for gardening tools. The Toro 51480 is a corded, low-cost weed wacker with a two-year warranty.

The dual-line trimming deck on this machine allows it to chop weeds in half the time it would take a single line machine to do the same job. Furthermore, the 51480's strings are less prone to breaking. As a bonus, it features auto-feeding.

You may save money by using this equipment as an edger and a sander. Trimming and edging can be accomplished in a matter of seconds. Because of its telescoping shaft and ergonomic handle, it's also very user-friendly.

It is, however, inconvenient to move around because you must always be within range of a wall outlet. In addition, the auto-feed mechanism can be prone to malfunction.


  • It's small and convenient to use.
  • A guarantee of two years is provided as standard.
  • The disadvantages include a lack of portability.
  • An auto-feeding mechanism that isn't reliable
best affordable weed eater

One of the most well-known names in gardening equipment, Greenworks is a name you can trust. One of its most famous items is the Greenworks 21212 weed eater, an excellent example of its inexpensive yet high-quality offerings.

It cuts up to 13 inches of material in one pass using a 0.065-inch-thick string and a 4-amp motor. Consequently, it is not meant for heavy-duty applications. Nonetheless, it is a valuable tool because it can be turned into an edger by twisting the shaft.

Despite this, there are several drawbacks to using this weed eater. For example, the thinness of the strings makes them prone to breaking while in use. Additionally, there is no automatic feed system, so you may continually bump the unit. This weed trimmer is not the best option for those with stubborn weeds.


  • Cheap
  • This is a good motor for light-duty applications.


  • Cut-prone strings of 0.065" are used in this game.
  •  String feed system that fails to deliver

Best Budget Weed Eater – Buying Guide

To get a decent weed eater, you need to know how to get the best budget weed eater while shopping for a weed eater. We've compiled this shopping guide for the best cheap string trimmers to ensure that your investment isn't a waste of time, energy, or money. 

So, by the conclusion of this article, you will better understand what to look for in a weed-eater.

The reliability, solidity, and characteristics of the blade

If you want an excellent weed eater, our first piece of advice is to pay close attention to the blades' dependability, durability, and other features. You need to make sure that the device you want to buy is safe.

For example, you need to make sure that it can cut all edges without problems. To do this, you need to look at the test videos on the internet and read the reviews of people who have already bought them.

Concerning durability, you should examine the warranty supplied by the weed eater's brand and, again, pay attention to existing users' views and comments.

Finally, when it comes to the blades, you can choose between a system made of nylon threads and knives with many teeth. Those with nylon wire systems can only be used as edge trimmers; those with steel blades may also be used to trim hedges.

And lastly, while shopping for an electric or nylon-line weed eater, keep in mind that a wider cutting breadth equals a speedier machine. The tooth spacing should be double-checked on models with steel blades in particular.

Power and motor power

You should also inspect the device's power source before making a final purchase. As a result, be aware that you will have the option of choosing between thermal, wired electric, or battery variants. To summarize, battery-operated devices are best for small to medium gardens, while corded electric trimmers are better suited for larger ones.

The more powerful the motor, the faster the task, but anticipate the item vibrating and generating noise. Trimmer motors typically have a power range of 250W to 500W. To make a long-term investment in a thermal model, you must watch its fuel consumption.

Handling, ease of use, and accessories

This is the last thing to do before looking for where to buy a new weed-eater and even before going to a price comparison site. Check the device's ergonomics, how easy it is to use, and what extras are included.

Because of this, you should be aware that even a hefty trimmer needs to be easy to use, which is why it should have the appropriate equipment. So you don't waste your time hoping for his goodwill; the item must also be user-friendly.

Some manufacturers include protective glasses and gloves with their devices, which would be a nice perk for those who use them. Before reaching a final decision, don't be afraid to contrast the many options.

How to operate the best inexpensive weed eater?

Even though you are more used to using a mower to keep your garden clean, know that it doesn't allow you to get into all the nooks and corners of your garden. As a result, the weeds will prevail.

Weed whackers are the best way to avoid this, as they are more efficient, but they are also more long-lasting. If you don't use this equipment in a healthy way, it won't be as good as it could be. For this reason, we've provided the following advice.

  • Check before each use

Before you use this piece of equipment, you need to make sure it is safe. Ensure that all components, such as the lid, the spool, and the cutting head, are securely fastened. Also, remember to clear any debris that has been gathered. As a result, stones will not be thrown into the air or entangled in the wire.

  • Check the fuel used

Misuse of the combination is the primary cause of device failure. This can be prevented if you stick to the recommended amount of 2 to 3% of oil per liter.

  • Avoid fuel mixtures

The engine and hoses might be damaged if the gasoline mixture is too old, and the fuel filter could get clogged. Use one liter rather than three, which will help conserve gasoline and slow its decomposition.

  • Check the wiring

Ensure that the connections and cables for electric edge cutters are checked every time you use them. This will help you avoid electrocution and keep your equipment in good shape.

  • Take safety precautions

This equipment can be dangerous if you don't use it properly. Protective eyewear, strong shoes, and long pants are essential before using them. Do not touch the equipment's start button with your fingertips, either. This will ensure that it doesn't switch on at the incorrect moment.

  • Control the operation of the machine

When purchasing this type of product, you must be familiar with every function it offers. After you unplug the device, the blades or wire will continue to spin for a short time. Because of this, you must use extreme caution. Disconnect the power source as soon as you see any damage or a broken wire.

  • Take care of your device.

It doesn't matter what kind of blade you have, and you must clean it after each usage. Keep in mind that the amount of power your gadget uses is directly proportional to the amount of grass it gathers and adheres to inside.

During moments of extreme heat, these leftovers pose a risk of igniting. More importantly, remember to clean it thoroughly at least once a year to keep it in good shape, efficient, and therefore long-lasting.

The different cutting systems and their characteristics

The thicker the thread, the more durable it should be. The wider the cable, the more wear it will show on your device. Devices with a tapping system draw a new line from the spool without you having to do anything. Dual coil systems feature a thin and thick line to cut off delicate blades of grass as well as more concrete planks of wood.

  • Contact with obstructions can chip the knife, turning stones into hazardous missiles 
  • The blade can be changed in a few easy steps

There are two types of cordless lawn trimmers: mowers with knives and thread. In both versions, an electric motor sits above the cutting bar. To reach a fast rate of speed, this generally needs high power.

The two cutters cut differently. The blade of grass is more likely to be whipped off with a line than with a knife.

Knife or thread: which weed eaters are better?

A few electric trimmers on the market include both a cutting system with lines and a system that allows you to switch between blades and cables as needed. So why do cordless lawn trimmers generally use blades while electric trimmers use threads?

Threaded cutting systems require more rotations per minute to provide the necessary force to the threads. Electric lawn trimmers are easier to use than cordless trimmers since they need less energy to run.

Any cordless lawn trimmer may theoretically be used with a line, but the battery life and power of the line will be shortened as a result.

The thread automated is what powers this electric lawn trimmer.

On the other hand, knives are heavier than threads and hence "strike" harder even at lower resolutions. Both techniques should be handled with caution since fiddling with a running trimmer can significantly injure. Because of this, they are turning off the system before replacing the knife or thread is a need regardless of the blade or thread system.

Many other things to think about, such as protecting trees with sharp bark or other plants that are better off with the line than with a knife, can also lead to an electric trimmer with a line system.

The most popular budget weed eaters brands

One of the essential tools for maintaining your greenery patch is a weed eater. Easy to use, it comes in various versions (electric and cordless) to make the task more convenient. Listed below are the most commonly requested manufacturers in this sector.

  • Ryobi

Starting off selling die-cast items, the Japanese company has since broadened its scope and is now focused on designing everyday DIY instruments like offset presses. When Ryobi finally became Ryobi in 1973, it set out to dominate the world. The brand engages in a variety of partnerships across the globe in all areas that have helped establish its present reputation.

Ryobi has a wide selection of weed eaters to pick from. Choose from a variety of 18V types, some with solid batteries and rapid chargers, some without, and cordless ergonomic variants.

  • Black And Decker

Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker, the founders of Black & Decker, had already devised a strategy to lead the company to where it is now. Every aspect of this company's development has been meticulously planned to make it one of the world's most recognizable brands.

Its edge trimmers with protection, comfortable grip, and other characteristics prove this. Power tool retailers are increasingly stocking their shelves and websites with red and black products.

  • Stihl

Despite its age, this dinosaur was born in Zürich in 1896 and still has an ace up its sleeve. At the same time, he is the inventor of the first chainsaws powered by gasoline motors, making him famous. The business is expanding at a rapid pace. Twenty people worked with him in less than three years. Inventive ideas will flow naturally from a point on.

Its trimmers are a credit to the company and exhibit excellent production quality like all of its other goods. These are the most important things to look for when buying a Stihl machine: lightweight, high power, low consumption, and long life.

  • Bosch

An ambitious 25-year-old named Robert Bosch founded the current global leader in tools thanks to his focus on precise mechanics. As a result of this, he started his own business, which he rapidly became well-known in the market thanks to his skills. Even now, Bosch demonstrates how he can handle any situation thanks to his years of expertise.

Several trimmers with adjustable handles and varying cutting widths are on display. Easy start-up, high autonomy, or user-friendliness are the significant characteristics of the latter.

  • Einhell

Einhell's 54th birthday is coming up, but that doesn't make it obsolete. She had a system in place from the beginning, which has served her well for many years. The company has considerably lowered its expenses and increased its profit margins by outsourcing its tasks while keeping complete control over them and recycling equipment.

All of this is supplemented by its meticulous attention to detail, not only when designing each component but also when it comes to customer care and individual help after the sale.

Its trimmers, which have blades ranging in diameter from 22 to 30 cm, allow it to cover large areas with a radius of 10 meters and complete its duty swiftly—8500 to 12,000 revolutions per minute.

Best Budget Weed Wacker - FAQ

Q1 - What do I use as a budget cordless grass trimmer?

Battery lawn trimmers are used as an extra tool to help you mow your lawn. Because of its shape, this usually doesn't go to all the places it needs to go. Such as around the exterior of a home or the edging of a yard's plants, trees, or shrubs. Cordless lawn mowers are perfect for trimming the edges of the grass.

The lawnmower isn't the best tool for working on some land areas. These include steeply sloping lawns and densely treed regions. Using a cordless lawn trimmer gives you a lot more freedom and convenience.

Use the trimmer to get your grass ready for the first time you use a lawnmower! A lawnmower may not be able to keep up with very tall grass.

Q2 - Cordless grass trimmer with line or knife: which is better?

Both cutting methods have their merits; therefore, there is no need to choose between them. It depends on the subtleties and the area of application.

You can use the cordless lawn trimmer with a line instead of a knife to get more exact results. Trying to eliminate dense areas or heavy weeds is beyond the scope of this tool. The thread may break during this sort of operation.

As a result, the knife is more durable, but there is no way of knowing whether it has sustained any damage. Stones that hide in the grass can destroy it and become dangerous projectiles due to the rotational force.

Q3 - How long is the battery life of a cordless lawnmower?

Today's most cordless lawn mowers have lithium-ion batteries, which can run for up to 60 minutes in a typical garden. The battery power of a handheld grass trimmer should be enough because it is typically utilized in hard-to-reach areas.

Q4 - How do I wind a grass trimmer spool correctly?

You must first remove the trimmer's head to access the inside. The thread or spool is attached to a switching mechanism by an anchor within. These are yours to solve, too. There is no longer any thread on the spool; therefore, you need to start over.

To do this, you want the end in the hole inside the coil. Place the inch-long end in the spool's second aperture.

You should be able to see an inch or two of the thread spool on the opposite side of the spool anchoring.

The protruding thread from a switch device must be connected to the thread pusher. After shutting the line head, the cordless lawn trimmer is ready to use.

Q5 - Are cordless weed eaters better than lawn shears?

In general, your personal preferences, as well as the size of your lawn, play a role in this decision. On the other hand, a cordless lawn trimmer operates swiftly but less precisely, making it a better choice for vast areas.

However, if you want to be extra careful and pay attention to the little things, I recommend lawn shears. It may also use to trim individual grass blades or the border of flower beds.

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