7 Best Brush Cutter Reviews 2022

If you want to keep your garden free of weeds, a brush cutter is an effective tool. Because, it allows you to remove all unwanted plants and even small bushes, depending on the power of the motor. To buy the best brush cutter, you need to consider some features, such as engine power, which is high enough to allow you a variety of tasks and cuts.

Depending on the type of unwanted plant needed to cut, you may need a metal disc or wire kit; the weight of the equipment and the dimensions are also important, allowing you to handle it easily. Our best brush cutter reviews guide covers everything important related to brush cutter.

Rank #1: Greenworks 13-Inch 40V Electric Brush Cutter

brush cutter reviews

This is a brush cutter that, in addition to helping you to keep gardens and common areas much cleaner and free of herbs, will help you to maintain the environment since it does not pollute at all.

Weight and measurements: The Greenworks 13-Inch 40V Cordless String trimmer, compared to other brush cutters, is a lighter model and, therefore, easier to handle, it has just six kilograms of weight, so you can be comfortable while doing cleaning tasks in your garden.

Thanks to the fact that it has dimensions of 60 x 9.5 x 14 in, it is a product that you can manipulate with total simplicity. The cutting length allowed by this brushcutter is 1,300 inches, thanks to the fact that it has a blade with three teeth.

Electrical and mixed system: Brushcutters that work with gasoline systems are machines that, in addition to having certain drawbacks once the fuel runs out, tend to excessively pollute the environment; For its part, this product does not cause contamination since it has a completely electric system, so you will not have to worry about filling the brush cutter tank every time the fuel runs out.

On the other hand, this device includes a mixed system, and this refers to the head of the device as it allows you to work with both traditional cutting blades and modern cutting threads, depending on the type of cut and work you are going to carry out with the brush cutter, thus providing a completely versatile device.

Use and cut: When choosing a brush cutter, it is important that it has a soft grip, feeling comfortable when using the product while cleaning the garden.

The Elem Garden brush cutter, in addition to being light, has a fully ergonomic grip system and is also capable of reducing the vibrations produced by the equipment, allowing you to work calmly and comfortably.

The cut made by this device is effective, since its coil cutting capacity is about 40 centimeters, covering a large cutting area, while the blade cutting capacity is about 1,300 inch; in addition to the coil, It has two threads, 1.6 millimeters in diameter and 4.5 meters in length, respectively.


The most innovative thing that this brushcutter has is that it will not cause discomfort caused by products that work with gasoline and pollute the environment, because it works with an electrical system.


Although it is a powerful product, its use is recommended for medium or small areas, since it could be a device that does not meet the needs on much wider terrain.

RANK#2: Husqvarna 128LD 17" Gas Powered Brush Cutter

best brush trimmer

This Husqvarna brushcutter has features that make it one of the most modern and best performing that you can buy if you are working at home. It is mainly designed to provide comfort; With only 5 Kg, it is very light and will allow you to manipulate it with ease.

This brush cutter comes with a standard double harness commonly used in light equipment. It reaches high speeds (8,000rpm), but at a lower power.

One of the advances that the Husqvarna 128LD 17" Cutting Path Detachable Gas String Trimmer brings is its Smart Startel that provides a smooth start with a minimum of effort compared to equipment from other brands.

Another very interesting novelty is that this equipment is designed to generate a very low emission of gases without compromising its power, this thanks to its E-TECH II system. Your grass sprocket is designed for best ground level cutting performance.

In case you haven't chosen the right product yet, here are the pros and cons of the Husqvarna 952 71 57-52.


Harness: It includes its respective harness that will give you a good degree of support and will allow you to have a good range of movement when handling this machine.

Motor: The motor has the right power level so that the start is fast, and you can start using the device immediately.

Lightweight: It is a fairly light brush cutter, weighing 5 kg, so you won't get tired quickly when using it.

Mango: The handle is ergonomic and allows you to move quickly to achieve a precise cut in a short time. Also, the design makes the blade parallel to the ground, and this helps to make a more efficient cut.


Capacity: The capacity of the fuel tank can be insufficient in some cases, although if you have fuel on hand, this will not be a problem.

Rank#3: Greenworks PRO 16-Inch 80V Electric Brush Cutter

best electric brush cutters

Keeping your garden in perfect condition is a task that can be tedious and complicated or simple and pleasant. It all depends on the tools you equip yourself to work on it. As an example of a tool that will simplify your work, we find the Greenworks PRO 16-Inch 80V Cordless String Trimmer.

This tool has a 1000 watt electric motor that helps you to remove any brush or weed that is trying to invade your garden.

For cutting, it has a dual system in which you can mount a traditional three-blade saw or opt for modern plastic cutting wires.

The electric motor also allows you to avoid traditional problems with fumes and the combustion of gasoline products. All this is in a light, easy-to-use product that you can store when you finish without taking up much space in your garage.


Electric system: This model works with batteries that avoid inconveniences such as the fumes from gasoline combustion, the dangers of recharging it, or having to hit the mark with the oil and gasoline mixture.

Weight: The battery system is much lighter than the explosion motor so that the product is extremely light, just 6 kilos, to work more comfortably.

Mixed system: The design of the operating head allows us to work with both modern cutting lines and traditional cutting blades, depending on the work to be carried out.

Ergonomic handle: The ergonomically designed handle reduces vibrations and makes your work more comfortable and enjoyable.


Autonomy: Due to its characteristics, the machine can fall short in the event of having to work in large areas, is recommended for small and medium-sized plots.

Rank#4: WORX WG163 GT 3.0 12" Electric Brush Cutter

best electric brush cutter

The WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12" Cordless String Trimmer is positioned as one of the best in its category due to a series of properties that make it very complete and efficient.

This device has all the safety equipment that includes protective glasses, gloves, safety clothing, and a tool kit. In addition, an extendable rod is incorporated to achieve a greater reach.

With the telescopic arm, you get almost 4m distance. It has an electrical power of a 20-volt battery-powered engine. All this makes it an excellent option to use at home or to do complete work.

The biggest drawback that this device has is its weight of about 6 lb, which is a lot of weight to have to carry for a long time. Another of its disadvantages is the price, being among the most expensive.

The WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12" Cordless String Trimmer has been recommended as the best brushcutter for 100 dollars, and that is why we show you its pros and cons.


Motor: It works with a 20 volts battery powered engine, which is robust and offers the right level of performance, to generate enough power for the proper performance of the appliance.

Multi-functionsIt has a series of functions since, in addition to serving as a brush cutter, it works as a chainsaw, lawnmower, hedge trimmer, etc., so you will not have to buy other machines.

Accessories: It includes the corresponding accessories for each function as well as a safety harness and protective clothing that are very useful when handling the device.

Power: Its power level is 3.4 horsepower, so its performance is high, and it provides effective results in a short time.

Simple use: It is simple to use, with a universal mechanism that you will easily understand.

Rank#5: Remington RM2700  Gas Powered Brush Cutter

best brush cutter

Taking care of your garden is an entertaining task as long as you have the right tools. This is a tool that goes beyond the mere mower and among which is the brush cutter.

This tool allows you to remove larger debris, brush, and grass, as a previous step to finish with the mower.

It is advisable to bet on tools such as the Remington RM2700 Ranchero 27cc 18-Inch Gas Powered BrushcutterTo make the task easier and more comfortable, which with its 27cc 2-cycle engine full crank engine will take care of leaving your garden free of weeds.

This is a light and high-quality product with which you will obtain excellent results thanks to its double handle system and its cut with plastic thread. This is a good quality tool with which to keep your garden in perfect condition with little effort.


High power: The 27cc 2-cycle engine full crank engine generates a high turning capacity that eliminates any remaining grass and small bushes.

Bosch spark plug: The ignition and explosion system is based on a spark plug from Bosch, as proof of the high quality of this product.

Double grip: Compared to other products, the Remington model has a double handle for more comfortable use. A harness is also included to hold it on the back.

Professional design: Both the design of the product and its components are considered professionally designed, which is a guarantee for a long service life and maximum efficiency.

Euro 2 Standard: The motor complies with the Euro 2 standard, which guarantees greater respect for the environment and a cleaner working environment.


Feeding: Although the problem is typical of gasoline engines, it is necessary to add oil to the fuel to avoid damage to the machine.

Rank#6: Troy-Bilt TB42 BC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered Brush Cutter

One of the best brush cutter according to its quality/price ratio, is the Troy-Bilt TB42 BC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Brushcutter. Despite its 14 lbs weight, it has a separation mechanism on the shaft to make it easier to move and store. This brush cutter is made of aluminum, which makes it very resistant.

It comes in two attractive colors; black and red. Like other models, it has a multifunctional knob with all the necessary controls to do a perfect job.

As for extension, it is a little more limited than other brush cutters, with 97 cm. However, it is a powerful and reliable tool; its harness makes it easy to carry, and its anti-vibration mode promises optimal performance with the least discomfort.

When looking for the best brand of brush cutters, we find Troy-Bilt, so we invite you to review the advantages and disadvantages of its Troy-Bilt TB42 BC model so that you also include it in your selection process.


Motor: It has a two-stroke gasoline engine, ideal for offering greater performance when using this machine, which is also one of the cheapest on the market.

Easy transport: It allows it to be transported more easily than other similar models since it has a splitting axis that detaches and allows better storage.

Mango: The handle can be used comfortably due to its bicycle-like design, so you can easily use the device.

Knife: The blade is made up of three sharp blades that allow the cut to be made more precisely and in less time.


Accessories: It does not include a wide range of accessories, although this does not limit its good performance.

Rank #7: Maxgreen Electric Brush Cutter

brush cutter

The Maxgreen Electric Brush Cutter is a powerful product with a motor equivalent to 1.3 horsepower and which makes it easier to remove weeds and brush from the garden, both using its cutting blade and the thread with which it is compatible.

Food and autonomy: The Maxgreen Electric Brush Cutter is a model that deserves a prominent place in any comparator of brush cutters for its power and power system.

We are talking about an electric model that incorporates a 1000 watt motor, equivalent to approximately 1.3 horsepower. Enough force to carry out all kinds of light cutting jobs without too many complications.

Although the model indeed works connected to the network, the position of the connector and the possibility of using extension cords to get to where it is needed to make using the brush cutter easier.

It has a plugged system that reduces part of the total weight of the equipment, by doing without the additional weight of the batteries and the power system, giving you greater comfort of use.

Comfort of use: Following the line outlined by the electric brush cutters, this model has a light design and an adjusted weight of about 5.3 kilos. This helps to move the tool comfortably without having to exert too much effort throughout the process.

But so that you feel even less weight when working, the product is accompanied by a strap and a harness with which to hang the machine on your back, to distribute the weight better, and give you greater comfort.

This product incorporates a double grip system as the best brush cutter on the market to increase this comfort. This system consists of a double handle, with a conventional grab bar and a second handle to move it properly when cutting. This helps you reduce fatigue, even during prolonged use sessions.

Thread and blade system: So that you can cut more effectively, this model has a dual cutting system with which to choose the most appropriate way to work.

This system makes it possible to have a three-element cutting blade with good sharpening, or the current cutting thread system, which is properly stored inside the piece for greater resistance.

As an additional advantage, the model allows you to change the way you work easier, not requiring tools to be able to move from one system to another.

Something that also saves you time and hassle when replacing damaged threads or changing them with others depending on the materials you work on, making your working time more effective.


In addition to 1000 watts of operating power, the adjustable strap and handle system, along with the back harness, make this brush cutter more comfortable to work with.


According to some users, the product's power cable is somewhat short, so to have greater autonomy, you surely need an extension cord or similar.

How To Choose The Best Brush Cutter?

When cleaning the garden from weeds, brush, and other elements (or even removing light bushes, depending on power), the brush cutter is an excellent tool, light, and easy to use. With our guide to buy the best brush cutter, you will know everything you need to make your purchase a success. This is what you should look at.

The difference between whether your purchase is an investment or a simple waste knows the best options you can buy. So do not go ahead and review this guide with the best brush cutter and their features.

How to use a brush cutter?

Even if we have a small garden, we must always have the necessary tools to carry out its maintenance and cleaning periodically. It is then when the brush cutters are necessary, some tools of easy use that facilitate the task of removing the herbs and weeds that invade the land where we grow the plants that we want to enjoy.

How to Choose the power of the brush cutter?

This useful tool is used to clean gardens and grounds, but it must be remembered that different types of herbs, weeds, and shrubs grow in these areas, and each one requires different powers to eliminate them correctly. It is not the same to cut grass than bushes; that is why it is so important that the brush cutter has a motor with a power suitable to your needs.

The basic power of the motors in this tool is 750 watts, which is fine if you are going to remove small size weeds and weeds. If this is not your case and you must cut medium-sized weeds and even bushes, you are going to need more power. When it comes to these types of tools, the idea is to opt for a motor with more power than what is considered necessary.

Which blade is best for brush cutter - Metal Blade or Cutting wires?

The brush cutters perform their function of cutting the weeds using either metal blades or threads in plastic material. Both options are equally efficient in removing weeds, but the threads, being more flexible, manage to reach the corners more easily than the blades. However, the blades offer the advantage that they quickly cut the bushes.

Take the necessary precautions during use

This tool is designed for cutting, so high resistance shoes must be used to avoid any accident since the blades or threads will always be close to the feet.

Gloves with non-slip surfaces should also be used to have a better grip on the brush cutter when handling it, thus avoiding loss of control during movements.

Protective goggles must be worn as part of the clothing during work, as stones or other objects shot at high speed always come out when struck by the blades or threads, which can cause injury to whoever is using the tool.

Another precaution to take is that if there are people near where the cleaning is being carried out, they should be kept away, at least, at a distance of 15 meters. Pets should also be kept away from it. Finally, the machine must be turned off if it is to be moved from one location to another.

How to clean a brush cutter?

As previously stated, this tool is easy to use. To clean the herbs, you must adjust to the body with the harnesses and straps that you bring; don't leave any loose. Put on the recommended safety gear. Turn on the machine and aim the cutting discs at the lowest part of the weeds and weeds you want to remove to cut them by the roots.

The most popular brands of Brush Cutter

As a fundamental assistant for gardening, it is necessary to have a brush cutter that facilitates doing this job as professionals. Therefore, we have made a comparison of models and their characteristics taking into account the opinions of many people on the Internet. Now we are going to briefly analyze some of the most important brands such as Husqvarna, Alpina, and Eiinhell.

Husqvarna Group:

 Husqvarna Group was founded in 1959 in Sweden and started with the manufacture of muskets in the town of Huskvarna. At that time, the company established the technological bases that allowed the development of quality products in the world, such as hunting weapons, bicycles, motorcycles, household appliances, sewing machines, and outdoor products.

This brand leads the world in the manufacture and sale of machinery for forestry, agricultural and gardening work, as well as for construction, salvage, cleaning, personal protective equipment, clothing, and accessories. Among them: chainsaw mowers, hedge trimmers, brush cutters, blowers, shakers, and drills.

For the care of the environment, Husqvarna has developed a holistic approach in terms of production methods, packaging, noise, materials, energy consumption, emissions, and recycling, using sustainable and replaceable materials. Recently it introduced the use of electric motors in those tools for external use such as brush cutters.

The electric brush cutters manufactured by this brand have a brush-less motor or steel blade, double rotation, with lithium battery and charger. They are ergonomic, lightweight, with a handlebar that makes them easy to handle and allow jobs to be carried out safely and efficiently.

Global Garden Products:

Global Garden Products is an industry-leading company in the manufacture of lawnmowers and motorized garden equipment. With more than 90 years of experience, it has branches throughout Europe. It offers its manufacturing equipment through its five major brands such as Stiga, Alpina, Mountfield, Atco, Castelgarden,


Alpina, as an Italian brand of the GGP emporium, was founded in 1960. Since then, it has been a pioneer for more than 50 years in the manufacture of garden equipment. It has a range of high-quality products and friendly prices. This company combines ease of use of its equipment with aesthetics and design for the achievement of better results and personal satisfaction in carrying out home gardening work.

In 1968 Alpina began manufacturing chainsaws, and, by 1980, it began manufacturing new products such as brush cutters. Recently, it has launched the addition of a high-performance lithium battery to several of its equipment, such as lawnmowers, chainsaws, and brush cutters.

Alpina produces electric brush cutters with motors ranging from 350, 600 to 1000 horsepower, and uses materials such as aluminum, plastic, stainless steel, and rubber, which on a long and ergonomic handle make it comfortable to use, reduce vibration and provide easy grip and user safety.


Einhell Germany AG is a company founded by Hans Einhell in the year 1964 in Landau / Isar (Germany). It is dedicated to the development and commercialization of solutions for those users who carry out DIY work and other semi-professions.

The success of this brand comes with the production of distribution boxes for construction sites, transformers for welding equipment, cables, and small battery chargers. This brand opens to the international market with a range of products for the home, garden, and the expansion of numerous innovative management processes, through subsidiaries and partners in Europe, Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, Africa, and South America.

Today, Einhell has become a benchmark in terms of its unique and distinctive production design layout for heating, gardening, car accessories and power tools such as screwdrivers, jumper cables, lawnmowers, and brush cutters, among others.

The Einhell brush cutters have a universal 180 ° motor; some have an interchangeable lithium battery. They are characterized by being long-handled, easy to handle, with a high-grade impact-resistant plastic housing and auxiliary handle. They allow reaching hard-to-reach areas by making clean cuts thanks to its double wire, making it possible to traverse the densest brush.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Why doesn't the brush cutter start?

The fact that a brush cutter does not start can have different reasons, depending on whether it is an electric or a gasoline model. Starting with the simpler electrical ones, if the product does not start, it may be because the cables are not properly connected to the network or the equipment. If the model is a battery, it is advisable to check its correct placement, as well as verify that the battery is properly charged. In minor cases, there may be problems with contact, although this already requires specialized technical assistance.

Regarding gasoline models, the starting system is usually more complex, which can cause more inconvenience when starting the product. Among the usual causes, we have the rope either because we are not making all the force that we should on it or because the rope is not well connected and does not transmit the rope at startup. On the other hand, the product may not have enough gasoline to start, so we should prime the engine a little more for starting, although without going overboard. And lastly, the brush cutter may be choked with excess fuel, which we should clean from the spark plug area to obtain an adequate mixture of oxygen and gasoline.

Q2: Why is the brush cutter drowning?

In gasoline cutters, a mixture of gasoline and air is used, as in any engine, which is burned to generate the energy necessary for the cutting line to move. If the combustion mixture has more gasoline than it should, since it does not have the necessary air for it, the engine is not able to start or run, causing it to choke literally.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to eliminate the excess gasoline in the engine, removing the spark plug, and taking care of the fuel that may come out during the process. Next, take a look at the fuel system in case you may be adding more fuel than necessary through the feeder. In any case, given that each machine has its particularities, the manual usually indicates the procedure both for accessing the spark plug area and for recovering the equipment in the event of suffocation.

Q3: Which is better, the electric brush cutter or the gasoline brush cutter?

When evaluating the purchase of a brush cutter, as with other power tools, there is always the question of betting on an electric or gasoline model. And in truth, the only element that we should take into account is our preferences, as well as the work that we are going to do.

In this case, gasoline brush cutters have the advantage that they are autonomous tools that do not need a nearby plug or a charged battery to operate. If the deposit runs out, it simply recharges, and that's it. Besides, they are products with a little more power than other electric models. However, in this section, there is a little bit of everything to choose from.

Regarding the electric models, they are best suited for jobs that are not too complex and for those who do not want to worry about fumes, odors, and the discomfort of gasoline charging and its effects. As negative aspects, we would have its autonomy that is limited to where there is a plug nearby or to the capacity of its battery, as appropriate.

Q4: How to change the thread of a brush cutter?

There are more and more brush cutters that work with a plastic material thread that is responsible for cutting the different plant remains that we have to work with. A thread that deteriorates with use and that we must frequently change depending on the area in which we are working and the intensity of its vegetation.

In more and more models, we find a system that includes a spool of thread that releases it as we indicate it, making the process much easier. In this case, what we should change is the reel when necessary. This is a process in which we must cancel the start of the brush cutter, either by removing the battery or the plug or removing the gasoline from the tank, to avoid accidents. Next, it will be necessary to open the area where the reel is located for what we need a screwdriver or a similar tool.

When we have this area open, we will have to remove the old reel and mount the new one, verifying that the connections are made correctly, since many reels must be mounted with a certain "polarity" or orientation. Do not worry if there is a lot of thread, because you can always cut it if necessary. To finish the process, once the reel is properly secured, it is time to close the area where it is located to start working. Don't forget to leave everything as it was mounted to avoid problems.

Q5: How to turn on the brush cutter?

Depending on the type of brush cutter that we are using, the product lighting process varies. In general, we have a system designed for gasoline models and another for electric models.

On gasoline models, this process begins by loading and priming the fuel engine. For this, the machine has an element that serves this purpose and that we must press several times so that the gasoline reaches the ignition zone. The next step would be to place the switch in said on position so that the spark plug ignites it. And the last step is to "pull" the rope that is normally included in gasoline models. In this case, it is recommended to pull slowly until we feel more resistance and then give the strong pull that activates the ignition.

If we have an electric model, this whole procedure will be much easier. We will start by plugging the brush cutter or mounting the battery if we have not already done so. Next, we must properly hold the product and press the power switch. At the moment we will see that the brush cutter starts working and in a few seconds it will be ready to give us the performance we need.

Q6: How to start a cordless brush cutter?

Since the rope is essential to give the gasoline engine the necessary force to be able to start, if the brush cutter's rope breaks, it will not be possible to start it. Therefore, it will be necessary to change the current rope or rope for a new one. As an alternative, depending on how much rope we have left, we can make a small fix with a conventional rope as long as the measurement becomes the same, and we can connect it to the existing one. A task in which it is convenient to disassemble the area from which the rope comes out and verify how much material remains. Anyway, if you succeed, it is a remedy to get out of trouble since the solution is changing the rope.

In this process, that of exchanging for a new rope, we must dismantle the support and access the area of the bolt where it is supported to determine the mounting system of the same. All this without forgetting the need for the new rope to have the corresponding measurements for our machine. In both cases, it never hurts to take a look at the machine's operating instructions to avoid breaking something else during it.

Buying Guide Of The Best Brush Cutter

Engine power

When you go to buy a good and cheap brushcutter, you need to take into account the use you are going to make of it. Mainly because depending on that use, it is necessary to choose a motor with more or less power. If you plan to use it to trim weeds and light brush, a simple motor is enough, while the thicker the material to be cut and the more abundant its presence, it will be necessary to increase the power level of the motor, in addition to changing the part cutting obviously.

As we always recommend with all the tools, it is preferable to choose a model exceeding the needs that we may have, if the price difference is not high, to fall short with a team that may not do everything we need. And although there are both gasoline and electric models, it is true that, unless you have little work to do, generally, the gasoline model is more interesting than the electric equivalent.

Cutters and mounting

The brush cutter performs the cut by rotating a cutting element at high speed, which can be a traditional cutting disc made of a metallic material, to a wire that is also placed in the cutting area and adapts to the different configurations of grass and brush that you can face. In this case, it is essential to verify the universal nature of the machine, in terms of its measurements, so that you do not have problems when mounting any type of wire or cutting disc so that the machine is much more versatile.

At this point, it is also important that the assembly of said cutting elements is simple and, if it is preferable, that it can be carried out without the need for tools, although always guaranteeing an adequate clamping of the wire or disc, which maintains the necessary cutting power.


Compared to other tools, the brush cutter is a self-supporting equipment that the operator carries directly on his body, connected using a harness system that allows adequate mobility and comfort to be maintained. That is why it is essential that, when organizing your brush cutter comparison, you check that the clamping system is adequate and comfortable. In this section, it is also important that you verify that the weight is as light as possible, although adapted to the characteristics of the device and that it allows adequate utility.

Elements such as the length of the cutting arm, the handlebar, or the existence of a double handlebar or even the existence of a second harness for heavier machines are fundamental elements to ensure that the operation of the machine is adequate and that it is comfortable for you.

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