Best Brush Cutter For Blackberries Reviews 2022

Brush cutters have solid frames, broadheads, and robust batteries for cutting heavy vegetation. A good brush cutter may handle even the most challenging blackberry bushes. This post will examine the top five best brush cutter for blackberry bushes on the market and explain how to pick the best brush cutter for blackberries.

Pruning blackberries and other brambles are risky. So, a brush cutter should be light and agile yet strong enough to cut through heavy branches. Besides, your brush cutters need to be easy to use, or you might quit in the middle of the job.

Best Brush cutters for Blackberries - Comparison






Best Power Tool To Cut Blackberry Bushes
  • Ideal brush cutter for blackberries
  • less vibration and longer equipment life
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • Multi-position lubrication system
Best Brush Cutter For Blackberry Bushes
  • EPA Certificated Engine
  • 2HP 2-cycle 26cc powerful engine
  • Easy handle and storage
  • One Year Warranty
Best Tool For Blackberry Bushes
  • Premium 27cc 2-cycle full-crank engine
  • 8-inch 4-tooth steel brush blade
  • 10 different TrimmerPlus attachments
best brush cutter for blackberries
  • Premium  28cc 2-cycle powerful engine
  • 17 inch cutting width
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Translucent fuel tank
Best Power Tool To Cut Blackberry Bushes

Reviewers love Makita's petrol brush cutting tools, making it one of the best brush cutter for blackberries. Several purchasers agree that it is small, quiet, and strong all at the same time.

The equipment comes with either a cutter head or a thread spool, depending on your preference when making your purchase. Users suggest ordering the second attachment so that the item can be used in all possible scenarios.

The well-fitting and comfortable shoulder strap are also highly regarded by purchasers, as it facilitates work.


  • Cutter head or line spool can be selected when purchasing (only one included!)
  • comfortable and high quality shoulder strap
  • good performance
  • Weight is easy to handle
  • quiet thanks to the 4-stroke engine
  • easy assembly
  • Oil is included


  • Pull starter can jam quickly

Best Brush Cutter For Blackberry Bushes

This is another excellent brush cutter that is suitable for blackberries, softwoods, and medium-density vegetation. With a 42.7cc gas tank, this is a powerful brush cutter. It includes a three-blade blade, with one for brush cutting and two for line trimming. The handle is a significant positive, as it is designed like a bicycle handle.

The shoulder strap on this brush cutter adds to its overall stability, which is a plus. It also comes with a cutting guard and matching gloves, glasses, and ear cups made by the firm, so you know it's safe. This one gets a 4.6 out of a 5-star rating overall.


  • Easy to operate and comes with a commendable handlebar.
  • Versatile and comes with a decent coverage.
  • Built for safety.
  • Affordable option.


  • Issues on startup mechanism.
  • Handlebars are hard to use at first.

Best Tool For Blackberry Bushes

With a 27cc gas engine and a two-stroke engine, this is an excellent choice for the best brush cutter for blackberries. It uses a jumpstart technology for an automated startup instead of the typical push and release approach. Apart from that, it has a straight shaft that is designed to accept a variety of attachments.

Among its many advantages is that it comes with ten distinct cutting heads and an ergonomic J-shape grip ideal for left-handed users. At eight inches in diameter, the cutting diameter is incredible. It features one of the industry's greatest cutting diameters. Additionally, it includes a cutting guard for added protection. This one has a 4.8 out of 5 ratings.



Features a commendable jumpstart technology.

Quite heavy.

Comes with ten cutting heads.

Tubes connecting the shaft is not that sturdy.

Cutting diameter is above average.

Comes with a cutting shield.

J-shaped grip is a good plus.

best brush cutter for blackberries

A robust 3 HP engine powers the Husqvarna 336FR 966604702 brush cutter. A large number of positive reviews also support this. The shoulder strap is also well-liked by consumers.

Despite the brushcutter weighing more than 7 kg, it is exceptionally comfortable to use and distributes the weight evenly. The Husqvarna brushcutter operates on a two-stroke cycle and requires a gasoline-oil mixture.

The price-performance ratio is excellent, made even better by the inclusion of the cutter head and spool. The only flaws are the heavyweight and the thread spool, which quickly runs out of thread and is not replaced—some purchasers' advice: order the line concurrently.


  • Cutter head and line spool included in delivery
  • comfortable shoulder strap
  • Individually adjustable handles
  • very powerful 2-stroke engine with 3 HP (1:40 mixture required)
  • Anti-vibration device
  • easy assembly


  • relatively heavy (7.5 kg)
  • Replacement thread should be bought as the thread will not last long

Best Brush Cutter For Blackberries - Buying Guide

A brush cutter can cut tall grass or weeds in overgrown areas, but it can also cut twigs, scrub, and sometimes even thin branches. So it's an all-purpose tool for anyone who has to deal with more difficult cutting jobs than simply trimming lawn and garden margins. But how does the brush cutter differ from similar tools like weed eaters, and what should you look for when making your purchase?

  • What actually is a brush cutter for blackberry bushes?

In addition to the brush cutter, there is also a string trimmer and edger. The three gadgets are distinguished mainly by their performance. However, the transitions are flexible, and several manufacturers use the terms differently.

However, one may establish the following distinction in principle:

A brush cutter is a powerful device mostly powered by gasoline and only rarely by electric drive (cable). It is suitable for thickets, twigs, hedges, thinner branches, and large areas and professional use.

A weed eater has a gasoline or electric engine. It's less potent than a brush cutter, but it's excellent for clearing up undergrowth and thickets, as well as mowing tall grass.

The edger is a small and convenient gadget available in cordless, petrol, and electric versions. It works well on lawn margins, grass, and weeds but not on more challenging jobs or clippings that need to be more solid.

  • The engine: petrol or electric? 2-stroke or 4-stroke?

A gasoline engine is commonly seen in powerful brush cutters. Aside from its excellent performance, the most significant asset is its adaptability. They may be utilized wirelessly at any location, regardless of the power source.

However, the electric motor requires little maintenance. There is no requirement to refuel with petrol or oil. Additionally, electrical gadgets may be readily initiated with the push of a button. While electric brush cutters are not nearly as powerful as gas-powered models, they are more than suitable for various tasks in the private garden.

When shopping for a brush cutter, you often want a mighty gadget for tough jobs. However, if you go for a gasoline engine, you'll have to choose between a 2- and a 4-stroke. And what are the differences?

  • Brush cutter with 2-stroke engine

Brushcutters in this category, like other garden equipment with a 2-stroke engine, must be refueled with a particular fuel combination. Instead of mixing gasoline and oil themselves, gardeners can use a ready-to-use fuel such as alkylated gasoline. The manufacturer's instructions must be followed when it comes to mixing fuel. The majority of gasoline brush cutters are fuelled with a 1:40 or 1:50 two-stroke combination.

Advantages of brush cutters with a 2-stroke engine:

  • no oil change necessary
  • can be used in any position; even overhead
  • Motor pulls up well
  • quickly reaches high speeds
  • comparatively low weight

Disadvantages of brush cutters with a 2-stroke engine

  • higher volume
  • The engine turns unevenly when idling

Brush cutter with 4-stroke engine

Brushcutters with 4-stroke engines have the most advantages in terms of engine smoothness and fuel delivery. These gadgets may be filled with regular super petrol and consume less gasoline. Additionally, 4-stroke engines are claimed to have a longer service life and operate quietly.

Brushcutters with 4-stroke engines are ideal for infrequent users since they may be put back into use without any maintenance. This advantage will be appreciated by those who only use the brush cutter a few times a year.

Advantages of brush cutters with a 4-stroke engine:

  • lower operating noise
  • lower fuel consumption and therefore more environmentally friendly
  • longer engine life
  • longer storage times possible without maintenance
  • lower vibrations due to the smooth-running engine
  • Runs on ordinary super petrol

Disadvantages of brush cutters with a 4-stroke engine

  • Regular oil changes and oil level checks necessary
  • comparatively a little heavier than a 2-stroke
  • higher purchase price

Brush cutter performance

One of the main criteria that play a role when buying a brushcutter is the question: does the device meet my requirements and how powerful is it?

Power in HP or kW

The output power can be expressed in horsepower or kilowatts (kW) (kilowatts). A brushcutter must have at the very least one horsepower (0.735 kW). However, power is not only dependent on performance. Buyers should seek testimonials that indicate how the gadget handles a variety of tasks.

Knife or spool?

The cutting attachment also affects the cutting performance. The line spool cuts soft clippings like grass or unwooded weeds using a revolving line. Additionally, the spinning cutting head makes twigs, blackberry tendrils, and thin branches. A knife tilts when it comes into touch with stones, trees, or other solid things, yet a thread spool may go past impediments.

For the majority of purchasers, having both is optimal. A plus is when both the cutter head and the line head are delivered or bought at a reasonable price. The thread should be bought separately for most models as it is consumable and often not supplied.

  • Handling and comfort

Those who operate with the brush cutter for an extended period and are required to deal with big areas or difficult chores should pay special attention to the following two points:


If you are not a strong giant, you will feel every gram of the brush cutter's weight when working continually. The lighter the equipment, the more comfortable the task.

Carrying strap and handles

With a well-balanced and cushioned shoulder strap and ergonomic grips, even the brush cutter's higher weight is scarcely perceptible, making work more comfortable.

Best Way To Cut Down Blackberry Bushes

Over time, if left unchecked, blackberries can grow into a thicket that is nearly impossible to remove. Cut the entire growth roughly 20 centimeters above the ground and then pluck the shoots in bundles.

Cutting it with a so-called cutting giraffe - loppers on a stick - is doable but difficult. You can stand straight, but each shot must be clipped separately. If you use a motorized brush cutter with a specific shrub knife, you will need to wear safety shoes with steel caps, a helmet with hearing protection, and a visor to protect your eyes from flying stones and twigs.

If your city allows garden debris burning on certain days, but the tendrils in a suitable location in the garden and burn them. If this isn't allowed, you may use a roller chopper to chop them up and compost or use them as mulch.

Important: good protective clothing

The bad news is that wild blackberries must be manually removed from the garden. There are, however, a few tips that might help make the tiresome process simpler.

Protect yourself against the spines before you start. They are extremely pointed, frequently break off after penetration of the skin, and must be removed severely with a needle or sharp tweezers.

It is advisable to use thick leather work gloves or textile gloves with a rubber coating. Additionally, special rose gloves with long sewn-on sleeves are appropriate. Protect your body by wearing durable, long-sleeved work gear.

Dig up and remove runners

After all of the tendrils have been cut a full hand's width above the ground and removed, the harder phase begins: After that, using the surviving branch stubs, cut the root carpet into pieces with a sharp spade. Because blackberries have shallow roots, this process is easier on sandy soils. After the dirt is removed, you may chop up the roots with a roller chopper or burn them.


Brushcutters are powerful all-rounders. They can be used like a brushcutter to cut taller grass, weeds and uncontrolled growth. But they can also do more and are also suitable for cutting blackberry bushes, thinner branches and thickets. Powerful petrol engines are best suited for demanding tasks, but third place shows that some electrical devices can definitely keep up with petrol engines.

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